Islamic Gift for Husband are one of the best presents that a man could receive. They are usually given during special occasions like Eid and Ramadan. You can easily find a wide range of Islamic gifts for husband from market stalls or online stores. The best part is that these are available at affordable prices which you can surely afford. Here is a list of some popular Islamic gifts for husband.

An Islamic Gift for Husband would include a collection of carpets, rugs, Islamic wall hangings and murals, incense burner and a set of keys. All these items would definitely make your husband feel special on Eid ul-Fitr or Ramadan. This is a special day in the life of every Muslim. It is a celebration of the holy fasting and culminates with the celebration of “Nabi Saleh “or “visiting the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in his mosque”. A unique and beautiful collection of carpets or rugs, beautifully embroidered with the name of the groom and bride and the date of their wedding would make your husband feel really auspicious.

A set of Islamic Calligraphy is also a great choice if you want to give your husband a special gift. This would complete the whole look and feel of the house and would also be a great way to show respect to your beloved. You can find a set of calligraphy starting from the very common Jeddah fonts to the most intricate and elegant ones available in Morocco. These would really beautify the walls of your home and would become a source of great pride to you and your husband. The calligraphy can be further personalized by adding Islamic script and poems on them.

An all-inclusive holiday package is also a good option for gifts. This would include food items,   souvenirs, cameras, mobile phones, laptops etc. and can be tailor made to meet the special wishes of the husband. You would be able to find different packages available for men, women, senior citizens and even children.

You can also think of giving sports and recreational activities as part of the gift. Your spouse may not have sufficient time to indulge in these activities but would surely appreciate receiving these. You could try to include things like fishing rods, snorkeling gear, camping equipment, sports bags, sports shoes and so on. You would definitely be able to find a number of such items in great quantities.

You could also think about buying luxurious items for your beloved one. You could give him a luxury watch or a brand new car. However, the most important thing that would make your gifts unique is your sincere effort to go the extra mile and make it a truly special memory. You should also remember that these Islamic gifts do not have to be expensive.

You could choose to present him with an ornament that is carved in marble or make his day by presenting him a special dinner. You can even get a room renovated and make it more beautiful and welcoming by changing the color of the wall. You should choose to make the room as comfortable as possible so that he is completely at ease. In fact, it would be a good idea to plan out the budget well in advance so that you do not run into any trouble. The Internet is a rich source of ideas and suggestions on such matters.

The internet is also a good source of information on such matters. In fact, you would also get tips and hints on how to shop for the best gifts for a man. If you are shopping online, you would need to spend some time looking around for such a thing. You should not restrict yourself to just jewelry or clothes. You would definitely be able to find many other items that would make your husband happy.

The Islamic religious ceremonies are also very significant during the Ramadan period. Muslim prayers are performed in a very grand and elaborate manner. People perform havan or praying, in various forms, such as sitting, standing, walking, as well as sitting & standing.

It is interesting to note that even though, the Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims, yet, many do not observe it to the same extent as the Christians and Hindus. They also celebrate certain festivals on the Ramadan days. However, these days are very short and few places to celebrate them on a grand scale. Hence, it is better to check the location before you visit there. Some famous sites that also celebrate a day long celebration of Ramadan include Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh, Clifton, and Gateshead.

There are many reasons why a good place to celebrate the Ramadan with family and friends is Greece. At present, Greece has an auspicious atmosphere to celebrate the ramzan. So, plan your day long celebration in a place where you can see the real beauty of the Greek people, architecture and environment.

In fact, the Greeks have their own version of Ramadan, the “Roodhi.” This particular festival includes music, dancing, readings & discussions. The subject matter covers different themes such as history, art, culture & wildlife. These discussions are held before the grand khosa (queen) of the town where the festival is taking place.

In addition to the Ramadan celebrations in Athens, a day-long festival takes place in the city of Khajuraho. The day is dedicated to all the radars that have been honored in the Greek history. In addition to Khajuraho, Varanasi and Bikaner also commemorate the historical incidents that have taken place in these cities. There are several hotels and rest houses that provide a spacious home to the Ramadan guests.

In addition to a Ramadan gift, tourists also come across a lot of other themes during their day long celebration. It could be centered on ancient culture, nature, astrology, literature & religious activities. So instead of just having a dull day watching the sun set in the East, travelers are encouraged to take part in an exciting Ramadan festival. So take a break from the routine of your everyday life and spice up your holiday with a once in a lifetime experience of a lifetime.



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