We Supply a wide variety of lab gas generators & laboratory nitrogen generators for gases such as hydrogen and nitrogen. Nitrogen generators are available at low cost throughout the UK

High Purity Hydrogen Lab Gas Generators

The IATT AiroGen® Laboratory Generator rangeoffers a safe and simple to use efficient technology for high purity H2, N2 and ZERO AIR analytical grade laboratory gases. The technology makes the gas cylinder redundant and the high purity gases you require available as and when you need them. IATT AiroGen® Lab GasGenerators offer a module design and can also be stacked to meet compact storage requirements, this makes them perfect for usage within multiple generation applications.

What is Adsorption?

To fully understand lab gas generators and swing adsorption technology, we must first explore what adsorption is. Adsorption refers to a gas application such as nitrogen generation, and is the accumulation of molecules of oxygen and other trace gases.

This accumulation is used to form a thin film on the surface of a specifically selected solid, such as carbon, by intermolecular forces. The adsorption process involves a mass transfer and differs from absorption, where a specific fluid is dissolved by a liquid or solid. Adsorption is a reversible process and facilitates the constant use of the system to generate nitrogen on a sustainable scale for commercial use.

Nitrogen Generators and Nitrogen Generation Explained

Now, with the definition out of the way, let’s explore how nitrogen generators and the process of nitrogen generation work. PSA Nitrogen is generated the process of adsorption, where the adsorptive properties of specific media, such as a Carbon Molecular Sieve, are used. Oxygen and other trace gasses found through the process are consequently adsorbed onto the adsorptive media at varying portions, depending on the system pressure present. In turn, the nitrogen passes through the media because of the fact that its molecular structure is too large to infiltrate the fine permeability of the adsorptive media in question.

The system utilised within our lab gas nitrogen generators and the generationprocess in general is with two pressurisedtowers to contain the adsorptive media. Here, the clean dry compressed air enters at the bottom of one of the towers where oxygen, carbon dioxide, moisture, some hydrocarbons, and trace gases are adsorbed. Nitrogen then passes through the adsorbent media bed into a buffer tank, prior to the outlet where it is subject to additional filtration and pushedon for use in the analytic application. After a predetermined time which isdependant on the purity of nitrogen required, the tower switches to regenerative mode and streams the pressurised compressed air into the second tower.

This is where the term Pressure Swing originates and is put into action.

Then, the process begins again. The first tower finally depressurises, and the adsorbed oxygen and other trace gases are distributedand expended to atmosphere.

The AiroGen® Lab Gas GeneratorsRange includes:

  • IATT AiroGen® Zero Air generators utilise Catalytic Reactor technology to generate high purity air that is free of moisture and hydrocarbons.The Zero Air Generators Range includes:ZERO AIR GENERATORSRACK MOUNTED ZERO AIR GENERATORSULTRA ZERO AIR / TOC AIRFT-IR PURGE GAS GENERATOR
  • Onsite gas generation eliminates the need for bought in gas cylinders. An on-demand, continuous source of nitrogen gas can be generated by the introduction of your own Nitrogen Gas Generation and Separation system.IATT have a wide range of experience in this technology and offer systems and support for use in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, laboratory, chemical, electronics, process and manufacturing industries.IATT offer a complete Turnkey Solution from initial concept to full plant commissioning and completion without you needing to invest your time or need your own in-house specialists. We will review your needs and select the right technology from our range of equipment to suit your specific needs. Our specialist nitrogen gas generator engineers will design, build and install a complete system for you from generator to point of use. We can also include a comprehensive service and maintenance contract.IATT Nitrogen Gas Generation Turnkey Solutions will save you time and money.We are confident that a payback period of between 12-24 months can be achieved.IATT provide Nitrogen Gas Generators from lab to industrial scale.
    • Gas Generation & Separation
    • From Concept to Completion
    • Technology Selected to Suit Your Needs
    • Design, Build, Install & Service Solutions
    • High Purity Hydrogen GeneratorsFor GC Carrier Gas and GCMS Applications
    • Applications: GC-FID / NPD / FPD / TCD / GC-Carrier Gas / GCMS / ICPMS / Collision Cell / THAAiroGen® High Purity Hydrogen Generators from IATT use the latest Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) technology to produce pure hydrogen from distilled or deionised water by hydrolysis. IATT offer 2 types of AiroGen® High Purity Hydrogen Generators in this range:
    • Type 1 – uses a single column desiccant cartridge dryer unit with programmable automatic regeneration via an integrated calendar.
    • Type 2 – uses an exclusive double gas column dryer regeneration system that eliminates maintenance downtime that is typical of other systems, giving you the guarantee of high purity hydrogen at all times.
  • Independent Air Treatment Technology Ltd. (IATT) is a British company with our head office in North East England. We provide a national coverage of fully factory trained engineers strategically located throughout the UK that specialise in compressed air and gas generation technology. We provide services to the manufacturing, food, beverage, chemical, laboratory, pharmaceutical, brewing and process industries – if you use compressed air then IATT can Supply, Install and Service your equipment.IATT have an enviable reputation for Service Excellence and rapid response to customer needs – we are renowned for our independent approach.Our independence ensures we always select and supply the very best products and equipment solutions to suit your specification for Compressed Air Filtration, Air and Gas Treatment, Refrigeration Dryers, Desiccant Dryers ,Water Chillers and Onsite Nitrogen Generation Technology.
  • IATT supply a wide array of compressed air treatment products and brands from world leading manufacturers. As an Independent Air Treatment Technology supplier, IATT is proud of our ability to offer the very best solution for your problems and new equipment.

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