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As a contractor, do you need a mortgage but are tired of consulting a large mortgage loan broker? AWS mortgage advisors are here to help you get your mortgage based on your contract rate.

Based on your income and type of contracts, we provide you with the most competitive large mortgage loan.

Even if you are a professional in a particular field or even working as a doctor, lawyer, architect, or accountant, AWS mortgage advisors can provide you a large mortgage depending on the type of contract as a self-employed professional. You can contact our specialist advisors to get the best mortgage.

Our advisors move your large mortgage loan applications to one of the lenders in the best way. Accept? Excellent; let’s do it.

AWS mortgage advisors take the time to understand you, how you work, and the type of contracts you have. We will accept your mortgage/remortgage application based on your day rate contract, taken by underwriters and decision-makers.

Access to high street mortgages

The terms of mortgages will differ depending on each business model and your different contract status. It does not matter if you own a limited liability company or work as a lawyer, accountant, doctor, or architect. But your income does not reflect well your affordability to repay your mortgage.

AWS mortgage advisors use the best trading tools and payment structures to secure your large mortgages. Given your income and the goal of getting large mortgages, we know very well how you should be valued.

Use the contract rate to get large mortgage loans.

We’ve talked to many high street lenders and under writers to show how day rates of self-employed contractors can be the basis for calculating their affordability to repay mortgages. Bank accounts that lenders consider to assess self-employed contractors are misleading. When faced with a contractor, they base their decisions only on the contractors’ annual profits. But these are not the proper criteria for your affordability to repay as a contractor or professional.

AWS mortgage advisors can provide bespoke services to contractors about their mortgages. Using the current day rate of your contract allows you to borrow large amounts. Talk to our expert advisors to get bespoke mortgage solutions.

Do you need large mortgage loans fast?

Despite the large number of documents requested by lenders, as a contractor, it isn’t easy to get large mortgages quickly. In this way, you will need more help to save time, and by using our consulting services, the speed of doing this for you will increase significantly.

Our diverse services for contractor mortgages

Our Experiences tell us that contractors have different needs to get finance and depending on their contracts, the mortgage repayment model will be different. But using our underwriting processes and, our advisors, any need you may have in this regard will be met.

If you are a first-time buyer or are moving house or even looking for a remortgage at a better rate, we can help you. The variety of our services for different contractor mortgages will help you along the way. Here is a part of our wide range of services:

  • Remortgaging: Save money or raise capital by changing lenders without moving house
  • Buy to let: Unless you are a new investor or want to expand your property portfolio, we will do it for you.
  • Contractor mortgages/remortgages: our services will cover a wide range of self-employed contractors applying for large mortgage loans. For example, lawyers, accountants, doctors, architects, surveyors, and other self-employed contractors are among those professionals.

Our approach to qualifying the contractors is very comprehensive and also simple. On the other hand, we work with a wide range of lenders who have a good attitude towards the contractors. This will help us to submit your applications directly to the senior underwriters. Therefore, we will use all your income potentials in this process.

Benefits of using a contractor mortgage broker

To get a contractor mortgage loan and, depending on the type of application, AWS mortgage advisors are here to help you. The essential services provided by us are

  • Bespoke services from multiple high street lenders
  • Create a separate contact point according to your requests
  • Have an active workspace to complete your applications in the shortest possible time
  • Continuous updates of your mortgage application
  • You’ll have access to a wide range of by-product services, including:
    • Tailored income protection;
    • Life cover policy
    • Critical illness cover.

Over the years, AWS mortgage advisors have provided large mortgage loans to a large number of contractors. They know very well why we are the best and secure contractor mortgage broker in London. You will also benefit from our years of experience.


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