Leaving the hospital with your baby carrycot of the stroller

When your first baby is going to be born, everything is new, and although nature gives us a period of nine months to prepare. In any case, there are many things to do and especially to learn. We look around us, we ask, we read, and sometimes it gives us certain vertigo.

Formerly the births took place at home and there everything was prepared to welcome it, from the arms to the bassinet (that basket shaped like a carrycot in which the biblical character is supposed to be placed in a basket on the Nile River to escape the edict of the Pharaoh ) and from there to the crib.

For many years, deliveries have been carried out in hospitals to guarantee the safety and health of mothers and newborns.

The fact is that our baby has been born, and after spending a few days in the hospital we go home, but how do we do it?

There are going to be three situations depending on how we leave the hospital,

although it is true that the third is the most common, be it for comfort or necessity.

In the Carrycot or Moses

If you live near the hospital center and you can go for a walk, it is ideal. First in arms and once asleep, placidly and well protected in the carrycot of the stroller.

If you need to take public transport, the carrycot is also perfect since the noises and lights will not bother you.

The carrycot allows you to lie completely flat or tilt it in case of reflux or by prescription of the pediatrician.

The carrycot is perfectly fixed to the structure of the baby carriage, which facilitates its transport. In the case of the bassinet, you must take it carefully by the handles.


With mom or dad if they are recovered in an ergonomic baby carrycot

This option is also very beneficial for the newborn since in these first days everything is new and the security that being close to mom or dad gives is very reassuring.

Combined with the carrycot it will allow us to face practically all situations both at home and away from it in these first months. Carrying from the first moment is a natural experience.

In your first car seat. The 0+ group baby carrier.

Most often, the family goes out by car, and for this, you need the baby carrier (egg, group 0+, Roma vita ),
which is really the only chair authorized to transport the newborn baby in the car,
always in reverse gear and that can be fixed with the belt or your Isofix base if you are prepared for it.

Sooner or later we will have to travel by car with the baby so it is important to have this car seat and know its characteristics and use.

It is recommended to install the baby carrier before, test its operation because with the baby in your arms,

waiting in the hospital parking lot, or on the last day, it can play a trick on us if we are not experts in the field.

The first days will surely be calm to promote recovery and adaptation to the new reality that we are creating together.

Even so, there is no need to seclude yourself at home, on the contrary, walking and going out into nature together is one of the best gifts we can give our newborn and ourselves.

The sun, the air, the sounds of nature, and the movement itself will help us in all aspects, both for each other.

As parents, we know how difficult it is to choose a baby stroller. The words they use in the stores, the concepts, whether it is suitable for your family or not.

Running with your baby stroller. Moms and dads runners.

Fortunately for some time, the activity of running has gone from being a minority sport that a few of us practiced,
to an activity practiced by a majority concerned about their health.

Years ago, when I was crossing Europe with my bike, I was surprised to find myself on those endless cycle lanes on the banks of the great Central European rivers,
dads and moms running and skating while pushing smiling baby carriages.

The health benefits of running are undeniable if it is done in a minimally planned way or at least advised by an expert.

In addition, the main key to its success lies in the simplicity with which we can integrate it into our lives since,

with a minimal investment in material and time, important results can be achieved if we are constant.

Running with the baby carriage has also undergone this same process,
and just a few years ago the few of us who ran with our baby did it on tracks and little frequented places,

and now they are the parks of the big cities where almost space strollers accumulate where mothers and a father train as one more.

Initiatives arise all over Europe, moms who get together to jog with their baby carriage, do gymnastics, participate in competitions …

It is also a great way to get in shape after pregnancy as we already told you in this post.

The material for running with the stroller

The personal equipment is the same that we usually use to go running, so shoes, socks, pants, and a T-shirt

(the latter depending on the weather can vary substantially).

I have a friend who says that the difference between someone who goes out for a run
and a runner is € 300 in “phosphorite” material. So you will know which group you are in.

The baby carriage suitable for running must also meet minimum such as inflatable wheels,

the damping and wheel lock forward being thus also rewarding experiences for the baby, but even without them, we can make jogs cortisol by areas nice firm.

I would also put a tape that attaches the stroller to our arm as a mandatory material since it is something very simple (which we can do ourselves)

and that in the event of a trip or fall it will guarantee that the stroller does not move from where we are.

The footmuffs and extra-long hoodsThey are also recommended as they cut the wind
and protect us from the sun while we run without moving like bags and umbrellas.

Being able to place both the carrycot and the chair in both directions is also positive,
especially in the latter since at first seeing the little one,

especially if he sleeps, gives peace of mind to both, and later on,
he will enjoy seeing the landscape where we run.

There are specific baby strollers for running

they are the ones with the highest performance. They usually have three extra-large, inflatable and rigid wheels.

Their problem is that their size and ergonomics make them very difficult to use in the day-to-day urban environments,
so unless we have no problems having two or can rent it, it will not be a majority option.

Another drawback that most specific models have is that they only come with a chair,
so until the baby cannot sit up by himself we will not be able to use it
and we will not enjoy those outings for a few months when they still sleep a lot.

In my opinion, if it is not for running long distances every day or participating in competitions,

it is not essential to buy the specific baby strollers for running.

Action – the first exits

We already have the equipment, now how do we start …
According to my experience in running with the stroller,
it is best to start as soon as possible (in the first walks with the baby)
in a very smooth and progressive way,
so that we adapt to both the runner and the baby to these new dynamic outings.

The first days choose small routes and start by checking the position of the baby if he is in the carrycot and the harness well-closed if he is in the chair.

We block the front wheels and fix the strap that is tied from our stroller to the arm.

As at the beginning of any physical activity, do a little warm-up of the parts that are going to work in the exercise. In this case, joint rotations and push-ups – arm and leg extensions at a minimum.

We started by walking fast and gradually moving to a light jog.
Stroller outings and workouts do not differ much in stride technique from a normal outing.

The arms will obviously remain fixed on the handlebars instead of the usual stroke,
and only in flat and comfortable areas can the grip of a single-arm be alternated to exercise or relax the opposite.

The dimensions and shape of the stroller will determine the stride length and even the speed,
but in any case, the most important thing to take into account is the baby and how it is.

We must never forget that it should be a fun activity for both of us, and that is the main objective.

The choice of the schedule, the route, and the time will depend on that team that we form with the little one.

The most important thing, as in any new activity, is that we do it progressively so that little by little we adapt to the new material and avoid injuries.

To run better in the carrycot, in the baby carrier or in the seat?

With the carrycot, it is not recommended to carry out more than light jogging by firm homogeneous (if it is on good tracks)
since the baby is loose and in any sudden movement, it would displace it inside.

It is ideal to start to get into the habit and mix in the walk itself moments walking at different rhythms with small jogs in the best areas.

If the baby is very active and our rhythm is higher,
in these first months it is best to use the baby carrier or group 0
since this is how it is tied with the harness and in case of bumps
and more dynamic movements, it will not move and will be more protected.

When they sit down and we move them to the chair,
the possibilities increase since in addition to being fixed with the harness,
the different positions of the backrest and footrest will allow the little one to find the best position.

Little is said about it in terms of running with babies,
but in addition to the well-being of the mother and father,
it has another important aspect: setting an example. I firmly believe that the best way to instill values ​​or educate is through example.
If our children see sport as part of our lives since they are babies,
they will accept it as something natural and will want to imitate us when the time comes.

My three-and-a-half-year-old daughter, if she sees that I wear shoes to go running,
she takes her shoes and she wants to come too. He loves to go jogging, like cycling or swimming.

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