One of the finest pieces of advice you’ll ever get is to simplify your logo wherever feasible. Reduce it to its most basic components. Colors, text, and pictures that are consistent are preferable to overpowering and complicated designs. This does not exclude you from trying anything new. For example, if your brand questions the current quo, you can think about creating an abstract depiction of what you do.

How Many Logo Designs Exist?

There are essentially seven sorts of logos available.

  • Wordmark Design
  • Pictorial
  • Lettermark
  • Abstract
  • Mascot

Wordmark Design

As the name implies, a Wordmark logo design makes use of company names as the key element. Wordmark logo designs include the following:




However, when you think about it, the English alphabet only has 26 letters.

So, in order to produce a beautiful Wordmark logo design, you must utilize a distinctive typeface and typography, as well as a complementary color palette.Fashion and apparel firms that employ a Wordmark logo often use typefaces and typography that convey a high-end sense.

However, for government agencies and international organizations, strong and classic typefaces are preferable since they convey the impression that the organization is trustworthy and not a hoax.

If your company has a lengthy name, you might think about acquiring a Wordmark logo design.You may utilize the initial letters of all the terms in your business name as the primary element in an abbreviated can use free wix logo maker tool for this work.

But what if the abbreviation is still too long? (even after you have only taken the first letters of each word of your business name). In such situation, you should think about alternative sorts of logo design for your company.


A Pictorial Mark is based on a distinct symbol to which your target audience may immediately relate.Apple uses a Pictorial with their distinctive partly-eaten apple, Twitter with their Twitter bird, and PlayBoy with their playboy bunny.

Having a pictorial emblem does not guarantee that your user base will remember your name.Twitter, Apple, PlayBoy, Snapchat, and Target are such well-known brands that a quick look at their logo design is enough to remember their names.

This is why choosing a Pictorial Mark logo design may not be a smart choice for young organizations and startups just starting out.Furthermore, you should not have a Pictorial Mark logo design if you do not have strong branding.

If you’ve decided to use a pictorial picture, you should think about which image would best reflect your firm. You can always perform a preference test on your logo to observe how your target audience reacts to it.

As an example, consider Apple.

They offer expensive consumer gadgets, yet their logo is a half-eaten apple.


Another sort of logo design is the lettermark. IBM, Facebook, CNN, BBC, HBO, and other well-known companies have Lettermark logos.In their brand image, companies and enterprises with a prominent name generally use a short version or an abbreviation of their name. It is also known as monogram logos.

Using lettermark logo designs has advantages.

Do you know what NASA means?

Most likely, you don’t.

And, to be honest, you don’t have to memorize NASA’s whole name, which is the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.People who have never studied astronomy or space will struggle to recall NASA’s entire version.Most of us don’t know the full form of HBO, and to be honest, we don’t need to.HBO is an acronym that stands for Home Box Office. Even if we don’t know the complete name, the firm is well-known enough that we identify it right away.

The primary distinction between Lettermark and Wordmark logo design is that the former employs a brief business form.Wordmark, on the other hand, incorporates the complete company name into its brand image.One advantage of lettermark design is that it is simple to recreate across numerous mediums. This makes it simple to use in many sorts of marketing efforts.


Many parallels exist between the Abstract Mark and the Pictorial Logo design. The most notable difference is that they both employ an image in their brand representation.When it comes to abstract logos, though, the image within is essentially a geometric form.

Abstract logos are often used by the following companies:




Drive by Google


The benefit of having an Abstract Mark logo design is that you can let your creativity run wild.You are not restricted to any everyday image or instantly known image.Instead, you have the freedom to create your own designs.Symbolism lies at the heart of Abstract logo design.

Unlike Pictorial Marks, which are often associated with issues having social and cultural meanings, Abstract Mark logos are not subject to this constraint.The distinctive swoosh symbol used by worldwide shoe giant Nike is a superb example of an Abstract Logo.

This design is nothing more than a check mark on a black background. However, devoted Nike footwear customers will recognize this brand picture as soon as they see it.Abstract brand graphics will assist a company in leaving a lasting impact on its customer base.

This style of logo design is built on an intrinsic characteristic that causes consumers to ponder its relevance and meaning long after they see it.wix logo maker can solve this problem through its extra ordinary feature.

If you decide to go with an Abstract logo, make sure it is not too radical or severe to recall.With this form of brand representation, you have an infinite amount of alternatives for your company’s image. However, you must also ensure that the image you choose is consistent with your brand’s ideals.


Who hasn’t seen the KFC logo? This global food chain presently has over 25,000 locations worldwide.Mascot logos enable firms to give their brands a personality.

When you think about it, giving your company a face entails instilling a certain feeling in your prospects.Mascot emblems often incorporate a face or a figure that symbolizes a company.

Companies featuring a Mascot Mark logo include:






Businesses have used Mascot Mark emblems for years to appeal to a user base that is largely made up of family-oriented adults and children.A mascot symbol is appropriate for a product aimed towards children.This form of brand image allows you to experiment and create a fun look that children can readily relate to.

For example, the KFC logo features a colonel.

So the elderly guy with a white beard shown on the company’s logo is not a made-up figure, but rather the founder of KFC. Colonel Harland Sanders is his name.The colonel was born in 1980 and grew up on a farm in Indiana. Harland transformed his boyhood experience into a passion after retiring and began selling fried chicken.

Logo Combination

A Synthesis As the name implies, logo design may include a variety of components. It may have graphic, abstract, wordmark, or mascot components, or any mix of the above.

Combination logo designs might put text above or below the image in terms of relative placement of logo parts.They may also include abstract components in the centre and text surrounding them. Popular firms that use Combination Logo design include:

The Burger King



Combination logo designs allow you to communicate a narrative while also connecting with your prospects. Burger King is a well-known firm that employs a Combination mark symbol design.They originally opened its doors in 1953.They have now grown into a worldwide food chain behemoth, with over 13,000 stores spanning over 91 countries.

One benefit of adopting a Combination logo design is that you may choose to delete some components of the symbol design after you have earned considerable attention and traction in your target market after beginning with both symbols and letters in your logo design.Which Type of Logo Design Should You Choose?

As we’ve seen in the preceding section, logo designs may take many different shapes. They might be letter-based or abstract symbols.

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