If as a company you want to start your way and position yourself through digital marketing, you have a great challenge to face.

You must put into practice strategies that you only have references from other companies and how they have done with them; the Internet market can become strong.

But don’t be scared, nowadays there are many tools to make your way through digital marketing easier, as well as fascinating.

Achieving a successful position on the web, takes a lot of dedication and work, so you must arm yourself with a lot of patience to start this long process, which gives many benefits, if done right!

If you are looking for alternatives or tips to help you on your journey to digital marketing, you have come to the right place, below, we will provide you with the most commonly used elements that you must take into account to achieve a successful position.

The strategies and their attack

In order to gain a certain position on the web, you must focus on studying what strategies are available that suit your type of business and which ones you want to put into practice.

You must plan how you want your company to be displayed through the various media and your website. The content and the image must go hand in hand and must be as creative as possible.

You must focus, not only on having a page, social network or advertising in search engines, but on unifying all digital marketing strategies with trends so that nothing is left unused.

We can divide the strategies into three parts according to their importance, this will help you along the way while you get to the position you want.


Content is super important in any digital marketing strategy; understands the rationale and actions to take to ensure success.

All the content that you are going to create for the marketing of your company on the Internet must necessarily have a meaning and an end to which you want to reach.

The content must be planned according to the medium where you are going to show it; The content that you handle on social networks is not the same as the content that you will show on your website, since it includes information of greater value.

It seeks to reach a target market that can be in various phases of the process, which ranges from giving recognition to your company, to transforming prospects into clients.

Content and its format

In these times, the selection of the content format is super important and vital, because with them you will achieve the love of your audience, or, in the worst case, be completely ignored.

Always seek to be in tune with trends, to be updated in your content, with graphics, videos, images that are of high value for users of any type.

Advertising and Content

It is essential that you analyze how you want to present the content in advertising spaces, because the different formats limit you when it comes to knowing what resources to use to capture your idea.

You shouldn’t be shy about trying different models to determine which one works best for you. Remember marketing is also based on trial and error.


The tools you have to show all the content that you are going to create – usually – is on web pages, emails and social networks. Using one or more tools will be relevant to the outcome of your journey.

Web pages

This is an essential tool in a digital marketing strategy. A web page is like the brain where everything operates.

It is this site that your target market embarks on to analyze what your business offer is about.

Actually, your website is where the information is created for the use of email as a digital marketing tool.


Using email is a technique that some love and many hates.

Nowadays, e-mail marketing has been transformed and repositioned as an effective tool to win customers and achieve their loyalty. To achieve this, you must carefully study your strategy and how to use it.

Social networks

Social networks help because of their ability to handle large flows to attract potential customers and bring them to the website, and even to start the conversion process.

Social networks, if used in a good way, can give us a presence in the market that we want to conquer and achieve the goal that we all want with marketing: to transform your company into the best friend of your customers.

Creating profiles on social networks is completely free, but achieving an effective and profitable position in them can become quite a challenge.

It is recommended that you analyze well in which social networks your company should be according to what you sell and the objective you want to achieve. Since not all social networks connect with companies.


It is essential that the path you want to take is designing connections that will boost your business.

One of these connections to guarantee your success on the web is the strategic association with other companies that have objectives very similar to yours.

Study companies so that they complement your business offer and manage to form work teams where one recommends the other.

Remember to try and adjust over and over again until you come up with the best strategy. Without forgetting that you must fill yourself with patience and total dedication, with good planning and constant study of your results, you will achieve the positioning you want for your brand.

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