This article is about the release update for minecraft apk 1.17. Enjoy minecraft game with no bugs and restrictions.

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is the most popular game in the category of open world, adventure and survival game, downloaded bymillions of people on their androidphones. Download the latest version of Minecraft Full APK, v1.17 released by MOJANG studio. Minecraft was developed by Markus “Notch” Persson in the Java Programming Language. It was fully released in November 2011. The name given to Cave Game in the early days of Minecraft was later changed to Minecraft Order The Stone and finally Minecraft. If you like to adventure and survive in the open world, this game is for you.

Why You Should Play The Latest Version Of Minecratf?

Here I give you six reasons to download and play the latest version of minecraft:

Incredible Gameplay

There are many characters in Minecraft, you can choose the one you want. The player has the freedom to do anything in the open world without a specific goal. In the beginning, the player will be surrounded by plains, hills, caves, swamps, etc. will face a wild world with different areas such as The interesting part of the game is that players will encounter many creatures such as villagers, animals (you can eat them or make items from them).

There is a time division cycle (20 minutes) into day and night. The creature (reptile) can appear both day and night and is very deadly when it comes to explosion, but dangerous monsters can only attack at night. The main highlight in this game is that you can build your own house or anything that attracts millions of players to play this game.

Build your own world

As I told you, this is the main emphasis in these games that helps players take shelter during the night because at night monsters can appear in the dark and attack you.

Minecraft is designed to give you real life experience of being hungry, for that you can eat both veg and non veg food. You can be anything in Minecraft. For example, a Farmer owns a large area of ​​land where you can plant trees and harvest food.

Attractive Mods

Minecraft has super attractive mods like survival mode, creative mode and super hard mode that keep players hooked on the game.

Survival Mode

As the name suggests, in this mode players will make the necessary resources to play the game. It has a health bar that shows the player’s blood level when attacked by any monster and also gives you a signal to eat when you are hungry. Players can also make their own weapons to protect themselves and kill monsters. Players get points when they kill any animal or monster, the more points the player gets, the more powerful armor the player will be able to produce.

Creative Mode

In this mode, players have all the resources to create their own house. The best thing about this mod is that wherever you go, no one can attack you or die.

Super Hard Mode

This mod lets players live like real life, it sounds like survival mode. In this mode, the game ends only when a net dies, and also cannot return to the previous world.


This feature allows you to add up to 10 players to your game and with their help you can build your places or anything you want.

market place

In the marketplace, you can discover the latest community creations. Players can receive unique maps, texture packs and skins from their creators.


The graphics in Minecraft are great because everything is water, stone, wood, earth, etc. It consists of 3D cubes with different materials such as Minecraft estimates that the game has around 36 million square cells.

What’s New in the Latest Version of Minecraft APK?

Players will get these features in V1.17

  • Unlocked premium skins
  • Unlocked premium textures
  • No damage mod
  • unlimited breath
  • Maximum Inventory Size
  • Kill with weapons in ONE hit
  • Maximum score
  • indestructible tools


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