International Removals Edinburgh – Moving items overseas? We specialise in providing a secure & efficient international removals service for our customers

Welcome to Guardian Removals international page. Because we’re not only experts in everything relating to moving your possession from Edinburgh around the UK, but we also have a vast swathe of knowledge surrounding the movement of items across the world.

Our experts are just that, experts, and we specialise in providing a secure and efficient international removals service for all of our customers. With our attention to detail, experience in the industry and professional knowledge of removals both in the UK and across the entire planet, you can rest assured that your items get to where they need to be safely and on time.

Here at Guardian Removals, it doesn’t matter how daunting the task may seem. So, whether you’re just moving a few items overseas or your whole life, we can take the strain and give you complete peace of mind that your items are in safe hands. Feel at ease to embark on your new adventure with Guardian Removals.

Our International removals service is advanced and can include as much as you like. It simply involves following a few very straightforward steps:

  • First, make an international removals enquiry with our team. This initial enquiry is taken by our experienced international co-ordinators who will discuss your needs with you and what it is you require from an international move. The process differs slightly depending on what it is you need, but we work to the following rough guide for our customers when it comes to their initial enquiry:
  • For smaller loads, we can discuss delivery options and costs via email or phone. It’s simple enough to get a good idea of what it is you’re taking if the load is smaller, so there’s no need to physically meet as decisions can be made by our experts remotely.
  • For larger moves, we will need to arrange a sales appointment to better understand and meet your removal needs. This will involve us coming to visit your physical location to take stock of what it is exactly that needs moving, and how best to achieve this for you in an effective manner. Our experts are good, but not so good that they can guess what your requirements are when it comes to large removals over the phone, so it’s always best to meet in person.

Take a look in detail at what our international removals service, whether it’s in Europe or anywhere across the world, includes:

Single items

No move is too small for our team, so we can transport single items internationally to ensure they have a safe journey. You might think it is too small to get in touch with an operation as advanced and reputable as ours, but if you want anything moving across the world, we’re your best bet to get it done safely and securely.

Full container consignments

Now, onto the big stuff. If you’re planning a new life overseas or a new opportunity has risen in another country, chances are you’ll have a container full of items that you need to be moved. This can be from your home of if you own a business, from your business operations. Whatever it may be, our team is ready and on hand to assist in any way imaginable. Our experts specialise in providing a safe and efficient international removals service that ensures the security and protection of all of your items, from the beginning of the journey to the very end.

European full or part load moves to all European destinations

Flexibility and high quality international removals are at the heart of each and every move we carry out, and no matter your requirement, we can help. The majority of customers that we work with are looking to have their items moved to all European destinations, so we are very experienced carrying this kind of journey out. But remember, no distance is too far for our team and we can accommodate moving any and all of your possessions to Europe and further afield, across the world.

Assistance with documentation and customs regulations

We understand that moving items internationally can be a daunting experience, and a difficult one to wrap your head around if you’re completely new to the process, which most people are.

This is why we aim to provide a complete service for our customers from the heavy lifting of physical items to the burden and headache that can come with documentation and customs regulations surrounding international removals.

A key part of our all-encompassing international removals service therefore involves assisting our customers with all documentation and customs regulations. This fully ensures that their items get abroad safely and in accordance with all regulations, so you aren’t caught out by any nasty surprises down the line.

You can trust our experts at Guardian Removals, and international removals are part and parcel of our operations. We carry out regular trips to most European destinations as well as further afield, so we know what we’re talking about. It also means that we have the necessary equipment, knowledge, and expertise to move you and your belongings around the world safely and efficiently.

If you are moving house within Edinburgh, round the corner or around the world, Guardian Moving & Storage offer a complete removal and storage service tailored to your personal requirements. With a combined experience of over 200 years in the removal industry, look no further.
As members of the British association of removers, you can rest assured you will receive only the highest quality of service, from the moment we answer your call to the moment we wave goodbye from your new home, our service remains unrivalled.

Domestic removals –

We will initially visit your property either in person or virtually via ore-arranged video survey to understand your moving requirements, get to know you and your family to allow us to build a specific move plan that suits your needs. On our visit you can ask any questions and our experienced surveyors will put you at ease and inform you of the whole move process.

We will then offer a full written no obligation quotation, taking into account all the relevant details and the move volume. This allows us to give you the most accurate and competitive quotation.

On the day –

Our purpose built removal vehicle will arrive at the pre-agreed time, our crew will call you on route so you can know when to expect us.

We will prepare the property for removal and protect all flooring, bannisters, carpets before beginning the removal process.

Our Fully trained and experienced crews load your valued possessions with the utmost care and attention. All items of furniture are wrapped and secured by webbing in the custom built removal vehicle to protect them on their journey.

On arrival at your new home our crew leader will ask for a quick tour of the property to ensure everything is delivered to the correct room and position within the home. Before leaving, final checks will be done to ensure you are happy with the complete service & that everything can be identified and is in the right place.

All vehicles carry a full set of specially designed covers designed to keep your furniture from getting marked or wet during your move. We will also bring our specialist wardrobe cartons on the vehicle for all of your hanging clothes, this will all be discussed on the pre-move survey to ensure everything is accounted for and great care taken.

Packing service –

Did you know? We can offer a full packing service for every item in your home? From wedding crystal, to linen and the kids a favourite toys, our highly experienced packing crew will pack everything to the highest of standards making sure it is safe and secure for transport.
This would normally take place a day or two before you move, to allow us to take the time and attention required to fully pack up your home. Meaning on move day everything is ready for loading with the exception of your essential overnight effects.

Owner packed service –

Should you prefer to pack your contents on your own, Guardian can supply all the relevant packing material and deliver this free of charge.

All that we ask is that as part of our ISO14001 environment policy that you allow us to collect the boxes when you are finished the unpacking to allow us to re-use of re-cycle them

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