Once known as Baroda, the city of Vadodara is today one of Gujarat’s most well-known destinations. The city’s heritage and culture have helped make it well known. There are many Banyan (Vad) trees, which give the city of Vadodara its name. People across India, including Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and even Bengal, make their homes in this cosmopolitan metropolis.
Vadodara’s cuisine reflects the city’s cultural variety. People from all over the world come to this city because of its wide selection of delicious treats. In a nutshell, we can state that “foodies” will enjoy themselves here. Vadodara’s snack food is well known all over India. It’s common for families to spend quality time together at local restaurants, where they may sample a variety of dishes prepared using ingredients sourced directly from the city. We’ve compiled a list of the top snacks in Vadodara must try street food in Vadodara.



There is no denying that this snack is the most popular in all of Vadodara. People in Vadodara love sev usal, and it’s not simply a snack food. Outside of these two locations, you won’t find this dish anyplace else in India. It’s similar to traditional sev, except it’s made with besan, has a spicy gravy, and is served with a pea curry instead of potatoes. It’s garnished with spring onion and lemon and served with Pav.


It’s common for people in Gujarat to eat a vada pav variation called dabeli. Instead of vada, however, mashed potatoes seasoned with Dabeli masala are stuffed between two pavs. Some savoury chutney is provided as an accompaniment. This snack is so good that it has become famous even in Vadodara. The evening is when most people’s schedules allow them to have it.


The residents of Vadodara have a severe egg obsession. City dwellers have a unique fixation on eggs and enjoy a wide selection of egg-related products. The city dwellers have a penchant for various egg dishes, including egg biryanis, Anda-Pav, and cheese omelettes. The city’s many egg-based specialties are among its most distinctive features, so visitors should not pass up the opportunity to sample them.


Vadodara is also famous for its sweet delights, especially Fafda and Jalebi. Since this delicacy is not available anywhere else, Barbadians travel all the way to Gujarat to indulge in it. Fried besan strips of varying lengths and thicknesses, known as fafda, are typically served alongside the world-famous and delectable sweet ‘jalebi. When you mix in some chutney, the papaya takes on a whole new level of flavour.


They put a lot of emphasis on sandwiches there. Sandwiches come in a wide range of varieties. Some common types of sandwiches are cheese sandwiches, potato sandwiches, and Masala sandwiches. Sandwich stands can be found all across town. So one can indulge in a lovely, delightful sandwich as a fantastic snack.


When discussing the best snacks in Vadodara, Dhoklas must be mentioned. Dhokla can be eaten as a quick breakfast or as a snack at any time of the day. A fermented batter of rice flour, chickpea flour, and urad dal is used to make this delicious dish. Dhokla is an essential component of a traditional Gujarati thali.


Vadodara also boasts another popular snack: the renowned pav bhaji. Bhaji is simplified Hindi for vegetables. This dish is best served with Pav and contains various veggies tossed in a spicy sauce. When paired with the Bhaji, the Pav’s buttery frying elevates the dish to new heights of deliciousness. Vadodara residents frequently indulge in this tasty treat.


Vadodara, like the rest of India, delivers a tasty variation on the staple food of the country, poha. Poha is a common dish in Vadodara, and locals add a healthy and creative spin by topping it with sev and fruit like pomegranates and bananas. Vadodarans enjoy this for breakfast and as a snack.


You may find different kinds of bhajia on the streets of Vadodara. It’s a popular food choice for munching between meals. To make bhajia, you spread a thin layer of besan over a savoury base, like mashed potatoes or chopped bell peppers. Adding onions and chutney enhances the flavour. Bhajia are a popular snack in Vadodara and are often paired with a hot cup of tea.


Vadodara, formerly under the rule of Maharashtrian King Sir Sayajirao Gaekwad, is located not far from Mumbai. Naturally, then, the city has an authentic Maharashtrian flavour. Because of this, although Vada Pav is more commonly associated with Maharashtra, it is a well-known snack in Vadodara.


This meal is similar to the chole Tikki served in other parts of India, especially in Vadodara, Gujarat. Ragda Pattice is mashed potatoes that have been fried and combined with chole curry, onions, and sweet chutney. This is a typical Vadodara snack.


In Gujarat, they are referred to as Farsan. Among the various sweet and salty treats included are gatha, sev, leelo chevdo, bhakarwadi, and many more. Every Vadodara household relies on it as a staple food item. In Vadodara, it’s common for families to get together to watch TV while they eat dinner and drink tea.


Thepla, a special roti prepared from methi and wheat flour, is a delicious and nutritious alternative to traditional rotis. This dish pairs well with the sweet mango pickle known as “Gaud-Keri,” which is a speciality of the Indian state of Gujarat. You can get thepla for breakfast, as a snack, or as a side dish for a variety of other meals. The residents of Vadodara share my appreciation for this tasty treat.


Distance-wise, the state of Rajasthan is not too far from Vadodara. Udaipur is a hotspot for vacationers because it is one of Rajasthan’s more accessible urban centres. This has resulted in a proliferation of “Rajasthani Kulfi” stands offering an overwhelming variety of kulfi flavours throughout the city. The world over, people eat kulfis like these for dessert or as a late-night snack.


There are notable differences between Vadodara kachori and their North Indian counterparts. Kachori are initially smaller than elsewhere. Second, a blend of sweet and savoury masala is used to create the stuffing. Finally, you may add any number of sauces to them to make them taste just right.


Vadodara residents also enjoy snacking on samosa chat. Samosas become Samosa Chat when accompanied by a selection of dipping sauces, chole, sev, and onions. Vadodara is home to some of the best places to sample this delicacy. A great crowd has gathered around the kiosks to take part in this one-of-a-kind urban preparation.


Pani Puri is the Western name for Gol-Gappa. This dish is favoured by every single one of India’s states. Vendors in Vadodara sell a wide variety of chaat and papdi-based meals, not just Pani Puri. Some examples include Dahi papdi, bhelpuri, puna-misal, and bhelpuri. You can find these and other snacks all across Vadodara.


The residents of Vadodara share my obsession with the endless possibilities of Chinese cuisine. Vadodara tastes Chinese food, especially Hakka noodles, fried rice, and Manchurians. Many food trucks in the streets of Vadodara provide these well-known Chinese meals, and locals and visitors enjoy them with their families.


Puff is what locals in Western India refer to Pattice as. Vadodara also loves puff, a typical street food. Many restaurants provide this option. They come with a wide selection of puffs. Paneer puffs, Chinese puffs, Aaloo puffs, and pizza puffs are some of the most well-known varieties of puffs. Many city residents congregate at night to sample these specialised puffs.


A lot of people in Vadodara drink lassi, a traditional Punjabi drink. Vadodara is home to a wide selection of lassis, all of which will do wonders to relieve your hunger. In Vadodara, they offer lassi with faluda, which gives it a delicious flavour and helps you feel full. Mango lassi, chocolate lassi, and strawberry lassi, among others, are very popular lassi flavours.

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