The popularity of online gaming has been increasing steadily in recent years, although it has often been assumed that a peak has been reached. But the game manufacturers are always coming up with new ideas and on the other hand also rely on the tried and tested.

Well-known series are continued and magically attract their regular players, who always enjoy small details that are then raised to another level. New developments in software or hardware always remain exciting, of course.

When it comes to online games, the online casinos such as NetBet should not be left out either, because there is a lot going on in the area of further development of game ideas here as well. The entire sector is still always subject to constant change.

Online gaming through the ages

Online gaming has undergone another lasting change in recent years due to the ever-improving technical conditions that gamers find in their own homes. The excellent high-speed Internet connections lead to a stable gaming situation, which is indispensable for real gamers and so the whole business of gaming has benefited from this evolution.

The possibilities to network with each other and enjoy favorite games with like-minded people in their own clans, clans or other groups are also accessible to a wide mass and continue to make the total number of gamers grow by leaps and bounds.

Some portals are far ahead in the visitors’ favor. We will have a look at some very popular online gaming sites where gamers find good content and great possibilities for their gaming experience.

Twitch: connects players and fans

Twitch remains the most popular streaming platform for gamers who want to share their gaming experiences with other gamers. The sustainably commercialized site now also offers optimal monetization opportunities when an adequate follower base is reached and is also increasingly used in this sense.

The streaming portal allows players to stream their games live and viewers can be enchanted by the skills and knowledge of the game. The very high click and view numbers speak for Twitch as the number one medium when it comes to the distribution of gaming content. The past has shown that especially in this area reading has really gone out of fashion and the livestream has absolutely taken control of the gaming world.

Twitch is one factor why gaming gets even more popular. What makes the platform special for its numerous fans is that they can get in touch with their gaming idols, and it really happens. This close relationship between the streamer and the viewer naturally generates sustainable advertising revenue on the one hand, but also ensures that there is always new content. New games can be introduced quickly here, as the live stream is an ideal medium for keeping up to date.

That naturally appeals to gamers in the long term, because when a new game is launched, everyone wants to be among the first to talk about it. This in turn means that Twitch can be much more up-to-date than, say, an old-fashioned gaming magazine that may only appear every week or fortnight. Here, the new games can be viewed immediately. Twitch is more specialized than YouTube and also has the corresponding streamers on the site who can give the content a face.

Steam: Buy the best games and test demo versions

Steam is a very popular platform that offers games of all kinds on its own site. You can buy and rent games here and the latest games are always available. So if you don’t want to buy a physical game, Steam is the right place for you. The large selection of games is the main reason why many customers have now opted for a Steam membership, which is also paid.

The possibility to access the games immediately after release is the main motivation. Steam’s library has grown so much in the meantime that even experienced gamers can still discover a pearl here that might be worth playing again.

The option to play demo versions and thus get an idea of new games that don’t cost anything is another feature on Steam that enjoys great popularity among customers. Gamers want to get an idea of many lesser-known games first before making the investment and actually buying the game. This is an absolute advantage of Steam compared to buying in stores, where these demo versions cannot be used in this way. So the users of Steam’s gaming website get exactly what is most important to them. Lots of games, lots of information about the games and the best demos and short versions to always be up to date with the latest updates. the ultimate platform for chess fans as a global portal

Chess is a sport that became very popular right at the beginning of the computer age. For many players it was just great that with a chess computer there was suddenly an opponent and there was no need to wait until a teammate was found in the family or among friends. The fascination of chess has lasted through the centuries of its existence, but there are many more possibilities than players could have initially dreamed of, thanks to sites like

The chance to get a real opponent at any time, sitting somewhere on the planet just waiting to play a game of chess, is of course great for one’s game. Here you can practice every day and always discover and try out new moves.

A tutorial to learn chess from scratch is also integrated into the website. Everything is set up in the best possible way to offer a chess experience that leaves nothing to be desired. Improving your own game, learning valuable tips & tricks and trying out your new skills again and again against real opponents or the computer is every chess player’s paradise.


The classic magazine has more or less had its day and only reaches a small group of readers. Online gaming sites have prepared the players for themselves and offer the content and the content that leads the players directly to what they actually want, as many available games and demos as possible, to get a first impression.



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