Pack your bags and get ready for to  Nag Tibba trek which is the easiest, cheapest, and sporty  trek for those who are looking for some zeal and zest in life

It is a perfect weekend trek for the family, beginners, and children.

This trek offers you unforgettable memories to remember, numerous stories to narrate, thrilling experiences, and an opportunity to be more close to nature.

Area: Garhwal Himalayas

Duration: 5 days 

Grade:  Easy 

Altitude:  3048m

Total trekking:  40km



In local words “Tibba” means hill or peak and nag means snake.

Also called “Mountain of the serpent”, located at northeast of Mussoorie at the foothills of Garhwal Himalayan ranges, at an elevation of 3048kms.

It is the highest peak in the lower Himalayan range   Of Uttarakhand.


View from the top of Nag Tibba

  1. As you reach to the Nag Tibba peak via many small villages, dense forests you can have a view of various peaks ranging from Bandarpunchh peak, the Gangotri group of peaks, Kedarnath peak in the north moon valley, and snow peaks of chanabang.
  2. Ancient forest accompany you with different trees such as deodar,  oak teak, cedar, Alpine, rhododendrons, and exotic wildlife.
  3. You will come across scenic villages of Uttarakhand. 
  4. You can enjoy camping, go for trekking, and for photographers its a heaven.
  5. At hotels in Mussoorie, you can taste the local delicious food and visit malls.
  6. You can check out some local products which you would like to carry for your family and for your dearest one.


Best time to visit 

The best time to visit is whenever you are ready because this place guarantees you to give pleasure throughout the year.

In summer you can visit from April to June, in winter from October to December.

  • Summer 

During summer mornings, the sunrise from the Himalayas is panoramic and can be seen from distance. 

A cool breeze is relaxing.

Don’t forget to take some warm clothes.


  • Monsoon

 snow-capped peaks of Nag Tibba is magnificent with lush greenery is tranquillizing.

Don’t forget to take raincoats.

  • Winter 

The whole region is covered with snow and travelers specially visit here during winter visit to have fun with the snow .

Many sports are organized .local people perform their regional dance , songs and many igloos are there to be delighted.




Take morning train from Delhi to Dehradun .

You will arrive at afternoon and reach Mussoorie by road .

In evening go for a walk ,or explore mall ,venture .

Day2:Mussoorie-Pantwari(50kms/2hrs)-Nag Tibba

Reach pantwari by road .

From here ,trek to Nag Tibba will start .

Once you reach to Nag Tibba ,set up your camp where you can spend your night with glittering stars and pleasant moon light .Don’t forget  to  capture the beauty of the moon at the altitude of 3048 meter.

Day3:Nag Tibba 

3 km trek to Nag Tibba will start from here .

At the top it has a temple devoted to “Nag Devta”.

It is dwelling place for the snakes and Local people offer prayers to the snake because they believe that snakes protect their cattle.


Temple of Nag Devta 

Day4:Nag Tibba-Devalsari(16 kms/5-6hrs)

Have your breakfast and down to Devalsari village with packed launch .


Trek 8 km from Devalsari  to reach Thatyur.

Drive to Dehradun and catch the train to Delhi .

Know before you go

  • If you  are a beginner than it is highly recommended for you to grab this opportunity to explore this trek.
  • Before you actually set to go check the whether , tour operator, local authorities, road conditions.
  • Network signal at the peak is not available. 
  • You can find ATM at Mussorie.
  • Well you have to carry your own tents and arrange your accommodation .camping his the best .
  • Don’t forget to take proper clothes , trying shoes, water ,camera ,first aid , and money with you .
  • Nag tibba temperature is 14 to 22 degree day time and 6 to 14 at night, between September to December. 16 to 25 day time and 8 to 16 at night during other month .


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