Netgear Extender Setup Using WPS Method

How to install Netgear wi-fi range EX2700 With WPS

We will get to know about how to install/configure or make setup for the Netgear Wi-Fi Range Extender EX2700 With WPS Through MYWIFIEXT.NET

                             Manual Set up of Netgear EX2700 With

Tell bye to dead areas via Wi-Fi. Extended Wi-Fi coverage is only an outlet away from this critical version extender, simple, discreet and quick to mount. For handheld users, enhance the Wi-Fi and attach a wired computer such as Smart TVs or game consoles.

Position both the extender and the router in the same space and subsequently connect them into an electric wall socket after that.
 Always, make sure that the key router gets you an active and live internet link.
Tie your smart computer to the range extender after plugging in, and then open web  application on it.

Before typing the network, Wi-Fi Safe Configuration (WPS) helps you to access a secure Wi-Fi network.

NOTE: WPS does not help encryption for the WEP network

  1. Click the WPS button on the Netgear EX2700 setup extender’s side bar.

The LED of WPS blinks.

2. Click the WPS button on your router or connection point within two minutes.

3. The WPS LED, the Router Connection LED lights and the extender lights are strong green.

4. Links the Extender to the existing Wi-Fi network.

5. If the 5 GHz band is allowed by your Wi-Fi router, repeat the procedure 1 and 2 to link the extender through the range of 5 GHz.

6. Find the name of the latest Wi-Fi network link on your computer or your Wi-Fi system.

7. Link your device or Wi-Fi system to a new Wi-Fi network extender. Using the same Wi-Fi password for your Wi-Fi router you’re extender setup

8. Unplug the extender and shift it closer to the region with a weak Wi-Fi signal to a different location. The position you pick need to be within your current Wi-Fi router network radius.

9. Connect an electrical socket with the extender.

10. Wait for the Power Leading to change green and light amber.

11. Click the Power On/Off button on the side of the extender if the power LED does not light up.

12. To help you pick a position where the extender-to-router connection is best, use the Router Link LED on the front side.Netgear Wifi Range Extender

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