NFC-Enabled Smart Packaging – New Trend On The Packaging Block

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When it comes down to the latest stats, 90% of the smartphone owners tend to use their devices in the store for researching the products. This clearly deciphers that retailers and business owners will face tight and immense competition. The shoppers will not only be tempted by the competitors in the retail stores, but the competition from online stores is evident as well. We need to understand that customers are looking for elaborated information, along with personalized options. 

The younger generations of people tend to seek active engagement with the brand owners. This is why the new trend is available on the block since the fast-moving consumer brands are working on the NFC-enabled smart packaging. This packaging is an innovative way of connecting the customers to brand owners while optimizing engagement and understanding better purchase decisions. According to previous insights, smart packaging reached $39.7 billion marks in 2020. 

On the contrary, we must understand what is leading to a higher interest rate in this field and how it can benefit the brand owners for curating connection with the customers while shifting from the retail display boxes. So, let’s dig into the details and improve our packaging!

Benefits Associated With Retailers

When it comes down to the NFC tags, they are developed with the unique identifiers on a per-item basis, rather than product type. As a result, the retailers will be empowered to connect with the consumers on a personal level. The brands can even develop customer loyalty through the delivery of exclusive content, such as regular purchasing discounts, upsell, and cross-sell opportunities. 

According to the 4info research, the campaigns with promotions tend to offer 80% higher performance. For instance, if the customers get a discount on the item, the purchasing chances will increase. However, this personalized experience calls for customer identifications. This is because such information about customer likes and behaviors will empower the businesses to target the customers, resulting in a higher conversion rate. 

We need to understand that NFC is becoming a far more practical alternative to conventional QR codes and barcodes. To begin with, these tags are not only small and discrete, but they can be integrated beneath the packaging and labels without compromising brand identification. In addition, NFC has a higher resistance to cloning since there are unique IDs, resulting in proper authentication. 

Benefits Associated With Customers

Truth be told, we are living in a well-connected and fast-paced world. To begin with, 80% of smartphone users tend to have NFC readers in their hands, and it’s a seamless point that smart packaging is the real future. When it comes down to the customers, they will have ease of use, personalized yet interactive services, along with ethical data sourcing. 

In addition, the customers will have the coupons, and all of these beneficiary components can be accessed through smartphones. The best part is that such content has a scale of dynamics, and the customers will receive even-improved content pre- and post-the purchase. 


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