Obtain Ohio medical marijuana card with these steps

qualifying conditions for medical card in ohio

You may qualify for a medical marijuana card if you’re an Ohio resident with a medical condition. But to obtain and know qualifying conditions for medical card in ohio medical marijuana card requires meeting specific criteria. So it was indeed a day of celebration for the cannabis advocates when Ohio finally approved it. 

But it took some time for the medical marijuana program to become fully operational in the state. After it commenced in Ohio, patients with the qualifying conditions can gain a medical marijuana card and visit the dispensary for the same. 

If you suffer from one or more qualifying conditions, you can apply for a medical marijuana card without thinking much. Here are a few steps which will get you your medical marijuana card and unlock its benefits. 

Ohio medical marijuana card 

In Ohio, the state’s board of Pharmacy is responsible for issuing all the medical cannabis licenses and ID cards. Those residing in Ohio and are above 21 years of age can apply for a medical marijuana card. For minors, there is a different process altogether. Before applying for a medical marijuana card, make sure you have the following forms of valid ID like driver’s license, passport, and Ohio ID card. Here are the steps to take when applying for a medical marijuana card in Ohio. 

Steps to apply for a medical card 

Find a physician 

The doctors recommending you medical marijuana in Ohio must have a certificate to recommend and that too from the board. Besides this, all recommendations should come from the licensed physician. Also, you must have a good relationship with the physician. 

You need to look for marijuana-friendly physicians in the state on the official site of the state. All the doctors mentioned on the site have completed an extensive marijuana course and are board-certified physicians. Not only this, these physicians recommend medical marijuana for medicinal purposes. 

Irrespective of how you do it, you need to book an appointment with a physician. During your consultation, you’ll be asked questions concerning your medical history, and this, in turn, will determine if medical marijuana will suit you or not. It will be easy for you to receive a doctor’s recommendation if you have one qualifying condition. 

Know the qualifying conditions 

You must have one of the mentioned qualifying conditions for medical card in Ohio. Have a look at the qualifying conditions for medical marijuana: 




Chronic pain 



Hepatitis C

Spinal cord injury 

Multiple sclerosis 

Inflammatory bowel disease

Parkinson’s disease 


The conditions like anxiety and autism were removed from the list of qualifying conditions for medical card in Ohio by the state medical board of Ohio. 

Register yourself

Upon entering the registry, you’ll be notified by mail to log into your account. Here, you’ll need to pay the Ohio medical marijuana application fee to the pharmacy board. Along with this, you need to pay a hefty sum to the doctor also during your consultation. But those who are veterans could get a reduction in fees. 

Documents to carry 

Ensure to take your government-issued identification card and other medical records with you when you visit the doctor. Other accepted forms of identification include Ohio’s driver’s license, ID card issued by the Ohio government, and a valid passport. While completing the registration, you’ll be sent an email. 

You need to click on the email to access the registry and to create your password. Make sure that the information in your profile must be accurate. If you found some discrepancy in your credentials, you should contact your physician and ask them to rectify the error. After this, you need to pay the annual registration fee that is $50, and caregivers will be paying around $25. Those who are indigent patients or are veterans should not submit their payments for their registration fee unless their state gets approved for the same. 

Now, you are ready to download your card. You can either get it printed out or show the electronic version available on your cell phone when visiting the dispensary. 

Look for a marijuana dispensary 

When waiting to get the medical marijuana products at the dispensary, you need to present your ID proof. If the application is found to be inappropriate, then it will be returned to you. Contrary to it, if approved, then you’ll be added to the registry. Then, in around 2 weeks, you’ll get your medical marijuana card. 

Know the Ohio marijuana costs?

The board of PharmacyPharmacy will take $50 from you as a fee. If you appoint the caregiver, then it will cost you around $25. But keep in mind that the price of the consultation will vary from state to state. Usually, it is about $200 in a region. So if you are getting a marijuana card in Ohio, be ready to pay the high cost for the same as it is costly. 

The average price of an ounce was $471 in the first two months of the sales. But it fell by the end of the year to $442. Consequently, one of the most expensive states for medical marijuana remains none other than Ohio. 

Renewal of medical marijuana card 

All the medical marijuana cards in Ohio are valid for 1 year only. Before the expiry date on the ID card, the board of PharmacyPharmacy sends a notification to the cardholders within 45 days of the expiry. Every patient must submit the new application before the stated expiration date on the patient’s identification card. Before 30 days of the expiry, you can submit renewals, fees, and the other required documentation. Contrary to it, if you fail to renew a patient registration, it gets automatically suspended. 

How to get hold of medical marijuana?

A patient or their caregiver should purchase a minimum of one whole day of marijuana per transaction. The entire day unit includes one-tenth of an ounce, 110 mg of THC, 590 mg of THC, and 295 mg of THC. 

If you are wondering about the possession of medical marijuana, then a qualified patient can get up to 90 day supply of cannabis. But those patients who are excessively ill tend to have higher limits. So the 90 days recommendation gets split up into two periods. 

Eligibility for a medical marijuana card

Firstly, one must be above 18 years of age to apply for a medical marijuana card. If one is below 18 years and is a minor, he must be accompanied by a caregiver and a certificate from the physician. Secondly, one must be a legal resident of Ohio with valid proof of residency. Thirdly, the patient must diagnose with one of the other qualifying conditions to become eligible for the medical marijuana card. Lastly, the patient must have a certified Ohio Physician and get a letter of recommendation from him to avail of the medical marijuana card. 

If you have all these things with you, you can get a medical marijuana card and its treatment. You are fit to receive the marijuana card under the Ohio medical marijuana control program. 

Telemedicine for medical marijuana card 

Because of the covid-19 pandemic, the state medical board of Ohio decided to allow telehealth visits. Due to this, the physicians can use the CTR to use telemedicine and not in-person visits to make recommendations and renewals for medical marijuana cards. It is a more compassionate way to ensure that all patients have access to medical cannabis. Besides this, it protects the parents from being in touch with the coronavirus. 

Owing to a medical condition, many patients are not physically able to leave their homes or don’t feel comfortable. In addition, those people who live in rural areas find it inconvenient to drive to a doctor’s office. 

Opt for compassionate doctors 

Whether you are getting Ohio medical marijuana care for treating pain, PTSD, or any other condition, make sure you get certified medical marijuana doctors specializing in inpatient evaluations. Not only this, the physicians should be such that they should treat you with the compassion you deserve. No need to worry over the process as it is convenient, secure, and hassle-free. This paves the way for you to get approval quickly. 

You can book the telehealth appointment on the same day itself and get ahead with the first step to obtain your medical marijuana card and all this from the comfort of your home. 

Book a consultation with the physician 

Make sure to discuss your medical condition and treatment history with your doctor during the appointment. They highly recommend obtaining and submit the medical records before your visit supporting your qualifying conditions for medical care in Ohio. By doing so, the doctor can quickly assess your health condition and make way for him to determine the further course of medical marijuana treatment for you. If everything goes well during the consultation with the physician, you’ll accept for the same and get quick relief from your health condition. 

Wrapping up

Knowing the qualifying conditions for medical card in Ohio, one must not delay and apply for a medical marijuana card to unlock its incredible benefits. Contrary to it. If you are a minor, then follow the different procedures altogether for the same. 


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