When you go through your Instagram posts and find the celebrities promoting a product, you are aware they are charging a hefty fee for a single post they make, whether it is the Kardashian sisters, Dwayne’ The Rock Johnson, or Michael Phelps. They get millions of dollars from their sponsors for posting on Instagram because they are celebrities. But, it is not about their Instagram status and more about being the stars in their fields. So, if you think you cannot be a famous influencer like them, let’s help you think again.

Indeed, you won’t be able to command a million dollars for posting about a product from your sponsor by being a normal Instagrammer. However, that does not mean you cannot build an empire of your own, quit your day job and become a mini-celebrity by just working the proper ropes on Instagram and becoming a popular influencer.

However, we will take some off-route steps to establish that status as popular influencers.

  1. For Scaling Up Niche It Down

When you start working as an influencer and want to become famous, the key is finding the right niche. More or less, everyone will tell you how to find the niche for yourself, but very few will ask you to concentrate on finding a hyper-niche. By this, we mean creating content for a handful of people instead of targeting millions. It is worthwhile to find 50 to 100 faithful followers who are genuinely interested in your posts than millions who will just scroll through and not engage.

To become a famous influencer on Instagram, you need to start a conversation, which will then escalate to make your presence felt. Finding that narrow niche is vital, so instead of trying to dabble in everything niching it down is vital when creating content. It will pay you in the long run to build a foundation that is strong and easy to monetize later.

We know it means more hard work than if you have the liberty like Kylie Jenner.

  1. Build Your Momentum

You must have heard that regularly creating content for your Instagram account will help you become a popular figure in¬†influencer marketing.¬†Also, you need to have a few contents as a backup when you start so you don’t fail to post them. But we know it is difficult to find a topic or flex your creativity daily. It can be a bit overwhelming.

But when you are starting, set small goals for yourself. For example, if you plan to create a small video for your channel, don’t think of doing it daily. Instead, take a day to research, then a day to write down the things you want to show, and next, shoot the video and then next day edit it. Set small goals. You don’t have to do everything in one day because it will overwhelm you and run out of steam.

When you start practising, you will gradually find it easier to flex your creative muscles without getting tired. It will also help you become confident and develop momentum for your work, and who knows who will get the inertia to complete the entire project in a day. The key is never to give up.

  1. Use Data For Content

Just because creating content is a creative process does not mean you can neglect the much-needed data. You must use the data to develop your content to cut through the noise and mediocrity. If you are wondering how to use it, here are a few tips:

  • Understand the brand awareness based on the traffic you get
  • Get the number of leads you have based on the new signups, likes, share, and conversation the audience take part in.
  • Know your sales from the direct revenue you have from the posts

You can install Google Analytics to know how the content is performing on your channel. If you are dedicated to Instagram only, they, too, have the data analytic tools to use it.

You can also use the KPIs to evaluate your posts, which will give you a better insight into your work and the goals you set.

Based on these analytics and data, you can understand the trend and the issues or aspects of your posts that the audience like. Therefore, it will make it easier for you to connect with the audience by creating content in demand.

  1. Define Yourself With The Work You Are Proud Of

Understanding and using data is vital to being a successful influencer on Instagram. Based on your intuition, you can get no engagement at all. But it is also possible that when looking into the data and figures, you might see that only certain kinds of posts work best. Based on the metrics creating such posts can be tedious.

The last thing you want as a creator is to get into the rut of posting things that don’t excite you. So, we say let your curiosity be your guide. Balance your content based on data and analytics with creating content you enjoy. At times experimenting does pay off because even the audience might not be aware of the fact that they would enjoy such novelty content, which they didn’t expect from you.

Last but not least, as an added tip, learn to collaborate with other popular influencers. At times understanding the other influencers on Instagram who are within your niche or even outside and collaborating with them can pay off better than polishing your content-creating skills. In this day and age, having the contacts matter, so build your contacts and have an email list that will offer security to your creative career.

Final Words

Now that you have an idea of how to be a famous influencer on Instagram and other social media platforms, you want to collaborate. The place where you will find the right brands and influencers like you is Afluencer. Find the right fit and take your steps to be a celebrity influencer.


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