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Uninterruptable Power Supply, commonly known as Online UPS, are powerful electrical devices that comprise a distributor and a battery. These power sources are used to avoid sudden power cuts in the major source to keep the susceptible equipment safe and to continue the electric supply. Do you know who completed the manufacturing of the first-ever UPS? I guess no, not to worry; here is the answer for you. Jon Hanley completed the manufacturing of the first-ever UPS in 1934.  

However, after the first-ever invention, UPS was upgraded and made better after decades. Today, AI optimized, technologically advanced, and more efficient UPS are available and beneficial for sophisticated electrical devices. UPS is now are being used in industries, houses and offices. This online UPS is an electrical device that ensures no harm is done during the instant power cutouts in the main supply. With time flying by, the on-battery has also enhanced immensely. Instead of a few minutes now, the Online UPS can keep the unceasing flow of electricity for hours. However, depending on the UPS and battery, power may diverge. 

Working of an Online UPS

UPS mainly comprises two pieces of hardware interconnected. However, technically we can say that UPS comprises 4 major components. The ideal component is the inverter that adapts the input AC to DC. Along with the power refinement, it is accountable for charging the battery. 

The second and most vital component is the battery itself, which acts as the secondary power supply when the major fails or is disturbed.

The third component is the inverter and is said to be the partner of the rectifier. The reversed gathers the DC from the battery and the rectifier and covers it back to the AC. And this is what powers up everything. 

The final constituent is the stationary bypass switch. The bypass switch is the protector of the online UPS itself. Hence, the UPS fails, the bypass switch is activated, and the power load is associated with the main power supply. This means the bypass switch takes the inverter, rectifier, and battery out of the calculation to evade any supplementary harm.

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Furthermore, some of the latest technologies comprising Online UPS are proof of our research, experience, and innovation in the sector. We provide the best online UPS; hence if you are looking for 30 KVA Online UPS or others, don’t go beyond Nexus UPS. With over 30 years of experience in this power conditioning sector, we are one of the most reliable and most trusted brand in India. Take Back Home


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