It cannot be denied that creating an attractive and beautiful backyard or a garden is one of the difficult tasks. However, once it is done, the house looks so appealing and charming. It does not matter if it is just a little project for porch, balcony, backyard or front yard; decorating it changes the way a house feels and looks.

Creating a beautiful porch or decorating a balcony makes your home more attractive and comfortable, improves the mood of inhabitants and lifts their spirits. Flowers and plants are not only ecofriendly but perfect for yard decorations, and elegant exterior décor. They connect the home interiors to the nature creating lovely outdoor places.

Similarly blooming planters and flower beds are associated with prosperity and harmony; while the flowers and the green plants look cheerful and peaceful. You can place them anywhere to add to the stylish and relaxing accents to yard decorations and exterior designs of your house.

Underlined is a list of outdoor plants that can be used to enhance the beauty of your exterior of house.

Hydrangea: These are among the shrubs and last from early summer season to fall. They are really colorful and add to the overall look of the place wherever you will be keeping them. However they need shade when it is full sun.

Cuphea: These are y-tubular flowers bright orange in color. These are considered to be the pollinators. They need plenty of space to grow and need full sun.

Lavender: These are one of the hardy plants having deep purple and blue flowers along with silver foliage. They are known to create romantic charm around them as they smell amazing. Keep these flowers near the seating areas so that you may run your hands on the flowers to release their fragrance. They also need full sun.

Canna lily: This is one of the old fashioned flower with large leaves and striking flowers. The plant needs full sun and hence can be a great addition to your outdoor décor.

Strawberry: Why not you should have an edible plant to your garden? Strawberries are nothing lesser than little jewels of berries sparkling on the greenery mounds. Keep them up high to provide protection against the chipmunks of your garden as well as other rodents.

Mandevilla: These are trumpet shaped white or pink flowers on vines climbing up the trellis being provided to them. They usually need sun however when it is the hottest part of the day, they would prefer some shade.

Chrysanthemum: These flowers look great with the pumpkins and autumn’s gourds giving perfect seasonal look to your outdoor area. They also need full sun.

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