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Suppose you are looking for more information about a legal matter. In this case, whether private or business, you need to find a professional lawyer you can trust to give you clear and accurate advice and guidance. To get the right information and help, it is always advisable to find a specialist lawyer and have a relevant understanding of the area you need for legal advice.

What is a physical disability?

Injuries do not always show up as a bruise or damaged bone; the words “injury” define many other disadvantages that you may encounter in everyday life.
That’s why our requirements lawyers are experienced in dealing with everything from slips and trips to industrial conditions. If the bodily injury was caused by someone else, you can often claim compensation for the injuries caused. Most of our claims are made without profit, without compensation.

If you have suffered a bodily injury or have fallen ill, you may be entitled to compensation. It doesn’t matter if you are in the UK or abroad, at work or in a public place. Our accident lawyers are here to help. Contact Slater and Gordon to file a complaint for personal injury, no profit, no compensation agreement.

What kind of personal injury can I claim?

The following list lists some of the most common causes of injuries that Slater and Gordon deal with on a daily basis. If you are not harmed by your own fault, please contact us or click on the icons below to find out how we can help you depending on the type of injury.

How much is my injury report worth?

There is no single size category for personal injury.

Each personal injury claim is different, so the final amount you will receive will depend on a number of factors, including the severity of the injuries and other damages you will have to claim, such as loss of income. Click here to find out what you can claim.

We handle a large part of the compensation cases on a no-win-no-fee basis. We often ask for interim payments wherever possible to avoid difficulties caused by injuries or illnesses that are not our fault.

What is the No Win No Fee requirement?

If you are injured and someone else has been prosecuted, you have the right to demand compensation without financial risk to you. For this reason, we process the vast majority of personal injury claims without profit and payment, so you can claim legal compensation without taking financial risks.

Read more about our No Win No Fee requirements.

Talk to a personal injury lawyer.
Claims for damages are a fairly specialized field of law, so it makes sense to deal with lawyers who have extensive experience and experience in successful claims for damages.

If you are injured, you need lawyers with whom you can talk and whom you can trust. Our personal injury lawyers in London are proud of our more than 90 years of experience in our own company and many victories. Instead, listen to what some of our valued customers are saying about us.

Contact us on 0208 782 3776 or online here for a claim.


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