Kerala Honeymoon Packages
Kerala Honeymoon Packages


This is a different sort of thing than many other places on honeymoon in Kerala. There is no complete peace, but only a fair piece of serenity and a thrill. This is Kerala’s commercial capital, which also means that you have amazing connectivity and stay options that will well spoil you. Those towns’ temples and churches are ancient magic with ancient charm. This is Kochi’s mainland and its name is also given to the District of Ernakulam. The Grand Hotel in Ernakulam City is a mid-size hotel with a touch of Kerala, a warm and spacious place to stay. The wooden floors add to the exquisite interiors of the room. Delicacies of Karimea are served in the in-house restaurant. Besides, you can also taste Chinese and mainland varieties.



Kollam is one of the most romantic locations in Kerala, the hub of India’s cashew trade. This port city on the coast of Malabar has been praised by international visitors such as Ibn Battuta and Marco Polo. This is also the gateway to Kerala, as much of the town is covered by the beautiful lake of Ashtamudi. Pais here, from beaches, waterfalls or lakes to architecture monuments, have a lot to explore. This beach property is a must stay with 95 sea-facing rooms in Kollam if you are on a sunset. This 5-star hotel offers a luxurious experience and unbeatable rates. The hotel has an extra suite for honeymooners (Honeymoon Suites) with unbelievable views of the setting and the sunrise. If you like, you can both choose the hotel tours. Tours lead you to Lake Ashtamudi, Munroe Island and the beaches of Kollam.



Kerala, Palakkad, and Palghat are the granaries that attracts thousands of exuberant landscapes, wild river banks, and the western hills of Ghats. Not only that, while touring its famous landmarks like Palakkad Fort and the Temple Jainimedu, you will witness the rich heritage. This is one of the most lovely honeymoon places in Kerala!


Anaikatti is a highly recommended honeymoon property for people coming to Palakkad. In the midst of cocoa trees, the Pine Wood cottages burn the dreamy tropical atmosphere. The property offers all imaginable luxury amenities – from the pool to the spa and gym. Do not be disappointed if you are looking for some activities, because the property allows you to enjoy water polo, water sports, and mini-golf.



You can choose Pathiramanal Island for your romantic vacation, when you are looking for the best destinations of honeymoons. This little island is a heavenly residence for livers, with picturesque views. The best thing is that only by boat can this place be reached, so no other human can disturb you except the rower. It is one of the incredible places where you can break the monotony and relax in the greenery.



Kuttanad is one of the best honeymoons in Kerala, India. It extends over a distance of 75 km. The place is ideal for couples who want to relax in the midst of nature and relax. Spend some time on houseboats in quality with each other. The scenery is amazing from the boat. After all, one reason for tourism’s prosperity is the backwaters of Kerala.



Kokhi is also a must-see honeymoon destination in Kerala that deals with the peaceful views of the blue water, also known as the ‘Queen of the Arabian Sea’ This celestial dwelling place is perfect for relaxing in the nature, away from the bustle of the city. Resort to one of your beloved beaches and walk while you enjoy the changeable sky at sunset.


If you are the sort of couple who want to go to a retreat instead of toilet, then you should explore Idukki district, where more than half are covered by woodland, in the nature-rich areas of Kerala. Imagine walking in green green in cool weather with your wife. Right now don’t feel like going? So, make sure you check out your luncheon in Kerala for this place.



Unheard, the small coastal town of Kerala is a true fusion of cultures and religions. The city is located in Kerala. It has pristine beaches, beautiful backwaters, golden temples and lofty hills, making it the perfect destination for lunches. Make sure you take this into account in your romantic Kerala list of places.


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