PEMF Machine

PEMF Machine

PEMF Machine (Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field) therapy is a new, natural therapy that is widespread in North America, although it is common in the USA.

The Proven Benefits of Pemf Therapy Include:

Less pain
Improve sleep
Improve circulation
Repair nerve
Help with wound healing
Increased immunity.

Build Stronger Bones

PEMF is used by more than 400,000 people and 4,000 athletes in Europe and is currently used by many athletes and celebrities such as Shaquille O’Neal, Terrell Owens, Lance Armstrong, Muhammad Ali, Roger Moore, Peter Sellers, and many others.

7 Tips You Should Know Before Buying a PEMF Therapy Device

Tip # 1: Make sure to wear a jacket. You will be disappointed by the cheaper devices that offer topical treatment only, and companies that sell whole mats often come up with local applications. The real benefit lies in the whole body treatment: the MRS 2000, Bemer 3000, QRS Quantron, Magno-pro, and Curatron are the best machines selling a full-body PEMF.

Tip # 2: It is very important to only use low-intensity machines between 0 and 50 uT (micro Tesla). All leading companies (MRS 2000, QRS Quantron, and Bemer 3000) find that a lower intensity works. Better than a stronger concentration Here, more than that is not better. In fact, it is the opposite. Fewer field strengths worked better in clinical studies.

Tip 3: try to find a device with a frequency close to nature. The optimal frequency range is approximately 0.5 to 15 Hz. Naturally generates pulsed magnetic frequencies in this range (eg Schumann frequency, 7.83, 14.2 Hz, and end frequency 11.2 Hz). Brainwaves are in this range from 5 (delta) to 15 (beta). high) Hz.

Tip # 4: It’s important for the PEMF to reverse polarity every few minutes. This is important because the body adapts to the constant north or south pole.

Tip # 5: Make sure the machine has a good warranty. I recommend looking for a machine with a minimum of 3 years warranty. These devices are very expensive and sensitive, so make sure you have them covered.

Tip 6: Check if you can get support after purchase. Everyone is different, and you may need a little help to make sure you get the most out of the machine.

Tip # 7: Look for a PEMF with a Chinese organ clock, or at least one that adjusts for different times of the day. For example, you want to charge in the morning. But at night it always keeps you awake. In the evening you want to relax. Most machines don’t have this option so it’s important to ask.

PEMF Machine

Pemf Therapy – Discover the Secret to Recharging Your Health

Just as living fish move and exist in water, we as humans live in the ocean with a pulsating magnetic field on this planet. You may know that the Earth emits a magnetic field. But you may not realize that this magnetic field changes over time and has a very precise frequency and intensity that drives all life on this planet.

The pulsed electromagnetic field of this Earth is more than just a simple directional guide for birds, bees, and PEMF Machine, it is a catalyst, the spark of all biochemical reactions that take place in life forms.

In this article, the author will introduce you to a brief discovery of why, while we humans need these pulsating magnetic fields, not only But only for good health But still alive!

The first evidence of the critical importance of these terrestrial pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMFs) was discovered at the first space launch. The Russian won the space race and Yuri Gagarin, and his historic launch into space lasted only 1 hour and 48 minutes once it orbited the Earth and returned.

Without Earth’s magnetic pulses during this short period, Yuri returned from space with depression, bone loss, muscle deterioration, reduced metabolism, and reduced perception. (All this only takes 1 hour and 48 minutes)

Due to aviation history, field studies are zero. (An experiment conducted in a chamber made of Miu metal that blocks all of Earth’s magnetic fields) confirmed that if living cells weren’t exposed to Earth’s pulsed magnetic field, they would die within an hour.

Not a month, week, or day of the hour. So this is important from this article: PEMF (pulsating electromagnetic field) is an essential element for health, as well as food, water, oxygen, and sleep. In fact, you can live longer without food and water than without magnetic vibrations.

Why do we need Earth’s magnetic pulses? It turns out that our atoms, cells, organs, tissues, and bodies are electrified. We are electromagnets If you don’t believe me go to the hospital, you will find MRI, cat scan, EKG (electrocardiogram), EEG (electroencephalograms, EMG (electromyograms), NVI (nerve conduction velocity), X-rays, ultrasound, etc. My point is that these devices measure different electrical properties of the body.

Also in the alternative community are Kirlian imaging, gas discharge visualization (GDV), electromagnetic interstitial scanning, meridian and biofeedback devices, etc., etc. My point again is that the human body is electrical!

Okay, let me ask you a question. Why haven’t you ever heard of heart cancer? Most people said Interesting. It turns out that your heart cells are the vast majority of the electrical cells in your body, with PEMF Machine voltages of 120 millivolts or more. It’s actually quite simple: the 70 trillion cells in your body are like tiny batteries, with the most powerful heart cells.

While you can’t get other cells up to 120 millivolts, you can increase the voltage to 110 millivolts (people with cancer have a voltage of 30-40 millivolts or less).

So how do we increase the voltage or “charge” on the cell? (Remember that tension is just stored energy)? The answer is very simple, using terrestrial pulsed electromagnetic frequency!

The new science of PEMF therapy has been developed using state-of-the-art PEMF devices developed because there is no Earth-based magnetic resonance or PEMF stimulation.

We need more of these devices than ever before, as our Earth’s magnetic fields weaken, we spend too much time indoors and in isolation from them, and finally because we are bombarded by smog, electricity, and magnetic pollution. Too much electricity

In the coming years, this author believes that PEMF devices will be standard in every household, as has been standard in every room released into space since Yuri Gagarin’s accidental discovery to humanity.


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