A tree made of gemstones is consider to be the most significant tool for healing in Feng Shui. In one kind of gem nugget, one can find a gemstone tree that has eminent value in Feng Shui. The gemstones used in a tree have a powerful effect on the surrounding aura, and the color energies work in the direction prescribed to draw luck and abundance.

In today’s world, there is a wide variety of gems that are utilize to make different types of trees based on the color of the gem nuggets and the specific purpose of the tree. Among the gem trees, we can find amethyst, agate, and fossils, as well as the mother of pearl and coral.

According to the eminence and healing properties of gemstones, each nugget holds the ability to stimulate a specific chakra and heal a specific part of the body. Since ancient times, Citrine has been thought to attract abundance and opulence in life. The feng shui tree made up of citrine gem nuggets should be place in the South-East (an area of wealth) to attract affluence in your life.

To achieve and maintain sound health, the masses should use the Jade gemstone tree. It also roots out the illness from the surrounding area or home completely. The green energy of jade brings prosperity as well as helps to endure the moments to the fullest. The gemstone tree made from rose quartz is kept in the South-West direction in order to deal with emotional matters.

In some cases, the tree of colorful gemstones is use to raise the creative skills of the individual as well as aid in the rational development of kids. Gemstones have the authority along with the persuasive qualities to unlock a person’s hidden abilities.

Through the inclusion of powerful gemstones, the tree also represents stability and growth in life. Thus adding meaning and healing to the overall body. Healing the wounded emotions and strengthening the emotional heart is crucial for coping with life’s ups and downs. It also affects the rational and physical torso. This brings about a life that is calm and each path is tranquil.

Chinese coins are add to provide profusion in the life phase by placing stones like leaves on the trees to bring opulence to life in combination with the gem nuggets. It is also associate with positivity that caters to hopefulness. When using Chinese coins for the gem tree, the number 8 or 9 should use. As these are consider auspicious numbers in the Chinese tradition. According to Feng Shui, the numbers 8 and 9 have alluring properties that bear positive fruits and make living a delight.

There is also speculation that the tree must be laden with fruits or flowers containing gems to attract positive vibes and create a peaceful aura.

Apple berries (apple color gems) bring peace, peach berries bring health, and peony flowers bring sensational love.

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