RNI Registration: If planning to start a newspaper in India

rni registration

Internet has made it impossible for us to escape the news. While it’s not bad that you’re informed at all times, most of what is being said online is fake. Seeing that, many have started wondering if newspapers should be the exclusive deliverers of news. It has created a sudden rise in the demand of newspapers, because people are not looking for opinions, they are looking for unbiased facts. Are you capable of being unbiased in your news? If you are, we invite you to get RNI registration.

What is RNI registration?

The Registrar of Newspapers of India, in a bid to make sure that only the serious publishers get to provide news to the masses, started providing RNI registration. Simply put, RNI online registration or RNI registration is the authorization to start a newspaper in India. The Registrar of Newspaper in India, along with overseeing the process of registration, also maintains the registry that contains the names of newspapers that are currently in circulation in India.

Is RNI registration applicable on online news portal?

Before 2019, anyone could just get out and start a free online news portal, But we are now living in an age of enlightenment, where information has to be filtered before can be shown to the people. That’s why, RNI registration for online news portal has become a necessity. We can debate the ethics of such move later. For now, just realize that if you’re running a news portal, and you don’t want it be regarded  “Fake news”, you should get the RNI registration certificate.

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How can one apply for RNI registration?

To apply for RNI registration certificate, it is a simple matter of filing the online application. However, following are the steps to keep in mind as you file the application:

  1. The first task is to get approval for the title: Without a title, your newspaper cannot see the light of day. The title of your newspaper should be relevant and should have a meaning. Additionally, it should also be unique. Once you’ve gotten all these aspects covered, you can file the application of RNI title registration in the following manner:
    1. Enter the title of the newspaper, and in the section adjacent to it, enter the meaning of the title.
    2. Furnish all the required details, and finish the online process by paying the  registration fees.
    3. After filing the online application, move your attention to the offline mode. Download the application you’ve filed. Get the copies of the documents you’ve uploaded. And, submit them all to the DM, JCM or SCM of your region.
    4. If your application is approved at the office of those government bodies, your Title will be verified.
  2. The second task is to get approval for the portal: After obtaining the RNI title verification letter, file a declaration that you’ve received it. It’s the pre-requisite to get approval for the publication.
    1. Submit the declaration at the office of DM, JCM or SCM to get the declaration authenticated.
    2. After receiving the authentication, publish your first newspaper copy as per the timeline.
    3. If the copy is approved, you’ll get the RNI certificate.

Documents required to get RNI certificate

Let’s now discuss the documents needed to get approval for the title of the newspaper and the content of the newspapers:

  1. For getting the title approved:
    1. Identification proof of the applicant
    2. Address proof of the applicant
    3. Trademark registration certificate of the title
  2. For getting the content approved
    1. Title verification letter (authenticated)
    2. Fist copy of the content


If you’re planning to start a newspaper in India, you need the RNI registration. And if you’re planning to easily acquire the RNI registration, you need the RNI registration agent. We can provide them to you.

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