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Pune is wonderful in and of itself; it is vibrant, enjoyable, romantic, and breathtaking. Pune is a perfect place for the adage “romance is in the air.” There are several romantic locations in Pune that captivate couples as fires draw moths. These locations are full of imaginative settings that inspire romance and desire. Have you been to any of the places we’ve shortlisted? If not, begin removing them from your list right now. Pune, a serene location in Maharashtra, is regarded as one of India’s most livable cities because of its cosmopolitan atmosphere, laid-back way of life, and temperate climate. While Pune has many interesting places to see and discover, the following are some of the most romantic spots for lovers to rekindle their passion and spend quality time together. Book cab service in Pune traveling to all these places. 

Romantic Places In Pune And Around

These couples destinations in Pune provide all that the tourist is looking for, whether it be for a day trip or a romantic getaway. You can go exploring with your companion in reservoirs, ruins, restaurants, hill towns, and so much more. Outstation taxi service is the best for covering all these places. We uncover only a handful of the romantic retreats in Pune while compiling a list of places to visit in Pune for couples, among many others: 


It goes without saying that Lonavala is the ideal location for couples in Pune. But if you’re new to the area, Lonavala should be mentioned as one of the most beautiful and romantic locations close to Pune. Its lush surroundings and warm weather all year round are ideal for a date in the great outdoors. Here, showers don’t just fall during the monsoons. Regular gentle drizzle creates the ideal atmosphere for a romantic getaway. Couples from all around Maharashtra come here for its quiet and soul-satisfying beauty. The clouds that interrupt your date turn out to be a sign of good things to come. One of Pune’s greatest hangout spots, it.

Things to do:

Enjoy a picnic in Lonavala’s breathtaking surroundings with your significant other; take a bike trip to fully experience the wonders of nature; take in the eye-soothing scenery; visit an orchard to taste the sweetness of just-picked fruits; dance in the erratic rains; and relax on gloomy sunlit days.

How to get there

Pune and Lonavala are separated by about 66 kilometres. The only method to travel this distance is by using the roads. From Pune to Lonavala and the other way around, there are lots of public buses and taxi service available.


Yes, the artificial hill station is the ideal getaway for couples near Pune. It is no accident that it bears a striking similarity to a riverside English town. It has been guaranteed by the station’s architects and designers. Lavasa’s mystique is enhanced by picturesque hills, tall fountains, musical lights, quaint cafés, tiny bistros, and bridges across the lake. Lavasa offers lodging options for all types of travellers, from luxury resorts to cheap lodging. There aren’t many places in Pune where couples can kiss.

Things to do:

Take a morning stroll along the embankment to take in the sunrise; eat delicious fare from a variety of eateries and bistros; and bring a bottle of wine or spritzer for a romantic evening with your significant other.

How to get there

Similar to Lonavala, there are no aircraft or trains from Pune to Lavasa. If one is seeking for inexpensive ways to get to the city, one can take the public buses that run often. In addition to using a bus, one can travel the necessary distance by using a public taxi or a private cab.


It is one of the top destinations in Pune for a date. Lohagad, one of the greenest and most visually appealing locales in the neighbourhood, is among the most romantic places in Pune for couples. On our list of romantic spots in Pune, Lohagad Fort stands out with its stunning surrounds and ancient ruins. Here, surrounded by nature, you can discover some much-needed solace with your significant other. From the summit, take in the vistas and record the moments with your camera. The stunning, ethereal lake at the summit is a whole other tale. The lake, one of the greatest places for couples in Pune, is the ideal place to lay down and take in the beauties of Mother Nature. It is surrounded by lush foliage and some of the most breathtaking views.

Things to do:

With your spouse, climb to the top of the fort and take in the view. The enjoyment of travelling together is unparalleled. To make it more memorable, take in the surroundings and engage in a game of tag for two. Share junk food while squabbling over the final potato crisp. Simply put, do whatever you do from a place of love, and everything else will fall into place for you.

How to get there

Lohagad, which is located around 60 kilometres from Pune, is fairly accessible and the most affordable way to travel there is by train. The MalavliStation, which is about 6 kilometres away from Lohagad, is the closest station. To go to Lohagad, one can take a local railway that links to Pune. In addition to this, one can rent a bike or a cab to enjoy the picturesque drive from Pune.


One of the best locations in Pune for couples allows you to write your own love tale while being surrounded by the remains of a very rich past. Enjoy spending time with your significant other while taking in the sights from the fort’s summit. Many couples now use a few little haunts that served as watch stations as their own spaces. Couples visit Sinhagad just as much as history buffs do. The peaceful settings are truly captivating and can ease even the most troubled of relationships.

Things to do:

Sinhagad Fort is the spot for you if your partner shares your sense of adventure. Trek to the top of the fort while exchanging life stories; take in the peace of the area while savouring the friendly stillness; and take selfies with your sweetheart while engaging in this private activity.

How to get there

Sinhagad, which is 30 kilometres from Pune, has excellent road access to the city. Buses or cabs make the 30- to 60-minute trip quite simple to complete. From the Pune Bus Stand, one can either take a public bus or one of the easily accessible deluxe buses.


Hadshi’s stunning scenery is what draws most visitors. Hadshi, which is actually an ashram near Lonavala, is one of the most romantic destinations nearby Pune for couples to visit in unusual circumstances. Even though you are unable to embrace or kiss each other, the tranquilly of the setting will ensure that your love is deepened. On the picnic benches, you can converse with one another about your worries and pleasures. Here, a date to get to know one another can be had without too many problems.

Things to do:

Sit on the bare grass and spend a tranquil day while enjoying the time of your life with your partner. Admire the simplicity of the ashram’s beauty as you take it all in. Stroll through the gardens and take in the sights.

How to get there

Between Pune to Hadshi, a distance of 43 kilometres, it takes about 2 hours to go. This location is well connected to Pune via interstates, therefore one can take a public cab or rent a private automobile to commute by road.


Shaniwarda Fort, which was featured in the critically acclaimed 2015 period drama Bajirao Mastani, is regarded as one of the greatest spots in Pune for couples. Since the release of the film, Shaniwarda Fort has attracted 10 times as much attention. The movie accurately depicted the palace/beauty. fort’s The architectural marvel has demonstrated its value as one of the top things to do in Pune with its lush surroundings. It is one of the most romantic gardens in Pune for couples because of the lovely fountains and well-kept grass that exude an air of romance and mystery. The fort palace gains character from the ruins and its now well-known past. One of Pune’s top spots for couples who are lonely is here.

Things to do:

Discover the fort’s ruins with your soul mate; savour this architectural wonder’s splendour while being with your spouse; spend some alone time with your lover on the fort’s immaculate grounds; and reenact your favourite movie scenes.

How to get there

Once in the city, one may easily travel to this location, which is located in the centre of Pune, through cars, taxis, and buses.

Mulshi Dam

This is the best location for couples looking for romantic getaways close to Pune. Mulshi Dam, a romantic destination for couples near Pune and one of the best weekend getaways around, is tucked away in a thriving neighbourhood. Here, all you need for a terrific day is some lush vegetation, moving water, good weather, and a great partner. Mulshi Lake is becoming a popular new location for picnics. Bring a picnic lunch and some board games for two so you may enjoy your partner’s company in this lush setting.

Things to do:

Shoot your favourite books along and enjoy a quiet, private reading while lying on the picnic benches. Don’t forget to take pictures with the exotic migratory birds in the background. Have a picnic with your significant other on the expansive meadows. Go boating on the lake when the water is calm.

How to get there

From Pune, it takes around an hour to get to Mulshi Dam. Roadways are the only means of transportation to this location. To get to the Dam, one can either drive their own vehicle or call a cab.

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