romantic shayari Best romantic shayari written 2021

romantic shayari
romantic shayari

romantic shayari Best romantic shayari written

sad shayari
Love Shayari & love quotes in hindi: If you truly love someone and want to share Hindi Love Shayari to your boyfriend or girlfriend on Whatsapp or Facebook then read this article with full of Love Shayari and Love Shayari in Hindi and select your best Hindi Love Shayari. Sometimes you can try our Love SMS in English collection if your girlfriend is bored of hearing Shayari on love. So, read our love Shayari in Hindi for Facebook or Shayari image. Now, we are going to share the best ever Hindi Love Shayari. If you like these Love SMS in Hindi then don’t forget to share this special collection of Hindi Love Shayari on Facebook, Whatsapp, and other social platforms. These love Shayari is for everybody who is in love with someone.

romantic shayari
henever your girlfriend gets angry share these Hindi Love quotes to convince her and whenever she gets emotional they try to express your emotions in the form of Sad Shayari. Love Shayari brings your soul and mind in one place if you try to understand the Shayari on love properly. After we shared the collection of Good Night Shayari and Birthday Shayari, our site readers really liked it and shared our collection in huge numbers so, now we are Sharing Romantic Love Shayari collection and we hope that our readers like this too! Here you will get all types of Love SMS, Love Shayari in Hindi for girlfriend and Boyfriend. Ok now enjoy the Love Shayari collections and share with your love.

romantic shayari Best romantic shayari written

Romantic Shayari – Best Shayari in Hindi
Best Shayari of Pyaar Mahobat |
Love Shayari | romantic poetry
Love Romantic Shayari | Dil Shayari |
romantic shayari
Romantic Shayari – Best Shayari in Hindi

It was the first meeting and both of us were helpless,
they could not handle their socks and we were ourselves..!

Whenever you meet me, raise your eyes and meet me ,
I like to see myself in your eyes ..!

motivational quotes in hindi

romantic shayari
I can call him the moon,
it is possible, but people see
him all night long, I don’t mind
it..!romantic shayari

Like a fragrance in my every breath, promise to be your love,
As much as the colors of your love, promise to decorate my heart,

Best Shayari
Let the desperate desires remain tight,
Let the urge to reach the destination,
Whether you want to stay out of sight,
But let me have a glimpse of you in my eyes,

shayari on milan
People are burning with the love of two lovers,
people are doing strange things,
Whenever the moon and the sun are meeting,
So people are calling it eclipse too,

love shayari
Every moment a scene passes,
When someone of yours becomes a begana,
You hear a lot of breaking glass,
But sometimes without sound, a lot breaks,

romantic shayari Best romantic shayari writtenRomantic love shayari in english, Best romantic shayari written

How much more can I bring you closer than this,
That even keeping you in my heart does not fill my heart.

Whenever my heart has asked for a prayer,
Have asked you for your wafa,romantic shayari
Seeing the #mohabbat, the world got angry,
That Adda has asked for your love.

Reality is not right, you meet as a dream,
Meet the wandering traveler as a moonlit night.

romantic shayari

We have crossed the limits of our power,
Wish you had crossed the limits of love,
The love of roses has awakened in your heart,
When the limit of Mausam-e-Bahar passed.

romantic shayari

Your talk is long, arguments are excuses
Our talk is so much that you are our life..!!

Sometimes I forget words, sometimes I forget things,
I want you so much that I forget my caste,
Whenever I get up from you, whatever I walk,
While leaving, I forget myself near you.

I want to live in your memory now
If you have permission to do something..!

romantic shayari

Somehow you start love,
Fill the feeling of love in my life,
Hide and see us from afar,
Pass closely and ignore.

You touched my soul, something like this
That for centuries she became your slave..!!

romantic shayari

Whatever is in the heart, let it come to the lips,
Let me get lost in the waves of emotions
I am used to your eyes,
Let your eyes drown in the ocean.

Best romantic shayari writtenRomantic love shayari

You yourself joined in my breath,
If we did by thinking then we would not have fallen in love again.

romantic shayari
Ehsaas is written in the form of Alphas,
Here water is written as thirst,
My feelings are known to me, my pen is also known,
If I write love, your name is written.

I will miss you in my heart
Will leave a line of waiting in my eyes!!

Whoever plays with birth,
You get tied up like this,
May I become a loving heart,
You become the heartbeat.romantic shayari

Life has passed by being loyal to unfaithful
I am raining like heavy rain..!!

.Let your beloved make.a home in your heart,
Let me fall asleep in the.shadow of your swirls,
LeT the fragrance breath enter my breath,
Let your heart tell the secrets of my heart.

I miss you immenselyromantic shayari
In your spare time, you don’t get any time from your memory..!!

You have to say the things of the heart today,
We have to stay in your heart as a heartbeat,
Do not stop anywhere, this is my breath,
That’s why we have to live with you every moment.

Don’t ask how much love I have hurt
If you think about them, it fills my heart

You stole my every moment,
You saw a dream in your eyes,
Someone else gave us life,
But you taught me to live in love.

love shayari in english, Best romantic shayari written

You are the medicine for every pain,romantic shayari

You are my one returned prayer, whatever you asked till today.

I never want to meet you,

Because the one who stays with you all the time is you.

Love quotes for her romantic shayari

Many more people would like me,

But I am in love only with my love.

Shayari Loveromantic shayari

You are neither getting the whole nor are you losing,

You are getting more interesting day by day.

Shayari on Love romantic shayari

Jana kaha tha aur kaha aa gaye,

Duniya me bankar mehman aa gaye,

Abhi to PYAAR ki kitaab kholi hi thi,

Aur na jane kitne imtehaan aa gaye.

Koi Achchi Si Saza Do Mujhko,
Chalo Aisa Karo Rula Do Mujhe,
Tumhein Bhulun To Maut Aa Jaye,
Dil Ki Gehrai Se Yeh Dua Do Mujhko.

True love quotes in hindi
Yaadon Me Humari Aap Bhi Khoye Honge,

Khuli Aankho Se Kabhi Aap Bhi Soye Honge,
Mana Hasna Hain Adaa Gam Chhupane Ki,
Par Haste Haste Kabhi Aap Bhi Roye Honge.

Love shayari in english for girlfriend

Dil Ki Kitab Me Gulab Unka Tha
Raat Ki Neendo Me Khwab Unka Tha,
Kitna Pyar Karte Ho Jab Maine Pucha,romantic shayari

Mar Jaynge Tere Bina Ye Jawab Unka Tha.
Love quotes for husband
There should not be any immature in the world like me,
By doing what love says, don’t even harm.

Do not get a chance to meet everyday,
That’s why I touched you with words.romantic shayari

Hindi Love status for girlfriend
Till when will he refuse to be mine,romantic shayari

Breaking himself, he will love me one day,
Will burn her so much in the fire of love,
That he will express to me all-market.

We could not know my first love,
What is love, we can not recognize,
We have settled them in our heart so much that,
He could not take them out

of his heart whenever he wanted

shayari in english for girlfriend romantic shayari

Iss Lafze-Mohabbat Ka Itna Sa Fasaana Hai,
Simte To Dile-Aashiq Faile Toh Zamana Hai,
Yeh Ishq Nahi Aasaan Itna Toh Samajh Leeje,
Ek Aag Ka Dariya Hai Aur Doob Ke Jaana Hai.

Love Shayari romantic shayari
Mohabbat Ki Zanjeer Se Dar Lagta Hai
Kuch Apni Taqdeer Se Dar Lagta Hai
Jo Mujhe Tujh Se Juda Karti Hai,
Haath Ki Uss Lakeer Se Dar Lagta hai..

There is no room for misunderstanding in true love
Where the character is light, the story sinks.

Love status

Tera naam hi ye dil ratta hai,
Na jane tum pe ye dil kyu marta hai,
Nasha hai tere pyar ka itna,
Ki tere hi yaad mein ye din katta hai.

Apne Aasman Se Meri Zameen Dekh Lo,
Tum Khwab Aaj Koyi Haseen Dekh Lo,
Agar Aazmana Hain Aitbar Ko Mere To,
Ek Juth Tum Bolo Or Mera Yakeen Dekh Lo.

Khubsurat Sa Ek Pal Kissa Banjata Hai,
Jane Kab Kaun Zindagi Ka Hissa Banjata Hai,
Kuchh Log Zindagi Mein Milte Hai Aise,
Jinse Kabhi Na Tutne Wala Rishta Banjata Hai.

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