SACFA clearance

SACFA Clearance is the approval  issued by the Wireless Planning and Commission wing for the installation of certain wireless equipment.

The importance of this approval has risen over the years owing to the rise of wireless products in usage. In this article we explore the importance of SACFA approval in the Indian Telecom Industry.

What is SACFA?

SACFA is short for Standing Advisory Committee on Radio Frequency Allocation. Being a high level committee, chaired by high standing official within the telecom department, telecom commission, wireless advisory, it is responsible for performing the following functions:

  1. Providing recommendations for the major frequency allocation issues,
  2. Formulating the National Frequency Allocation Plan,
  3. Recommending paradigms for various issues pertaining to international telecommunication union and Asia, Pacific Telecommunity,
  4. Sorting out the problems of various wireless users, and
  5. Providing SACFA approval for all wireless installations in India, and more.

Reasons for issuance of SACFA clearance

“SACFA provides clearance for wireless installations all over the country” – is a vague term. Therefore, let us give you picture that lets you see the reason behind its issuance:

Evaluating the Aviation Hazards: Frequency intrusion is a bane for Air travel. Without access to clear signals, this mode of traversal can fall apart. Thus, SACFA certificate is only issued if the wireless installations on the plane meet the regulatory guidelines.

Assessment of obstructions to the line of site of existing or planned networks: Telecommunication network is always evolving, but not always sustainably. Often, the complexity of one network can undermine the connectivity of the existing networks. Read More: Trademark Assignment

Creating obstructions to the line of site, unmanaged evolution of a telecommunication network can do more harm than good. Thus, SACFA clearance provides a technical oversight by assessing obstruction to the line of site and giving directions.

Preventing electromagnetic interference to the existing network: Most wireless networks emit electromagnetic radiations. It’s the SACFA’s job to ensure that such interference remain at a manageable state.

How is this approval impacting India’s telecom industry

India’s telecom industry is still budding. It’s filled with enthusiastic entrepreneurs who are in a rush to match the growth of their international counterparts. The government has full intentions to promoting these enterprising individuals. However, it also understands the potential threat such desires bring if the growth is unsupervised. Start Your Own ISP

The responsibility to supervise this grow is of the Standing Advisory Committee on Radio Frequency Allocation. By putting forth certain restrictions using SACFA guidelines, this committee is trying to create an environment that sustainable for long-term growth of the telecom industry.


SACFA clearance is issued by the Wireless Planning Commission to allocate frequencies for the installation of wireless products. By establishing certain guidelines, it watches over the growth of India’s wireless telecommunication network. Read More About: Trademark Investigation

Furthermore, it tries to inculcate the habit of compliance among India’s telecom entrepreneurs who seek a fast track towards growth. As far as telecommunication sector’s growth is considered, one can say that the SACFA procedure  has paved the way for it so that sustainable development can be achieved for India in a long run.

SACFA clearance is not just a certificate issued to allocate frequency to wireless installations, it’s also responsible for India’s telecom industry’s growth.


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