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Sandakphu – Sandakphu area that is pure in East Himalaya is, not far from the famous hills of Darjeeling in the high northern part of the western part of Bengal, which is secretly close and often crosses the border with Nepal.


Singalila Ridge stretched northwest to the south which was separated from the Southeast Himalaya range west of Bengal, especially in West Bengal, Sikkim, and a deep part of Nepal. Singalila National Park was dominated by the rolling mountain ridge from untouched green plants and extraordinary wild nature. Sandakphu is the highlight of this forested ridge.


The base camp for the trek is to be Chitrey, a little Himalayan hamlet. During the entire walk, you cross the border between India and Nepal. This walk has the most enjoyable view from the continuous view of the mighty Himalayas and the glorious sunrise and setting. You even follow a path across Singalila’s renowned National Park.

You stay for the duration of your walk in tourist lodges or in private lodges. You can also experience the warmth of homestays at the various stops along the way.


The Sandakphu Trek takes you to Sandakphu and is the highest high point in West Bengal at a height of eleven,926 meters. This is the magnificent Singalila Ridge. The Alpine vegetation is beautiful like rhododendrons, trees of fir, birch, and even bamboo. The temperature in Sandakphu varies from -11°C in winter nights to 22°C in the summertime! Seasonally, the weather varies. Due to the high altitude, summers remain nice and cool and the winters can get really cold. In the Sandakphu region,  In the Sandakphu region, Monsoons arrive in June. Spring brings a beautiful, rare alpine flora with it! This is therefore considered one of India’s best treks!




Sandakphu means ‘poisonous plants’ literally. The names of some toxic plants in the area can be accredited. The first is ‘aconitus’ – a lasting bush whose roots are always used as drugs and flowers and sunny and pure leaves can be deadly if they are consumed unconsciously. ‘Himalaya Cobra Lilies’ is also abundant in the region.


Sandakphu trek is a leading name for light trekking in the world of trekking. At an altitude of 11,930 feet, it was the peak of Singalila Ridge and National Park. What makes the state of West Bengal also especially the highest points?


The trek begins at the train station of New Jalpaiguri. The direct train from New Delhi to New Jalpaiguri takes about 21 hours to get there. You can also fly to the nearest airport, Bagdogra Airport. We suggest you fly from Delhi to Kolkata and from there take the train to New Jalpaiguri overnight.


What’s special?


The fact that, from a clear morning, especially during the breaking down, 4 of the top 5 of the world’s highest peaks can be seen as part of the panorama of 180 ° which is at all, making this small hamlet not disappear.


In gold when sunrise looks Mt. Everest (29,029 feet, highest, Mt. Kanchenjunga, 28,177 feet, third largest), Mt. Everest (27,940 feet, fourth highest), and Makalu (27,838 feet, fifth highest), separate.


The view from west to east includes a very large peak of Nepal, Tibet, Sikkim, Bhutan and Arunachal. The sunrise from here is a humble experience, because the dazzling, pink golden hue, sunbathing from the darkness of the giant snowy mountains on the waves of the valley below.


Take us to the railway station New Jalpaiguri at 10 AM. You can also customize your place of pick-up according to your needs to Siliguri or Bagdogra.


We’ll start our Chitrey drive from here. It takes approximately 5-6 hours, with sufficient pit stops along the way.


You pass through the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas and beautiful mountain forests through the scenic journey. As your altitude gradually increases, you pass in beautiful mountain resorts such as Maneybhanjung and Mirik.


Is Trekking in Sandakphu the only way to arrive?


Not that. It’s also strong. However, there was a catch. No one can drive on smooth asphalt. The road is difficult and can only be done at 4 to 4 strong SUVs.


From the Colonial Days, Old Land Rovers between Manebhanjan and Sandakphu, and even today, Phalut, bring tourists reluctant to rise but recently (30 Jan 2018) is prohibited by local authorities for reasons that are not in accordance with security. and environmental standards.


The West Bengal government subsidizes the owner to buy Boleros to remove Rovers. Everything said, some Rovers are still ply on the route, as I collected from several locals.


This summer this year, with the convoy of all the models throughout the era JLR held a 70-year anniversary in the region. From the first series for the latest discoveries. It tells a lot about the nature of the icon and the history of this route with Land Rovers.


A Batu Batu Track had previously completed 30 kilometers from Chitre (2 km from Manebhanjan) through Sandakphu Trek and a further 21 km for errors (the highest peak in Singalila Ridge).


Well, it will be easy for moderate for cheerful trekkers. This is also very useful for absolute beginners. First, the climbing of the mountain and stone does not have a part to play in trekking. It’s just another word to walk the mountain or walk. If you are fit enough and can run on a plane with 2-3 breaks from 8 to 10 kilometers, this will usually occur.


Knee and young beef muscles, of course, will hurt a little or you can turn ankle or fall, but it’s part of the adventure. Countless beginners like I do it and trekking bugs are forever bitten.


How difficult is the exact Sandakphu Trek?


The road has been paved for 20 kilometers from Manebhanjan to Gairibas, partly with Tarmac and partly with concrete. The last 12 km of Sandakphu to Phalut remained identical. 21 km from Sandaakhu to Phalut.


Football is also an option, although it is a very challenging field. It should not be a problem for Paribas, but not only efficiency but also the skills and the driver’s maneuverability is adequately tested in the remaining routes.


Updates: In the Singalila National Park area there is currently no bicycle and no private vehicle.


In fact, for some reason I found Sandakphu’s ideal trip for beginners:


The path is well marked. The trip uphill from Manebhanjan to Sandakphu follows the footsteps of Bouldering from Land Rovers almost completely. Here and there are some beautiful shortcuts, but they are steeper and more difficult.


Nearly 2-3 kilometers of shops and restaurants offered to help tired feet to put the bag and sip the hot Chai or Maggi bowl.


Must be to take guidance. This is done to increase work for locals. The guide was trained to handle all kinds of emergencies during walking. The conveyor is also available.


The increase is not too easy or hard and gives a real trekking beginner. The entire circuit takes 4-5 days, which is again ideal for floating.


All overnight places are permanent settlements with rooms and facilities that are comfortable for most of them. After a long day of hiking, sleeping soundly very valuable.


If someone cannot walk further, the Rovers can be called to save in a rare emergency case, which is a single advantage.


Almost no equipment needed for trekking or equipment. You are good to go with just a pair of comfortable shoes. You will be cut off by the guide from the forest



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