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Plan your Next Dream Vacation with Our Special list of  Travel Ideas and chase your fantasy destination abroad.

Travel ideas sometimes sound a bit tacky, but they are useful. After being trapped in the houses for the whole year, we were unable to travel anywhere. Now, everything is almost back on track. Travel and destinations are both starting to open, and we all are getting ready to begin our dream holidays.  After a year of fatal fear and existential crisis, who among us cares about clichés? Life is indeed short to linger and be calm forever. If you want to openly dream of falling in love, watching the pyramids, or catching the shiny and stunning northern lights in Paris, then you should do so. Many countries that welcome tourists back, including the pillars of dream trips such as Iceland’s natural paradise and Croatia’s coastal old towns-there, are hardly a better time to sit down and hold a pen and a piece of paper to show you what you are doing. A (or first!) great adventure. Read on and find out how you can Satisfy your wanderlust with our Spectacular Travel Ideas.


Ideal Tips and Ideas for your next dream vacay this year!

This moment is not only attributable to our rekindled passion for real life. It also provides a rare. Dare we say it’s unprecedented? Your opportunity to visit popular attractions and the main crowd with almost no groups in the City. Whether your trip is scheduled for next month or the next few years, there are travel checklist items to inspire you.

Bring yourself to moments of amazement in Italy.

Recuperate in the fragrant canals of Venice and dearly admire the wonders of the world in Rome. Devour Parma ham while in Parma and forget what year it is in Sicily. Feel the relaxation of your jaw on the Amalfi Coast and stroll to small villages off the beaten track. Hiking, tracking,  eating, and drinking, you can keep these repeating in the Italian Alps. And finally, you can taste the sticky sweet limoncello. 

Island Hopping in the Caribbean

Few places on earth are truly paradise. The Caribbean Sea and its azure waters are as warm as bathing water, sparkling coasts, and enthusiastic people-is one of the best experiences. The Virgin Islands of British is the world’s sailing capital, with the Grenadines and  Saint Vincent have the best snorkeling spots. Hiking caves in Saint Lucia, chasing waterfalls in Dominica or redefining the meaning of turquoise in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Can’t decide which one? Plan your vacation to the Caribbean with Southwest Airlines Reservations and enjoy the best time on your holiday.

Try a savoring meal from the food carts of your favorite destinations.

Some of the best food in the world is not a Michelin star, nor is it table service, or even a table. Whether it’s eating tacos from Mexico, kebabs in Istanbul, the Fricassee in Tunisia, Banh Xeo in Hanoi, or the Singapore Hainanese chicken rice, the forever tasty meals will be on the corners, or you will find them hidden in narrow alleys. In my experience, the more the chef is the grandmother, the more delicious the food.

Know where your family is from

Finding heritage can be a powerful thing. Whether you are wandering in a village named after your family or tasting the dishes that your grandmother once praised so much, be prepared to endure huge internal organ pain. As a second-generation citizen, once you understand where they (and all their annoying/cute quirks) came from, you will see your immigrant parents again. Even if you have to go further, be prepared for echoes that you don’t even know you will hear.

Sailing the islands of New Zealand

Underestimated in New Zealand’s rich natural beauty is the magnificent Bay of Islands: 144 subtropical islands and the undeveloped coast a few miles outside the North Island. Depart from Paihia, charter a boat to see dolphins between the islands, or sail on a historic tall ship. After finding the private bay, you can drop the hook for some afternoon time snorkeling and enjoy a barbecue lunch on the deck. Here are eight New Zealand islands not to be missed

Overnight in one of the greatest party cities in the world

Move your soul to Seoul. Bigger in Beirut and Berlin. Carnival in Rio-double points during the carnival. No matter where you go, the party is what you do, but in cities and towns all over the world, the beat never stops, creating a legend every night. You can create one or become one.

Eat, drink and play in French wine country.

You haven’t lived until you eat époisses. This unpasteurized and spicy cheese is restricted in the United States. It is a delicacy produced only in the Burgundy wine region. The best way to visit Burgundy? From Dijon, take a 1.5-hour train ride from Paris, start a road trip, go to the bakeries, slaughterhouses, and vineyards like a boss-waving baguette. Collect heavenly cheeses, clay pots, and pastries along the way.

Travel along the Icelandic road.

Many tourists to Iceland stick to the Golden Circle. But continue east across the black sand beach of Vik, and you will see the true spirit of Iceland found along the ring road that circles the country. You will find small and colorful villages nestled in mossy mountains; the deep blue glacier field of Jökulsárlón; Sólheimasandur (the plane crash), Dettifoss (the second largest waterfall in Europe) and unusual The Arctic Henge Arch; and Akureyri, the “Capital of Northern Iceland” at the bottom of the fjord (the traffic lights are shaped like hearts!).

Watching the northern lights

The principle of physics is similar to a neon sign, but it’s the magnetic field of the damn sun hitting the earth. People living in the extreme north will never get bored of them. If you can also see the hard-to-reach South Aurora, you can earn crazy bonus points.

Drinking Scotch Whiskey in the Scottish Highlands

This beautiful, unspoiled land is also the whisky capital of the world. If you are not yet a single malt lover, you will definitely be after exploring the centuries-old wineries scattered throughout the country’s most remote areas. On the way through the highlands, the GPS is set to The GlenDronach, specializing in the production of fruity Scotch whisky aged in former sherry barrels. Driving the North Coast 500, this is a dramatic 516-mile loop, starting and ending at Inverness Castle. Finally, set sail (or propeller plane) to the Hebrides islands where the sea breeze blows. On Islay, names like Bowmore and Lagavulin are not just labels on bottles. They are real villages that you won’t forget soon.

Go to a music festival in another country.

Start a trip around music. You will definitely see some regional performances between the two, even for artists you know and love. Large tent festivals such as Osheaga in Montreal, Bilbao BBK in Bilbao, and Øya in Oslo feature big names and gourmet food. Still, they don’t go to the smaller ones such as Reykjavik’s Iceland Radio, Le Guess Who, etc. Sleep on holiday? Utrecht Music in the Netherlands, or Estonia’s Tallinn music week. Through artist interviews, soundtrack sets, art exhibitions, and even occasional tasting menus, you will get more than just a playlist.

Participate in a pintxos bar crawl in the beautiful Basque Country of Spain

Across the coastal border between France and Spain are an incredible place of fresh seafood, beautiful mountains and seaside towns, and pintxos (if you call them snacks, it’s recording scratches). In places like San Sebastian, Bilbao, and Pamplona, ​​a night’s bar jump may include six bars, drinking a pint of beer and a drink (usually a 1:1 ratio), And finally, enjoy a sumptuous dinner at midnight. Rinse them with a glass of Txakoli, a low-alcohol sparkling white wine that the bartender pours from an almost ridiculous height.

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See the Taj Mahal at sunrise.

The Eiffel Tower has gained a lot of street credibility for being the most romantic destination on earth, but we think the Taj Mahal can easily surpass it. The Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan commissioned this master architect as his wife’s final resting place. You will even find the tomb of the emperor himself.  The first thing in the morning is to catch up with this historic and wonderfully symmetrical masterpiece to get the best — not to mention, the least crowded — landscape.

Embark on a legendary road trip to the bottom of the world

Embarking on Argentina’s Route 40 means traversing 3,227 miles of highways, which have many epic attractions. Along the way, you will see some of the clearest waters on earth in the Siete Lagos region, travel through the waterfalls, deserts, and mountains of Patagonia, taste Argentine wine, comfort food, and the night sky. In the end, you will cool down in Los Glacier National Park, where ice blocks fall from huge glaciers, or get in touch with the ancient past at Cueva de Los Manos, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with caves 9,300-years-old mural.

Sleeping on the watchtower of the Great Wall of China

If you don’t visit the Great Wall, your trip to China will be incomplete, but please spend the night on one of the watchtowers to take it to a new level. A few guide operators lead tourist troops to the great wall during sunset. You can safely spend your night there in a sleeping bag, and it’s totally legal. Witness the sunrise, next morning and enjoy the exciting journey. Book Air Canada Flights to China and plan an unforgettable holiday to your most awaited destination.


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