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4 Proven SEO Competitive Analysis Tools

Do you ever wonder why your competitors are outranking you and receiving so much social love? Well, then it’s time to find out more about their marketing approach, their strategies, and their content. And to help you learn more about them, here are the top 4 proven competitive analysis tools. Let’s take a look:


When it comes to a competitive analysis tool with a simple user interface and great analytics reports along with some fascinating unique features, then Spyfu is what you need. Offering diverse analytics functions such as keyword grouping, PPC competitor monitoring, tracking, and observing competitor’s websites, identifying ranking factors, Spyfu researches, and downloads the most profitable keywords used by your competitors.

KW Finder

Just as the name suggests, KW Finder is all about finding keywords for the best prices. Since the right use of right keywords ensures a good return on investment, hence with KW Finder now you can receive all the necessary long-tail keyword suggestions, keyword analysis, search trends, local SEO results for keyword search, and many more.


Alexa is known to offer in-depth detailed analytical insights for helping your business to get better optimized on the web. Providing you with necessary competitive analysis such as identifying websites that has similar audiences like yours, discovering marketing channels that deliver the strongest results, comparing your website’s performance with its competitors, etc., Alexa assists you with identifying the strengths and weaknesses in your competitors.


Referred to as an online visibility manager, this online marketing toolkit comes with some fantastic SEO analysis features. Helping you to collect vital data from your competitors to optimize your website content, SEMRush simply helps with keyword research and suggestions, site audit, competitor research, backlink analysis, and many more. To leave the job of competitive analysis in the hands of professionals, visit!

So, next time you wish to outrank your competitors, make sure to utilize the above-mentioned SEO competitive analysis tools, and learn more about your competitors and their marketing strategies.

Good pictures on a website have always been an essential tool for drawing in traffic. It is also a great way for websites to demonstrate their individuality and distinctiveness from other brands. Nowadays, even the most basic smartphones can capture high-quality images that are worthy of being published on any website. Keeping some basic photography tropes in mind, huge improvements to website images can be easily made. Here’s a complete guide to taking awesome photographs for your website –


Professional photographers always stress on lighting being the essential component of taking a good picture. The key to maintaining a balanced lighting while taking photographs consists of a few important steps including –

Turning the flash off as it can create abrasive light and glares

Natural light (for example light from a window) is always preferable

Place the subject of the photograph (for example a product that you are selling on your eCommerce website) in a sheltered spot to make sure that it isn’t overexposed to the light

In case natural light is absent, there are several low-cost light sources such as mountable LED lights


What lies behind the central subject of a photograph is just as significant as the subject. A picture taken in the center of a messy room can confuse the viewer, taking the attention away from the central subject. Key aspects of maintaining a good background to an image are –

Keep the background simple so that it can positively contrast with the subject of the photograph, making it ‘pop out’

Apart from attractive plain walls, card stocks and sheets also serve as good backdrops

If authenticity is what needs to be added to the central subject of the image, using the natural environment as the background is the best way to go


Always crop the photograph to make the central subject stand out. Adjust brightness level and use contrast to make the subject stand out. Resize the pictures as per the space provided on the website. There are a lot of free photo editing programs such as GIMP and Pixlr that can easily apply these editing techniques.

Optimize the images as per SEO guidelines

The photographs’ metadata is as important as its quality, especially on websites. The photograph’s title image and captions can severely affect the website’s ranking on search engines. Since most search engines have a separate category for searching images, using the text attached to the photograph is a smart way of promoting your website organically. For instance, if your eCommerce website sells jackets, don’t use default titles like IMG_84003 to title the picture. Instead, use SEO-optimized text such as ‘cheap Winter wear’ or ‘latest trend in jackets’ to title the images.

The ideal scenario for a website is to use a lot of images, compress them, and have a website that is extremely appealing to the user. To know more about Web Photography and get the best for your website, consult experienced professionals who are well-versed with every aspect of web photography.

Web designers need to focus on the medium that has always been a major influence in providing the ultimate user experience — Images. Here are 5 crucial things every designer must know about the use of images in website design

Telling Images

Although pictures themselves carry a thousand words, it is important to make sure that the image fits the context and the narrative of the website. Don’t use them just to fill in white space. Before uploading any image on to your website, address these two important questions.

  1. a) Why are you choosing that image over others?
  2. b) What context does it bring to the existing content?

Background Images Are Important

Background images are the ideal way of creating a special ambiance for your website. It gives visitors an instant impression of what the website wants to convey.


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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.
Organically grow the holistic world view of disruptive innovation via empowerment.
OUR LOCATIONSWhere to find us?
GET IN TOUCHAvantage Social links
Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.

Copyright 2020 SEO SAKTI. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2020 SEO SAKTI. All rights reserved.