SHORT London Car Routes For Group Travelers


Group tours have become popular nowadays. But if you don’t like sharing space with strangers, you are able to plan a London tour on your own. How to? You can load your friends and relatives into the car and go for a spin. By the way, you may plan a trip from London to Windsor, Stonehenge, Hampton Court, and even Oxford. All these cities are within a short driving distance from London and can be easily combined in one tour. To plan your trip you need a map and a city guide. Actually, all these city and in-city tours are already planned. You just need to join the tourist agency or follow their recommendations, planning a trip with your own efforts.


Remember, you may need transport in London. You just can’t go to visit one of the royal family’s castles or mysterious Stonehenge on foot. Also, you need to hire a car to relax and avoid additional contacts in a pandemic period. Where to get a car? You can hire a car just from the airport.

Windsor Castle

How many days are enough in London?

If you are a first-time visitor, you should stay for 3-4 days to see the minimum that the tourist agencies usually offer. Of course, this time is not enough to visit all the interesting places that London has. But it is quite enough to see the main landmarks and visit a few attractions. Don’t even try to see everything in 3 days. Even hiring a car you can’t fit all the tours in one trip. Just pick something that you are the most interested in and don’t forget to ask your friends and relatives about what they want to see.

Popular London tours for group travelers

Planning a tour, it is better to list all the interesting places and check their websites to make sure they are open and ready to welcome visitors in the period of a pandemic. Don’t forget about the comfort of your group mates. If you are a family of 6-7, it is better to think of hiring a passenger van. 9 seater car hire in London can help you to pick a good car for 8 and more passengers. That’s so great! You shouldn’t worry about packing and listing everything. Just take everything you think you may ever need during the trip. Where to go?

  1. Take a tour to Windsor, Stonehenge, and the Roman Baths

This route is very popular for people who come to London for the first time. First, you should drive to see the Queen’s residences. Windsor Castle is a gorgeous building that is definitely worth visiting. Don’t forget to explore the castle inside and out. If you are lucky, you may have a two-course lunch in the cafe if ordered beforehand. Next, take your family to see one of the most mysterious places in the UK – Stonehenge. Finish your trip by visiting Bath. This is your chance to relax and take water procedures. Again, try to order the needed hotel or procedure beforehand. 



  1. Take a tour to Oxford, Stratford-upon-Avon, and the Cotswolds

Such a legendary place as Oxford is really worth visiting. You will be impressed by visiting college buildings and exploring the cobbled college streets. Your car trip to Stratford-upon-Avon will never be boring. You will be inspired by visiting the birthplace of Shakespeare. Finally, find some time to relax and admire the stunning Cotswolds countryside.

  1. Take a total London tour

If you are a newcomer in London, you can take a Total London tour that includes exploring all the popular tourist sights, such as Westminster Abbey, London Tower, and Buckingham Palace. Don’t forget to snack in the local pubs and cafes.

  1. London tour to Warner Bros. Studio

This tour can be interesting for kids and adults. Check the information about tickets on their website first. What place do you want to see the most? How about visiting Harry Potter’s world? You can see the costumes and props from the film and do some magic. Don’t worry if you are not a fan of a Potter movie. Here, in the Studio, you can find the showcases and props from world-famous movies.

London Buses


  1. Open-top bus London tour

If you decided to travel by a hired car you can still take an open-top double-decker bus tour. Leave your car at the hotel parking and hurry up to buy bus tour tickets. By the way, bus tours are always available, even at night. Check if you’ll have some extra time for walking, included in your tour.

  1. Take Buckingham Palace tour

Whenever you go in London, you can’t miss visiting Buckingham Palace. This is the biggest treasure of the Royal Family. It must be interesting to explore the rooms of the palace and see the Royal Gifts exhibition. Do you want to know what the most unusual present given to the Queen is?

  1. Take a tour to Chelsea FC Stadium

This tour doesn’t take much time, except for you want to include visiting many more sport places in the city. What can you see? You will visit the stadium, dressing rooms, rooms for press and journalists, and the most interesting players’ tunnel. Also, you have a chance to visit the Chelsea FC Museum and learn the club’s history.

Don’t think that taking a tour you should keep the route and never step aside. If you hire a car, you may stop where you want, take some extra time for visiting cafes, restaurants, cultural places. Do you know that London has the most delicious restaurants and pubs? 



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