Simple ways to stop ants from infesting your house

Ants, tiny yet dangerous insects can make your house a living hell. A small morsel of food can attract arrays of ants. Some of them bite others to create a mess. Some of us simply get prepared for this gang of tiny monsters as summertime arrives.

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There are so many of them that it gets a bit confusing as to which one of them is harmful and which is not. Kids often spend time looking at the ant and studying their behavior without knowing if they will bite them or not. If you the variety of the ant, the effective bait can be prepared accordingly.

The garden is the area where ants make their colonies. They may not enter your house but will destroy your plant. Here, is a list of ants that are common in our household:

  • Field ants
  • Black carpenter ants
  • Pavement ants
  • False honey ants
  • Larger yellow ants
  • Odorous house ants
  • Pharaoh ants
  • Thief ants
  • Cornfield ants

Simple ways to prevent and control ants

The three steps to get rid of ants are:
  1. An integrated program of prevention
  2. Exclusion
  3. Control

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Its food attracts ants to the house. If it gets food and water in your house, it will be their eating ground. They may carry the food to their nest but leave a trail of scent so that, an ant can follow it back. If you eliminate this source of food, you’ll find the array of ant leave the area.

  • Spilled crumbs and food should be cleaned from cupboards, pantries, and floors so that they don’t get along the baseboards or corners.
  • Mop and sweep the floors from time to time.
  • Get rid of pet foods as soon as they finish eating. Pets may require a limited quantity of water. Limiting the water sources will help you keep your ant problem under control.
  • Trash can should be emptied and cleaned regularly and avoid piling up the garbage and emitting odors.
  • Recycling is a good way to put trash for a better purpose. If you do it try to rinse the item before storing them away in a properly lidded bin. Try to store them outdoors or somewhere away from the house.
  • Grass showed be moved and kept short. The shrubs and trees should be trimmed and make sure they don’t touch the house from any side. Not just ants but other pests can enter your house through these climbers and trees.
  • The porches, gutters, and areas surrounding your house should be kept clear of any kind of debris. Clean these areas regularly so that, any ant infestation doesn’t go unnoticed.
  • These insects are so tiny that they can enter your house with the slightest of passage. Cracks can be an entry point for the ants. Maintenance of the house plays a major role in keeping ant infestation at bay. Seal all the crevices and cracks and repair all the screens, windows, and doors regularly. Make sure they are tightly sealed leave no space or gaps for the ants to enter.
  • Keep checking for gaps in pipes, cables, electric wiring, or any other such points. Check them and get them sealed. Call for electrical help if you are not confident about doing it on your own.
  • Leaks should be treated as soon as possible. Whether it is outside or inside pooling of water is not a good sign. Repair any kind of leaks around the exterior of your house.
  • The line of ants coming to your house to collect food is just workers. If you spray on them and kill them it will rarely be a successful attempt. If you want to get rid of them completely spray a killing solution on the nest. For this, you’ll need the help of a professional pest control team. this method is very helpful when dealing with fire ants’ colonies.
  • Baits can be used successfully to destroy the colony of ants. As queen never leaves the nest and is fed by the workers whatever food they bring in.
  • Ant baits are food that is used to attract ants. They are not just food but a slow-acting insecticide. This poisoned food is carried by the ants to their nest. This is fed to the other members of the colony. Slowly the ants are killed by the bait including the queen. Thus, cleaning the whole colony. The spray can be effective to treat only a line of ants. But to clear the complete colony baits are the best.
  • Another preventive measure to handle the infestation of ants is liquid ant bait. It is easily available on e-commerce sites and online stores. For its level of effectiveness, you can read reviews and ratings. These can be harmful to pets and kids so, it will be better to keep them out of their reach.
  • Boric acid is also a good alternative for clearing any kind of ant infestation. It is a naturally available substance and is very effective in getting rid of ants or any other pest infestation.

Having unwanted guests at home could be very upsetting. In hurry, if you try any toxic item to treat any kind of infestation, you may face a lot of problems. Toxic substances can not only have side effects on the members of the family but also harm the environment.

Ants are needed to maintain the balance of the ecosystem. They help in disintegrating any kind of waste in nature. If they are destroyed completely, the balance cannot be maintained. To treat them in the best possible way it is better to take the help of a professional pest control Gurgaon, Delhi, Faridabad, Chennai. Contact the service provider near you and get the details of the service.


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