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Whether you’re living in a detached single-family home or a small apartment complex unit, having to organize a small kitchen isn’t easy. Where do you put the stove, as it needs to be at least 20 inches away from the refrigerator? What about the sink as you need it close for when you cook? Can you even fit an island in there? All of these questions crossed your mind at one point or another, and the answers depend solely on the design you choose.

Your kitchen isn’t like other rooms in your home. The location of your bed has little to do with your closet, walk-in, or otherwise. However, when designing your kitchen space, you need to be aware of the needs of that space. Your spices need to be near the stove or work counter. It just makes sense. Also, the refrigerator needs extra space to open, so you can’t put anything too close to it. These are all things that make designing your kitchen that much more complicated if you are limited on space.

Despite, or maybe as a reaction to the reality that we’re currently living in, current kitchen trends are flexible and can easily be applied to small kitchens. Simplicity and functionality are a prime focus, and your small kitchen will turn trendy in no time. The following small kitchen trends, however, are here to help you out.

Drawers are In; Cabinets are Out

When you plan your kitchen design, don’t forget that all those cabinets will need extra space to open. In smaller spaces, doors that open this way and that can take up too much space. However, if you take out the cabinet doors and choose drawers instead, not only will they be easier to open, they will also make it easier to take out the pots and pans from the back of the cabinet. Without opening the drawer fully, you will still have access to the most used kitchen essentials, as those are most likely at the front.

The simplest way to go about this trend while keeping an eye on your budget is by installing pull-outs inside your existing cabinets. The door will act as the front of the drawer and you’ll have more space available to move around and use for storing. A lot of storage space is wasted in cabinets because it’s not easy to place pans one on top of the other when you can’t pull them out upwards. Just think about how nice it is to have to take out three pots that are placed in your cabinet like those Russian dolls, set aside the one you need, only to have to slide the other two back in. Even like that, you won’t use all the space available in your cabinets.

Open Shelves or Ceiling High Cupboards

Depending on exactly how much space you have, your small kitchen can go vertically in two different ways. If the space is too small and would look packed with cupboards, look into shelves. When it comes to shelving, small kitchen trends depend on the style you choose. A modern and elegant interior design would be enhanced by one or two wall-to-wall long shelves, while rustic, industrial, boho, or cottage will get some extra personality with sets of three small shelves, one on top of the other. They can go on both sides of windows without taking up as much space as a cupboard but provide sufficient storage space.

Cupboards can not stop short. Seeing as they will take up the eye-level space in your kitchen, take them all the way to the ceiling, and it will create an optic illusion. Don’t waste all that space, and it will work to draw the eyes upwards and give height to an otherwise small kitchen.

Shiny and Reflective Materials

Anything that is shiny or reflective creates the illusion of space. For instance, if you have cupboards, replace the wooden fronts with glass or metallic and reflective finishes. Glass is making its way to the top trends in 2022 interior kitchen designs for that reason and its eco-friendliness. Whether you go for a modern and simplistic aesthetic or like traditionally styled kitchens, glass can enhance both styles while also giving your kitchen the illusion of depth.

You can even upgrade your existing cupboards if you want a low-budget small kitchen makeover by taking out the solid fronts and adding glass or wiring. The back of your cupboard will look further away and trick the eye. This will mean that cupboard clutter is a big no-no. Clutter crowds even the largest of rooms.

Simple Palette and Hues

All-white kitchens are slowly losing popularity, but white is still a standard kitchen color. Combine it with a simple palette and make sure that there are elements that stand out. For example, a bold backsplash, or cabinetry hardware, will complement a predominantly white kitchen. Shades of the same color family will also help warm up the white but stick to no more than 2 to 3 variations. Neutral shades work best, but you can also combine light natural tones with white. If you want to use some bold colors, use them in moderation in more minor kitchen elements.

Light goes a long way for small kitchens, so providing as much as possible will give the impression of more space. Your kitchen won’t be as claustrophobic, you will have natural light that will make cooking easier on the eyes, and a small kitchen garden will add a splash of live and natural color to your kitchen.

Smart and Creative Kitchen Storage

That impossible kitchen corner where you can’t fit a whole cabinet, but you also can’t make a corner kitchen because of limited space can actually be filled. The latest models of corner kitchen cabinets allow you to install incredibly functional storage racks that will utilize every inch of the space. The ultimate smart kitchen doesn’t only need smart kitchen appliances but a smart design as well.

A pantry doesn’t need a whole room to be functional and provide space for all your ingredients. A tall kitchen cabinet can have smaller shelves inside and extra shelving on the doors for all your spices and mason jars. Everything will be available when you’re cooking but hidden away when the food is served.

A simplistic backsplash can be used to install some rods with hooks for hanging storage. Whether it’s for pots and pans, kitchen utensils, or fruit baskets, you will have more storage options through them. Combine it with open shelving for a dynamic but simple storage solution.

Small kitchen appliances need a space of their own if you don’t want to occupy all of your countertop space. It’s best to keep them hidden away, so open shelving or see-through fronts won’t do. While garage doors went out of style, sliding top doors are in and can be used to store smaller appliances.

Lastly, we couldn’t talk about storage and wrap this article without mentioning your kitchen island. In smaller spaces, your kitchen island can be smaller, thinner, occupy less space and provide more personality. Why use a block of cabinets with a counter when you can use an old backer table? It will give your kitchen an intriguing style, combine the old with the new and can be used as a breakfast nook as well by simply adding chairs. They also have ample storage space that can complement your open shelving.


However, you choose to go about your small kitchen interior design, remember one thing. Bigger isn’t necessarily better. With less space available to occupy, you are less likely to overcrowd your kitchen. If you have limited space available to work with, you are more likely to keep that countertop clean and clear of any clutter. If you store everything on your countertop, where will you cook? Small kitchen trends make it possible for your small kitchen to be functional, plentiful, organized and allow for any kitchen necessities. Cooking, eating, or just sipping your morning coffee will be cozier and much more relaxing once everything is in its place and has a purpose. Utilize each inch in your kitchen because square footage doesn’t come cheap.


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