Social Media Filters for Businesses

Snapchat and Instagram stories

Social Media Filters for Businesses

Consistently succeeding in reaching more people using your marketing campaigns is a dream every business owner wants to realize. In this age, social media has taken over everything; even the way businesses market themselves to new audiences.

Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter have become key players in the marketing sector.

During this period, people are spending more time on their phones than ever, and learning how to use social media filters for businesses could be the smartest thing you do for your business now.

One of the most popular and efficient ways to market your business on social media platforms is by using Augmented Reality filters. These refer to computer-generated effects that are used to superimpose pictures.

With AR filters, you can add a new layer to your real picture either in the background or foreground. Businesses use these AR filters to promote their brands by getting more engagements on their social media pages which translates to more traffic.

Since most brands are ever limited to sponsored ads or expensive video ads, AR filters offer a chance to design imagery or texts that will get them more engagement and reach.

If you can create a fun AR filter for your business, your followers and other social media users are likely to share that content. They could even lead to the trend going viral and fetching your business even more bonus points.

Below are some of the social media filters for businesses used for growing engagements and reach;

Make-up filters

This AR filter is commonly used by cosmetics brands to reach new customers while also growing their engagements and reach.

With this filter, cosmetic brands create a challenge for their followers and prospective ones that enable them to try out different shades of make-up and lipstick from their own mobile phones.

This is a fun way for the business’s followers to identify the shade that is the most suitable for them. These challenges are often fun to try on as you could have thousands or millions of users taking part in it and sooner or later becoming new customers to your business.

This AR filter, however, is commonly used on Snapchat and Instagram stories.

Festival based filters

Another commonly used AR filter by brands is a festival-based one. These AR filters are unique from the social media filters for businesses that you might encounter later. They incorporate specific features that link to a given music festival or even a celebration.

Things like the celebration colors, font, and even catchphrases are used by the business followers for their stories or posts. These users edit their pictures and incorporate the given fonts and colors and create a buzz online about a given festival or celebration.

Many people end up joining in on using these filters. For example, a music festival might create an AR filter that enables users to use the lineup names as a filter for their pictures.

This will be fun for the users, and it will help the festival market itself and create awareness to even more people.

Gamified AR filters

These are some of the most fun social media filters for businesses that you could find. This is because they are in the form of a game that users can play and score points.

When the game is fun enough for users, they share it, and within no time, everyone is playing the game.

Brands such as motion picture makers commonly use this filter to introduce the given characters in an upcoming movie while also including the link to click and buy tickets for the movie. This filter is very efficient, and the good thing is that it’s not limited to certain brands alone.

You can create an interactive and fun video game for your businesses so that users can play and engage with your business.

Brand-based photo frame filters

Here, the business will come up with a filter, mostly its logo and ban name, and develop it to appear like a picture frame. With this brand-based photo frame, the users will use the filter to crop and frame their pictures however they want.

The best thing about this AR filter is that it helps create awareness about the business name at the lowest price possible. All that needs to happen is for the users to frame their pictures with the filter, and if it’s cool and fun enough, it might even end up going viral.

Virtual try-ons

This video-based AR filter is often used by the clothing and footwear brands to simulate an experience for their followers to appear like they are trying on given clothes or even some shoes. The filter is mainly used on Snapchat.


Learning how to use social media filters for businesses can be an important path to take if you’re trying to reach even broader audiences. If executed well, it could deliver cost-effective and best results for any marketing campaign.

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