Social Media is Driving me Insane

Social Media is Driving me Insane
Social Media is Driving me Insane

Talk about burnout! I used to burn out with an overload of info regards to SEO. Now it regards social media. There is so, so, so much info out there telling you to do this, telling you to do that. Join up here. Join up there. Create a home page over here. Do this do that. Arggghhh!

To be doing half of it I’d be in need of a small army! Know what I mean?

Facebook for Dummies 300×225 Social Media is Driving me Insane!

Dummies (moi!) for Facebook

Perhaps I’ll just forget it all. Keep up with good old SEO which I know brings me results. And keep up with some blog commenting, which is good for some links but can be (obviously) good for social networking too.

Thus drawing visitors, albeit and seemingly in very small numbers. I don’t use blog commenting for backlinks anyhow. To do that and do it well, you’d need to be moving from blog to blog a leaving comments in your trail.

I much prefer to keep to the same blogs time and again, and occasionally go off the previous beaten track simply by following comments that have been left on my favorite blogs. I have used Tia’s blog the most for that, so thanks to Tia! It’s a case of loyalty over backlinks if you like. And loyalty goes way ahead in my book!

But one thing I can’t keep up with is this info over-load regards to social media.

I’ve just read about why Twitter is not good for business. Funny, I’m sure I read last week that it was ideal for business. I read that Facebook is much better. Well, I’m getting a bit tired of Facebook. I still don’t know how to work it to the best effect and I sense a lot of time spent on FB (and Twitter, for that matter) is purely social time and not about driving an online business at all.

Both Facebook and Twitter offer no-do-follow backlinks so neither are good for SEO if you take things from this point of view. Even though I think both the domains are a Google PR10. Amazing!

I tried out the download called “Tweetdeck“. It’s for Twitter if you are not aware. It makes the interface more attractive. But after about half-hour of using it, I’ve found that it’s conflicting with my Yahoo Messenger. Bye-bye Tweetdeck.

You’ll have possibly seen the add-ons in the sidebar there – lower down. My tweets on Twitter. That may get the chop soon.

You know the saying… “horses for courses”.

I sense this horse (meaning me – the Twit – ever) is not a horse for the social media course. I’ve seen success from StumbleUpon – no, not for this blog but from 3 people I have spoken to only recently. Tia, Gera (who helped Tia see her great SU spike in such a short time span), and Oliver del Ben.

Oliver showed me his ‘SU spike’ (I’m discussing StumbleUpon, ok…) which was something around the 40k visitors within a couple of days (correct me if I’m wrong there Oliver – my memory these days is something like a sieve!). That was for a post on “math tricks”. And he is ranking now fairly well in Google for that term, even though he has not backlinked to the post himself.

Shows you just how effective social media can actually be where SEO is concerned. But you have to harness it reasonably tightly I think, otherwise it just becomes a mess up.

Thus, if I am to court social media (apart from blog commenting, and apart from my own blog here – all my other sites are product-based sites) then I will focus on StumbleUpon, far more than any of the others anyhow (well, we’ll see – I’m still Twit – using as it breaks the day up a bit). So thanks here to Tia, to Gera, and to Oliver!

Remember I mentioned a couple of weeks back about my own name being outranked in Google? Well, there seems to be no change there. And we can’t be having that.

Further, my own exact match domain has not risen in the rankings whatsoever. I looked on HideMyAss proxy today (Scroogle* apparently has a malware infection, so it’s not anything to do with Google this time, which is a relief as I prefer Scroogle to HMA – it’s tidier). HMA has my own domain, namely (there, that’s the very first backlink to it) way down in about 65th. (In Scroogle it’s 72nd).

I am talking about getting together and sharing ideas with equally motivated people on the internet, regardless of where they are from. After all, should we not embrace the fact that the internet provides us so much more opportunity of doing this now.

Never before has this been as easy as it is now – discussing ideas online with very similar-minded people as ourselves from all around the globe. Don’t you think that we should grasp this opportunity with both horns and set off at a pace with it? I do!

So, other than the above, today I have been spending a bit more time on the old eBay sites. The problem I’m finding now is that those ones I have rehashed over the past week or 2 are in need of constant babysitting.

I need to go back to them each day and sort outposts and tweak things that I forgot to do. No worries – it takes about 20 – 30 mins per site at the moment and that will drop down eventually. I spend about 2 hours a day (when I can) doing this.

My other SEO work (which at this time includes not too much in the way of article writing, and no article directory submissions at all), is targeted at the UK site that I’ve been discussing (the client site) and also at some of my AdSense sites. Including that financial one too, which I am expecting to see some more clicks from fairly soon due to a re-rank for a few easy peezy keyword phrases.

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And occasionally I backlink to the travel site, which has taken a bit of a back-seat once again. I’m too stretched to be doing so much. Nevertheless, I checked in HideMyAss for 3 fairly highly-searched keyword phrases that I have had my eyes on.


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