Social Media Marketing Strategies – Advantages and Disadvantages
Social Media Marketing Strategies – Advantages and Disadvantages

Social media marketing is the process of diverting website attention or traffic through the use of social media sites. Social Media Marketing Strategies – Advantages and Disadvantages on efforts to come up with contents that can attract attention and encourage readers to share them with their own social networks.

When a corporate message is transmitted this way, it presumably resonates and spreads faster from one user to another simply because it seems to be coming from a known and credible, third party source, unlike one coming directly from the company or brand itself. This form of word-of-mouth-driven marketing results to earned media as opposed to paid media.Social Media Marketing Strategies – Advantages and Disadvantages

Social networks have become an easily accessible platform to anyone with access to the internet.  For organizations, the increased volume of communication enhances brand awareness that often results to better customer service.  In addition, the medium serves as a low-cost platform for businesses to launch social media marketing campaigns in.

Social media marketing statistics don’t lie:

Following are some significant statistics that highlight the importance of social media marketing and why businesses today must come up with marketing campaigns that specifically target the vast online user market.

  • Online users in the 25 to 54 age range are 23% more likely to follow brands through social networking than the average American internet user.
  • According to Gartner, failing to respond through social channels can lead to as much as 15% agitation rate for existing clients. This is because customers are turning to social media venues to raise questions or vent their frustrations.
  • Users engage more with branded content that contains videos (37%), status updates (40%), and pictures (44%).
  • Shoppers using Facebook are 9 times more likely to share product-related contents with their friends.
  • 20% of Facebook users have made at least 1 purchase because of comments or advertisements they saw on the site.
  • American consumers using Twitter, on the average, follow about 9 retail companies.
  • Tweets with 1 or 2 hashtags get 21% increased engagement than those with hashtags of 3 or more.
  • Food-related content is the top category of Pinterest where 57% of the total users interact.

Launch an effective social media marketing campaign:

To make social media marketing work for you, there are some things that you have to consider from the start.  You network in order to learn, connect, and share with others who have the knowledge or skills that you do not have.  Social media is a wide field with lots of options as to the platform you can use for your specific purpose.  It would be a bad idea to just dive in using the first available platform or applying a social media marketing strategy simply because everyone else is using it.First, you have to define your reasons for joining a social network because this will make it easy for you to choose and pinpoint the specific platform that will best serve your needs.  If you intend to show off a lot of designs and images, then Twitter will not work for you.  You will be better off with Facebook or Pinterest.  Social networks have different fields of focus and it will serve you well to know what these are.  Only then can you proceed with your campaign.Social Media Marketing Strategies – Advantages and Disadvantages

Here are five tips that can help you succeed in your efforts as well as keep your campaign on a personal level that will appeal more to social network users.

  • Be Active – Relationships revolve around shared experiences, and the same applies to your business’ relationship with your target market among social network users.  Social media involves engaging actively with, and among users.  But your potential clients will not initiate communication, so you have to sustain contact and begin building relationships.
  • Be Interesting – Your customers will only engage with you only if they find compelling and interesting reasons to do so.  Get in touch with them to find out what they would like to hear from you.  Then create and post contents that will meet their expectations.
  • Be Humble – Each social media platform is governed by its own rules and traditions.  Before coming in, take the time to research and understand these so you will know how best to approach the particular social network. Arrogance will only turn people away.
  • Be Informal – Talk to your clients like they are your friends, and in no time, they really will be.  Social network users like to relate to you in an informal way.  There is no need to come up with professionally written blogs or spend on a professional-looking Twitter presence.
  • Be Honest – If you make a mistake and it appears online, just admit it and apologize.  Then move on.  There is no use in trying to hide it because you can’t.  It will only backfire.

Advantages of social media marketing:

Following are some of the more significant benefits you can get from social media marketing.

  • Social media offers marketers a venue to utilize their customers’ creativity in promoting their message, and that usually comes at a very low cost.
  • It allows marketers to get deeper into their target demographic and lets them interact with their prospective clients in a venue preferred and chosen by the latter.
  • Social networks provide opportunities to establish personal, direct contact that are otherwise not readily accessible in traditional marketing campaigns.

Disadvantages of social media marketing:

On the other hand, there are also downsides to social media marketing that you have to prepare for.

  • Bad news can spread as quickly as good ones, and the same network that can be very useful to your business can likewise be a channel to propagate negative messages.
  • Online reputation monitoring becomes mandatory for companies using social media tactics.  It is important, for example, to have an online PR team whose job is to respond promptly to anything said about the company online.


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