Some necessary factors to consider when buying outdoor led advertising signs


LED signs have been used by a variety of industries to attract consumers and strengthen their brand. When installed in a high traffic or high exposure area, outdoor led advertising signs are proven to increase the business’s visibility and by 95%, which leads to render the highest marketing returns on investment.

However, there is a wide variety of LED signs available in the market, but not all of them will go to meet your requirements. So, below are a few things you must consider when purchasing an outdoor led advertising sign. Please read them carefully and decide in your favor.

  1. Brightness

Brightness is probably the most crucial factor to consider when choosing an outdoor led advertising sign, followed closely by contrast. Right brightness and contrast displays are especially important if they are going to be exposed to direct sunlight.

Even if you are willing to mount it under an awning, most screens will not be bright enough to display easily visible messages unless they have brightness ratings of 2,000 units or higher. A nit is the unit for measuring brightness output. If you are not installing direct contact with sunlight, cheap outdoor led signs will work best for you.

  1. Water and moisture resistance

Since outdoor led advertising signs are supposed to be installed outdoor, they are likely to encounter adverse weather conditions, such as heavy rain. You need to ensure the desired LED panels can operate between the range of 70-77 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity in the range of 35-65 percent.

Furthermore, IP (ingress protection) measures water resistance and protection against other solid objects. It is advised to look for a high IP rating to prevent both solid object and water intrusion.

  1. Viewing distance

Up to how far will people be able to see what your LED sign displays? As per studies, you can read 20-inch letters at a distance of 600 feet and 2-inch letters from 60 feet.

When thinking about viewing distance, also keep the sign pitch in mind. Signs with a higher pitch or pixels are best for viewing at a distance, while those with a lower pitch are better for close-up viewing.

  1. Temperature range

Thanks to modern technology, many LED signs are capable of operating under extreme temperature conditions. Just makes sure it has an operating range between -40 to 122-degree Fahrenheit when buying cheap outdoor led signs

Wrapping up

Outdoor led advertising signs can make a huge difference in the benefits you used to earn. Besides that, it improve the brand image among people. Keep all the above information in mind when you buy it and enjoy the path to success.





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