Older people find it difficult to obtain a loan or insurance. For credit organizations, seniors do not enjoy an excellent profile, all the more so if their ages exceed the life expectancy of the French. Thus, it is particularly difficult to find a good offer of complementary health care for the elderly. All the same, here are the avenues to explore to find the best senior mutual.

The special situation of the elderly vis-à-vis insurers

Seniors find it difficult to take out credit or take out insurance. Banks and insurers consider the risk of death to be quite high. This can prematurely terminate the signed contract and lead to fairly significant losses for the credit organization. This situation pushes financial institutions to impose rather restrictive conditions. Seniors must prove that they are in good health before obtaining any loan or any coverage. For this, medical records will be required.

In all cases, the insurance premiums requested will be much higher than those of a traditional mutual. Senior citizens do need a number of additional guarantees. It will be necessary to ensure that the costs of hospitalization are properly covered. From the age of 60, the French spend an average of 5 days a year in the hospital. To limit expenses, good health coverage is essential. Seniors also use alternative medicine. Hence the interest in choosing a formula offering a satisfactory reimbursement.

Nevertheless, the elderly can find the best complementary health offer. Currently, countless insurance companies are competing fiercely. Some insurers try to stand out by offering an advantageous rate.

More and more specialized organizations are now present on the internet. They offer several forms of health care coverage. Some even have a mutual local authority attractive to civil servants.

Choosing the best senior mutual: points to take into account

Senior citizens can access two types of formulas.

Group mutuals correspond to complementary health insurance taken out by the employer. When retiring, the employee has the option of keeping this coverage. Nevertheless, he pays all the contributions.

By opting for an individual mutual, the elderly will be entitled to a tailor-made contract. Thus, the subscriber will choose the guarantees that seem essential to him. However, insurers often rely on standardized offers aimed at individuals over the age of 55. This includes coverage of hospital costs and treatment associated with alternative medicine. Some establishments also reimburse the amounts spent to hire a caregiver.

To quickly find the formula best suited to your situation, you just need to do some research on the web.


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