Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Day

We understand that weddings are expensive but certain ways can help can cut costs without anyone even noticing. Such ways are not only smart but will help you save a lot of money in various ways. The best part about these ways is that they are very much feasible and easy to do that you will find a piece of cake while implementing them. So, if you are looking for such ways to pare down your wedding budget then you have come to the right place. Starting from the guest list to the entertainment, here are several easy wedding details that can be modified to help you without any hassle.

Begin with trimming down your guest list 

We know it’s not easy to cut down the list as it gets hard to even consider celebrating your special day without certain people, but if you cut your guest list things will surely get easy for you! This will also reduce your budget. Though there are certain banquet halls in South Delhi that charge rental of their venues whatever the guest count be but you will be able to save on per plate as well as invitation costs.

Go for an off-season date

The location, as well as the date of your wedding, can also affect your wedding budget. Trust us, even the location of your wedding can also help you save a lot of money. You can book the destination venue for the off-season or during one of the general shoulder seasons. This will help you even afford your dream venue in a lesser amount.

Opt for a residential venue 

If you host all the functions in one place then it will also help you save some good bucks! If your cocktail, mehendi and wedding are all booked at one resort then it will help you will cut travel time for vendors you’d have to pay by the hour.

Choose green elements over floral décor 

This is not only light on your pocket but it is also trending at this point. People are opting for foliage over flowers for their functions’ décor. It looks gorgeous, it’s super popular right now too. You can use garlands to fill your tables and drape your altar and make your venue look all dreamy too. Green is the colour of the season and lets you have something in sync with the latest décor trends. You can ask your decorator to go for it and make it a part of your theme as well.

Ditch expensive blooms and go for a lesser number

If you are keen on going for floral décor then you can go for less expensive ones. Also, ask your decorator to source two types of stems, which can be bought in bulk that can help you save big bucks. You should also consider sticking to flowers in a similar colour scheme or shape for a more cohesive look of your décor.

E-invites to your rescue

Getting those fancy invites designed and printed with costly favours can be expensive. Being in the digital age has so many advantages and one of them is sending invites via WhatsApp or emails. You can get an attractive creative or video made and send it across to your near and dear ones. This will help you save a good amount of money saved.

Hire multiple services from one vendor

Certain vendors can offer multiple services at a very reasonable cost. Some wedding venues also offer wedding planning services. You can ask them to provide other services at a lesser cost as well. Above all, they can also help you, other vendors, at a reasonable cost as they are in touch with so many on the daily basis. All you need to be is smart while booking them so that it can help you save some good amount of money and that too without compromising with anything.

Book freelancers or associates

Some people may refrain from this as they may doubt their services but trust us, freelancer vendors such as makeup artists, photographers, decorators or even creative designers can also give the best of services. They are trained properly under popular professionals who can offer all the services as per your choice and that too at reasonable rates. You can ask about booking a photographer, band or DJ’s associate. Sometimes, even the great vendors themselves can recommend another person who works for them at a lower price, meaning you get a similar vibe and quality, just not the one most in demand.

All these tips and tricks can help you at various steps of wedding planning. You need to stick to them as well as your budget and be smart while booting the vendors. Such tricks can easily be followed as well as beneficial too. We hope this helps you in the best way without any last-minute panics and wedding planning anxiety!

Happy Planning!


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