Spotify Premium free for 3 months thanks to the new free trial that offers 90 days of streaming music for free. Here’s how to activate the offer.

New Spotify Premium offers to have the free trial extended to three months. Try Spotify Premium for free, which normally requires the payment of a monthly subscription equal to 9.99 euros per month to listen to music in streaming without ads and interruptions. Spotify Premium free for three months, however, will not be valid for everyone: how does it work?

The new trial period of Spotify will allow users to get a precise idea of ​​the benefits of the paid service, including the ability to choose the songs to play and listen to in the mobile app for iOS and Android.

Spotify premium free for three months: how the free trial works

The previous trial period for Spotify Premium included a 30-day free trial, while the three-month offer was usually reserved on certain occasions for 0.99 cents.

Now Spotify Premium free for three months becomes the default and default option for all users who choose to try the music streaming service for the first time.

The trial can only be applied to users who activate the free period for the first time: if you have already done so before, you will need to create a new account.

The three-month free trial will be extended both for single plans and for the student option (which allows you to have Spotify Premium for only 5 euros per month if you are enrolled at a school or university) also involving the Family plan (which allows you to split a subscription by sharing the same home address).

Spotify, therefore, aligns itself with the competition, which sees Apple Music as its main competitor (which has been offering its users the trial period set at three months for some time). At the end of the 90 days provided, the monthly cost of Spotify Premium will be automatically charged according to the payment method entered during registration.

How it works and costs of the cheap subscription for two

How Spotify Premium works, the option allows you to split the subscription and pay less for the service to stream music. Here’s how much it costs.

What it is and how it works Spotify Premium: a new offering for the most used music streaming app in the world. The service, as we know, also offers a paid version called Spotify Premium, without advertising and with the ability to download music to listen to offline. Now the Swedish company launches Spotify Premium, less expensive than the traditional offer to be shared between two users.

The traditional subscription has a monthly price of 9.99 euros but can also be divided through Spotify Family by more users, to pay less through a cheaper offer. Spotify Premium Duo will allow you to divide it between two users, halving the initial costs.

Spotify Premium: price, how it works, and how to activate

Spotify Premium is currently also including a new themed playlist called Mix, which is automatically generated based on the listening habits of the two subscribers.

How much? About 12.99 euros per month, in this way the Spotify Premium subscription can be divided between two users for 6.50 euros per month.

Currently, it is already possible to pay less for Spotify through the Family plan, which allows up to 6 accounts to share the service for the total price of 14.99 euros per month. However, this type of subscription has over time become a kind of frustration for the music streaming platform, given the obligation to coexist at the same address for all members of the program.

The address verification option could arrive over the next few months, also to counter the widespread illegal methods to get Spotify Premium Apk for free.

Sharing the same address is a fundamental requirement for all users who choose to activate the dedicated plan during the activation phase: those who have never had Premium can take advantage of the trial service and those who already have a single plan active can simply switch to Premium Duo from the settings (obviously involving another user). However, playlists, albums, and listening preferences remain separate.

How to make money with a Spotify playlist?

Is it possible to make money by creating Spotify playlists? Here’s how monetization works on the music streaming platform.

Can you get paid to create Spotify playlists? Those who use the Spotify app to listen to music will have asked themselves this question at least once. Well, the answer is yes: you can make money through Spotify. Music playlist curators are a growing market and represent an interesting revenue opportunity for labels, companies, young artists, and music platforms themselves.

At the same time, the competition to enter this market grows.

To earn money with Spotify as an artist, by sharing your songs on the web and publishing them in the form of playlists, the earnings will be assessed based on the ratings of all the songs entered. So the more tracks are included in the playlist, the more the earning possibilities increase. For greater visibility, it is important to assign a label to the playlist (Mood or musical genre).

Spotify pays 70% of its earnings in music rights to the labels, and from 0.04 cents to 0.07 cents per listen.

Spotify: How To Make Money With A Random Playlist?

But can a normal person, an ordinary user, make money thanks to playlists created on Spotify? Basically, to generate revenue from a playlist you need to create value – for the artist or record companies on the list so that users decide to follow and listen to it regularly. The more followers on that playlist grow, the more Spotify will pay for the plays. Therefore having many followers (with active Premium subscription) on Spotify becomes essential if you want to increase your earnings.

In 2018, a random playlist created in Bulgaria allowed its creator to earn € 200,000. How was this possible? Someone activated 1,200 Spotify Premium accounts and created a playlist with 467 songs by semi-known artists consisting of songs of 40 seconds on average (30 seconds is the minimum length required for a track to monetize on Spotify). Perhaps using bots, he played the playlist 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, from all accounts until the playlist climbed all the positions on the site. This borderline method did not violate the regulation of the site: even if the real audience data was falsified, Spotify in fact collected the rights regularly.

Spotify: turning music into a landscape with musicScapes

Spotify: here’s how to turn your streaming music into a unique and original landscape thanks to musicScapes.

Your Spotify music becomes a landscape: it is possible thanks to musicScapes, a fun online application capable of accessing the music listened to on the popular streaming music service and transforming it into a real environmental scenario made of lights, shapes, and colors.

What does the music you listen to on Spotify look like? Thanks to musicales, just one click is enough to transform your music into a beautiful landscape worthy of the best mental journeys (which everyone does while listening to songs, songs, and streaming music in total relaxation).

The software in question is based on artificial intelligence capable of reworking the last 50 songs and melodies listened to on Spotify, drawing a landscape of pure fantasy and personalized, one of a kind. Here’s how it works.

Will Spotify cost more for iPhone? Company threatens to rise in prices

Spotify denounces Apple to the European Antitrust for the excessive costs applied by the App Store and threatens a price increase for iOS users: will the service cost more for iPhone?

Spotify will cost more for iPhone: this is the veiled threat that came directly from the top of the popular service to listen to music in streaming, which recently denounced Apple to the European Antitrust. The hypothesis of an increase in the prices of Spotify Premium for iOS users could soon become reality due to the policies applied by Cupertino for the applications present in the App Store.

According to Spotify, Apple would counter competing apps, in favor of its Apple Music streaming service, with excessive costs for the permanence of the applications on the digital store for iOS that could soon lead to the app costing more only on the iPhone and iPad. A delicate question now at the center of the EU Antitrust, which did not lack the prompt response from Cupertino.


Spotify vs Apple: price hike on iPhone?

Apple applies a 30% share of the total purchases made through the App Store: from Netflix to Spotify, no one is immune to the duties applied by iOS, except for the native apps of the bitten apple including the direct competitor Apple Music.

Daniel Ek, CEO of Spotify, spoke directly on the issue, stressing that “companies like ours must operate in an ecosystem where fair competition is not only encouraged, but guaranteed. To avoid any kind of discrimination, Spotify has chosen to report Apple to the European Commission after careful consideration. In recent years, Apple has introduced some rules in the App Store that voluntarily limit choice by hindering innovation at the expense of the user experience. Apple acts as both an operator and an arbiter to harm other app developers. We have tried unsuccessfully to solve the problems directly with Apple, now we ask for direct intervention from the European Commission to ensure fair competition ».

It is precisely concerning the infamous 30% tax that Ek speaks for the first time of an increase in the monthly cost of Spotify Premium: “By continuing to pay this tax, we would be forced to inflate the price of the Spotify Premium subscription which would become more cost. of Apple Music. We cannot afford it, in the desire to maintain a competitive price for our customers ».

Spotify vs Apple: Cupertino’s response lasts

Ek continued his harsh speech against Apple highlighting how some technical restrictions are applied on iOS if you choose not to pay the famous 30% tax: «they limit our communication with users. There have been cases where we have not been able to email our customers using Apple devices. Furthermore, our updates aimed at improving the user experience are systematically blocked.

Apple has harshly responded to Spotify’s complaint through a long post on its official website: “Spotify has been using the benefits of the App Store and our ecosystem for years, including substantial revenue from iOS users, to grow its business. Now it is trying to keep all the benefits of our ecosystem without making any contributions to our store. Spotify without the App Store would not be at current economic levels.

Cupertino’s allegations went even further than the issue, underlining the Swedish society’s treatment of the artists featured on the popular platform: “Behind the rhetoric, Spotify’s goal is to earn more from the work of artists, musicians, and songwriters. It’s not just the App Store that’s trying to squeeze. Just this week, Spotify sued numerous creatives after a US Copyright Royalty Board ruling that Spotify would raise royalty payments. A real step backward for the music industry ».

In short, a real war for music streaming has begun and the users could be the losers. Currently, the European Antitrust Authority is carefully evaluating the issue and the possible decision will come over the next few months.



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