In recent years, cryptocurrency – a relatively new concept in the financial world – has attracted the great attention of financiers, investors and everyone who dreams of making quick money. The entire global financial community today is observing the unprecedented growth of Bitcoin and Ethereum rates, which in just a couple of years showed significant rate gains. With the growing popularity, natural doubts began to appear about the advisability of investing in cryptocurrency, whose rate can both collapse by 30-40% in a short period of time, and soar, reaching new highs.
On the one hand, cryptocurrency is the ability to make payment transactions cheaply and quickly. The largest payment systems, such as Visa and Mastercard, have developed the so-called Crypto Card Partner Program, the aims of which are to simplify the storage and turnover of cryptocurrencies as much as possible. PayPal started to allow their users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies using their accounts. Other companies followed on them.
The blockchain technology itself has proven its high reliability in comparison with traditional methods of recording and storing data. Even some developed countries released their own cryptocurrency linked to national currency, and transferred public registers to the blockchain.
On the other hand, working with cryptocurrency is still rather complicated process, filled with many nuances and obstacles.
Due to the lack of regulations and transparency of the rules of the game, many crypto enthusiasts and promising high-tech startups remained in the “gray zone” for a long time, being in a semi-legal status and risking freezing of accounts and cards at any mention of cryptocurrencies in their activities.
However, since cryptocurrency has become more and more popular as a financial instrument, many entrepreneurs had to come to terms with this fact. Some investors have realized that it is necessary to investigate the cryptocurrency market as closely as possible in order to gain the knowledge necessary to conduct successful financial activities in the future. Other representatives of the business sphere decided to use cryptocurrency themselves in their operations, which allowed them to significantly expand the sphere of influence of their companies.
In order to operate with cryptocurrencies professionally and have an access to fiat currencies and traditional financial instruments, in fact, as for any other financial activity, it is advisable to obtain an appropriate license.
Estonia is one of the most profitable countries for obtaining a crypto license today. The government welcomes ICO, blockchain and everything related to cryptocurrencies in general. In this jurisdiction, a license can be obtained in a relatively short time due to proper preparation and analysis of data connected with the company’s business activities. Another advantage of this jurisdiction is its cheapness.
Switzerland, with its long tradition of political and economic stability and highly skilled workforce, provides a flexible framework for blockchain projects. The only drawback of this jurisdiction is that for some startups it may be too expensive; however, you can hardly find a steeper jurisdiction than this one.
Such countries as the United Kingdom, Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Gibraltar, Singapore, Japan, Labuan, Australia, the USA are also reliable jurisdictions for registering cryptocurrency entrepreneurial projects. Clients trust these countries, so having an appropriate structure is a big benefit to your reputation.
The process of obtaining licenses in order to carry out activities related to cryptocurrency is a laborious task that is time consuming and requires serious preparation. Professional support is the key to success in solving this objective. It is also important to take care of structuring the business during the post-licensing phase and ensure the cash flow is arranged in the interests of the project.
Eternity Law International is one of the leading law firms providing professional assistance to projects dealing with cryptocurrencies. It is internationally operating company offering legal services to businesses of various nature. Their specialists will analyze a project, advise the possible courses of action, select jurisdiction specifically for your needs and will be engaged in turnkey legal support to achieve the best results.
In addition, Eternity Law International offers a large list of ready-made companies that have licenses to carry out cryptocurrency activities. Taking into account marketing conditions of the recent years, it is important not only to save money, but also to save the time that is so necessary for integration of a new company into the corresponding market niche.
Obtaining a cryptocurrency license is not only a laborious process, but also a time consuming. An entrepreneur has no way of knowing how long he or she will have to wait to receive his⁄her license. However, all this time, that entrepreneur spends waiting, could be used for every possible introduction of the company into operation. That is why the acquisition of ready-made company greatly simplifies the licensing task both for startups and existing market players who dream to expand their business.
Eternity Law International offers companies with cryptocurrency licenses covering the regions of the USA, EEA, CIS, Asia, the Middle East and many other countries that are trusted by the industry and are in sufficient demand.
In addition, the list of Eternity Law International offers is rapidly growing and
further expands the boundaries to satisfy the clients needs.


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