To download, and introduce Canon printer arrangement on your gadget, go to Visit Canon’s true site to figure out how to introduce the Canon printer drivers and programming.


System to Download Canon Printer Drivers 


You’ll require drivers and programming on your gadget to run your printer and get the prints you really want for your creation. The printing order is shipped off the printer by the drivers, who permit printing. We should begin.


  • To begin with, Turn on both the printer and your gadget.
  • Presently go to in your program.
  • Then, in the Model Number Search bar, type in your model number.
  • Then press the “Go” button.
  • To finish the arrangement, click Download and follow the on-screen steps.
  • You can track down it in the download organizer once the system is finished.
  • You should introduce the Canon Printer drivers, on the whole, guarantee that the printer is associated with the gadget.
  • Then, pursue the arrangement opening the arrangement record in the Downloads organizer.
  • A short time later, select the Install choice and follow the on-screen bearings to finish the establishment.
  • System to Install Canon Printer Drivers Through
  • To introduce a Canon printer driver, keep the rules given here.


Method to Set Up Canon Printer interestingly

In this aide, we’ll help you through these means to get your first printed duplicate utilizing your Canon printer. You can track down these guidelines at too.


  1. Remove the Canon printer from its bundle.
  2. Then, search for the manual to guarantee you haven’t ignored anything significant.
  3. Presently, click the power button to turn it on.
  4. Place a piece of paper in the paper plate.
  5. Now, the printer ought to be turned on.
  6. Place the cartridges and pieces of paper in the information and result plate, individually.
  7. The printer has now been turned on and is prepared to utilize.
  8. Turn on your printer and follow the on-screen orders.
  9. Settle on a favored language.
  10. The printer first prints a test print to arrange the frameworks. This implies the printer chooses where to print on the piece of paper.
  11. Verify whether the print satisfies your assumptions. On the off chance that not, go into the settings and reset the networks.
  12. Set the PCB on to fit the scanner.
  13. A while later, run the filtering system.
  14. Then, at that point, at the lower part of the section, click the Canon support interface to download the essential programming.
  15. In the pursuit bar, type the name of your printer’s item, or select the right printer family starting from the drop menu under ‘select item.’
  16. The model and the chronic number of your printer can be found on the front, on the crate, and in the manual.
  17. Select the working framework you need to introduce the printer on, similar to Windows 10 or macOS, under Drivers.
  18. Click on Download.
  19. Presently you can begin utilizing the product.
  20. Pick whether you wish to interface with the printer through WiFi or a printer wire.
  21. The product is not difficult to introduce and just requires a couple of moments.
  22. Go to your printer’s Settings, then, at that point, Device Settings, lastly Wireless LAN Settings.
  23. Starting from the drop choice, pick Default Settings or Setup without link.
  24. Give your organization a novel name. SSID represents Service Set Identifier.
  25. Then, Enter the secret phrase for your WiFi organization.
  26. Click the OK button.
  27. Print the principal page and snatch a printout from the printer.
  28. The printer is presently arranged. Make your first print to get everything rolling.


Methodology to Set Up Canon Printer Connection Using USB Wire

To set up the association utilizing USB wire, essentially follow the means illustrated underneath:


  • USB wire ports are perceived for being utilized to plug USB or Ethernet links into your gadget or organization switch.
  • One implicit Ethernet port associates most gadgets to an associated network.
  • USB and Ethernet links are not equivalent to the ones you use to associate your gadget.
  • Interface the USB wire to two ports on your printer and one on your gadget.
  • Presently, introduce the arrangement by following the on-screen steps.


Download printer drivers by going to and looking for the model number of your printer.

  • Presently, pick your association type, pick your association type by double tapping the Canon symbol.
  • Then, turn your printer on by tapping the power button to turn on your printer.
  • A while later, Press the WIFI alert button to turn on the printer’s remote association.
  • Presently, to finish the establishment, click the “I concur” button subsequent to perusing the Terms and Agree.
  • At last, to complete the establishment, click the Finish button.


How do I connect my canon mg3500 printer to Wi-Fi

The most effective method to associate the ordinance mg3500 to Wi-Fi on a remote organization utilizing a Windows PC and Wi-Fi safeguarded arrangement or WPS. Ensure that your printer is connected and turned on approval for interface standard printer to wifi. Close to the power button will be lit. At the point when the printer is on press and hold the Wi-Fi button on the printer until the golden alert light blazes.


When Wi-Fi button after the blaze. Ensure the Wi-Fi light is blazing rapidly and power light is on while the Wi-Fi light is blazing. Press and hold the WPS button on your remote switch or passage. You might see a button that resembles this relying upon your switch. Whenever the Wi-Fi light beginnings blazing both the Wi-Fi and on light change from glimmering to consistent. The printer and remote switch are associated now and prepared to interface standard printer on windows and macintosh.


Steps to interface a standard pixma mg3500 remote printer to Wi-Fi

Introduce the product embed the packaged disc rom that accompanied your associate ordinance mg3500 to WiFi into your PC. Download the establishment records from the standard site by visiting canon ij setup . Follow these connections to introduce driver and programming for the mg 3500 printer. Open the downloaded document on your PC to get everything rolling audit the data on the initial screen. Click Next the arrangement guide will currently be introduced. Select remote association as your association strategy. Additionally, read on group printer disconnected issues.


Click Next to affirm your printer is on. Click associate with the organization. Click the WPS button the association by a WPS arrangement screen will show up. Next two screens, click Next a rundown of uses will seem click Next the License Agreement. Screen will be shown click yes to go on with the establishment. Go on with the establishment the product will currently be introduced. May require a few minutes when the arrangement of fulfillment discourse box shows up. Click total the printhead arrangement screen will be shown. Next click Next to complete the product arrangement right now you will be provoked to enlist your item. In the event that you decide to enroll as of now another window will open after enlistment is finished. You can go on with the establishment. Presently the test print window is shown and interface printer to wifi.


Interfacing standard pixma mg3500 printer to Wi-Fi

Assuming that you might want to make a test print load plain paper into the printer. Click execute after test printing click Next you can skirt the test printing. Just clicking next once you see the establishment finished effectively screen click exit to finish the establishment and Connect ordinance mg3500 to Wi-Fi and print on remote organization.


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