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With global Corona cases over 25 million, one thing is certain – Corona shall stay for long! While hopes are high that a country or two will soon come up with a vaccine; it still will take a couple of years to return everything to normal.  So, the only choice that remains is – living with the ‘new normal’. People won’t have to adjust only their daily lives but also their businesses as per the ‘new norm’. Just like almost all other industries, the print business has also been facing a tough time. 

If you are a print business owner, the very first thing you must do is open up an online print store to fight the crisis. This is no longer a ‘success hack’ now but the need of the hour amid this time of uncertainty. 

Get to know the surefire strategies to navigate your online store through the prevailing COVID-19 crisis.  Read on to know the success hacks for your online print business for 2020-2021.

  • Stay Fit – Mentally and Physically

A day of worry can make you tired far more than a day of actual work! Therefore, the first and foremost thing to do is to keep worries at bay. Accept the reality today, keep calm, and be patient. In addition to being calm, you must also keep yourself fit and healthy.

Without a fit body and calm mind, steering your business amid this pandemic would be too ‘tough’. Accept the ‘reality’ – the impact of Corona on your business. However, instead of fretting and affecting your health, try to find out the best possible solution(s) to mitigate that impact. 

  • Communicate ‘More’ –

It is high time you understood the importance of turning your professional connection into more of a personal connection. Let your customers know that you value them and care for them. 

There may be shipment delays, reduced support staff, and other issues; and you must convey all of it to your customers. Keep your operations known and transparent to avoid any chances of customers’ distrust in your brand. The more clearly and transparently you communicate with your customers, the better your customers will connect with you. This will help you maintain your brand’s credibility, retain existing customers, and attract new customers. 

A few particular practices you can follow to keep transparency intact are:

  • Keep your customers abreast of their shipment status. Convey shipping information from the point of order placement until the point of the doorstep delivery clearly and distinctly through emails and messages. Let them know if a delay is likely to occur and of how many days. 
  • Update your FAQs section with all the relevant and possible questions and answers people may have in their minds regarding deliveries, returns, or payment modes, product availability, etc. owing to the ongoing pandemic.
  • If your budget allows, consider compensating for over-delayed deliveries in the form of vouchers or gift cards. This act will help customers realize the graveness of the situation and they will acknowledge the level of your commitment towards fulfilling your customers’ orders in tough times. You can also enable customers to select a delivery date of their own choice by integrating a delivery date scheduler plugin into your store backend
  • Let your customers know of all the preventive measures against the pandemic you are taking to ensure their safety.

For instance, you can introduce zero-contact delivery trending today that all the major e-commerce companies are adopting. 

Further, inform them of the safety protocols you follow at your warehouse or office and during deliveries to retain their trust. 

Ensuring that you are taking all these safety measures will also help your customers develop confidence and they won’t hesitate in placing orders out of the fear of infection. 

  • Revamp your marketing efforts

While promotional marketing is crucial even in normal times, it becomes even more crucial in tough times like these. With people across the globe bearing the brunt of Corona, normal marketing strategies that would have worked in normal days wouldn’t probably be that effective. 

You’ll have to think out-of-the-box ideas to keep your brand relevant and sales-driven.

Social media marketing today is no more a luxury – rather an indispensable strategy – especially in today’s scenario. Promote your print business on various social media platforms to project/reflect that your customers’ satisfaction is your topmost priority no matter how tough times are.

Examine your buyer’s journey and introduce some necessary changes to attract more leads towards the end of that journey and convert them.

For instance, you can offer online gift cards and discounts to encourage more customers. For first-time customers, you can also introduce some special discounts or bonus points. Similarly, you can introduce loyalty programs for your permanent customers to keep them engaged.

As offering discounts is feasible only if you have capital reserve enough to sustain your print business, ensure that you or your payment partner won’t have to face an economic crunch by offering all these discounts. Hence, calculate your budget first and go for only the possible range of offers and discounts that you can afford to give without impacting your profitability much.

Making an emotional appeal can also help. For example, you can declare that for every purchase made, you will donate a fixed percentage of an order price to the central or state COVID-19 relief fund. When customers know about your noble cause, it can encourage them to buy more from your store and support you. This can help you bring more sales more easily and faster. 

  • Revamp Your Products

Times have changed – especially more drastically since this pandemic started. People today are looking to buy not just ‘everything’ but only what they feel would be more beneficial for them in the long run. So, observe the changes in your customers’ behavioral and shopping patterns carefully and find out their present-day needs. Once you have a full idea of their needs, you can tap into them. 

For that, you will have to examine your store, determine the products that can drive high sales, and implement a full-fledged marketing strategy to drive more traction. 

Let’s say you have an online fashion store, you can focus more on promoting printed t-shirts with quotes or images on them. As work from home is still continuing across many cities and countries worldwide, people would prefer more comfortable clothing instead of a formal shirt, pair of trousers and a blazer. 

Similarly, if you have a web-to-print print store, concentrate more on products like signages, labels, and stamps, t-shirts, etc. and let people customize them for their purposes by integrating an online product design software into your store. There are a few examples to show that custom printed products can be of great help. While an NGO can design a custom t-shirt for the purpose of fund-raising, a  hospital can design a custom banner or signage to display and spread awareness about Corona among those who visit there.

In a Nutshell

Times are tough indeed, but not unmanageable. With a calm and patient approach and a few well-thought strategies, you can not only keep your brand staying afloat but also attract customers even in these tough times. Hence, it is time you bucked up for the challenges and overcome the crisis to keep making profits and stay successful.

Good luck with your online print store! 


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