Synology DS212j Setup
Synology DS212j Setup

The Synology DiskStation DS212j is the most economical DS212j wireless network storage device, including a 1.2GHz high-solution CPU. File sharing, video surveillance, data backup, media center development, centralization, and data storage, as well as document collaboration, are all advantages. The Synology DS212j is intended specifically for small and medium organizations to share data while also providing data security and file storage. It has a low power consumption, a silent operation, and a high level of dependability. The DiskStation Manager operating system is used by the Synology device. Furthermore, you can utilize this storage device with simplicity; all you need to do is connect it to a reliable network connection. To make things easier to use, a number of attributes have introduced.

Installation of the Synology DiskStation 2-Bay Network Attached Storage DS212j-

However, The Synology DS212J NAS HDD installation is broken down into the following steps. Everything is detailed here.

1. The substance of the packaging

If the packaging box is fresh, unbox it. Some accessories were included in the package, including:

  • Synology DiskStation DS212j NAS- 1 Main unit
  • AC power cord
  • AC Power adapter
  • 2M RJ-45 LAN cable
  • 1 Main unit
  • Disc for installation
  • Screws for securing the Synology case-3
  •  Hard drive screws (10)

Installation of Synology DiskStation DS212j NAS Hard Disk

The hard drive installation procedure is as follows. All of them are listed in order below. Let’s put it to good use and install a hard drive on your DS212j.

  • Firstly, invert the NAS and move it by grasping the device’s outside portion.
  • Now that it’s open, remove the upper cover and install the NAS’s ds212j hard disc capacity.
  • You’ll have to slide the hard disc into the hard drive bay and move it step by step until it’s linked to the SATA connector in this manner. With the come-up unit screws, properly connect the hard disc.
  •  Replace the upper section of the NAS and install the hard disc properly.
  • Using the AC power adapter, connect the power port of the Synology DiskStation DS212j NAS. Plug the power adapter into a different port on the outlet.
  • Connect this wireless NAS to your router’s internet connection as well. Connect the Etherent cable to the LAN port on your router and your device.
  • To start the system, press the power button on your NAS device.
  • If the Synology NAS DS212j’s signal light blinks, it implies the device is online and visible from your computer.

Synology ds212j software download instructions for Windows

The instructions for installing DSM software on a NAS from Windows are listed below.

  • Firstly, insert the CD or disc into your computer and select the “Start” option.
  • finish the Synology SD212j setup, follow the on-screen instructions.
  • To access the web administration page for this NAS, go to
  • On your computer screen, the Synology Assistant web administration page will be displayed.
  •  It displays the status of your Diskstation NAS, IP-, however, it should not be installed.
  • Then, Double-tap on the name of your NAS to get straight to the Synology ds212j setup wizard page.
  • Locate the NAS name and double-click the DSM folder on your installation DVD.
  • Simply go to the Synology Download Center of DSM and select the most overdue version for the ds212j ram upgrade.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete this operation and use the advanced version of this NAS.
  • The DSM can be used to administer or control the Diskstation.

Follow the steps to download the Synology ds212j assistance for Mac OS X.

The features ds212j DSM 7 download are listed below. Please tell me how to set up DSM 7 on Mac OS X.

  • Firstly, check your MAC OS X for DSM 7 compatibility first, then connect the Synology ds212j directly to your computer.
  • After that, if the software is compatible, we’ll install it.
  • Install the Disc by double-tapping on the SynologyInstall icon after connecting Synology to your Mac through ethernet.
  • Look at your computer screen now, and the screen will display. Simply navigate to the MacOSX folder and double-click Synology Assistant[number].dmg.
  • Now, double-click on Synology
  • Then, click on the Synology ds212j raid setup after entering the server information such as the administrator’s account: admin, the new password, the new password confirmation, and the server name.
  • Moreover, Finish the basic setup and start using the Synology ds212j assistance on Mac OS X.

Troubleshooting For Synology DiskStation DS212j

The following are some suggestions for resolving issues with the Synology DiskStation 2-Bay Network Attached Storage DS212j.

  • When the Synology DS212j NAS won’t turn on, you can try rebooting it. After rebooting the power of this network storage linked device, it works perfectly.
  • If is not working and you are unable to access the web administration page, reconnect your smart internet-enabled device to the internet. When your browser is updated, the login admin panel appears on your computer. So, refresh your browser and look for this address once more.
  • To access its web page, type the Synology default password and admin name.
  • If your Synology DS212j NAS continues losing network connectivity, you’ll need to reset it. To solve the problem, simply press the NAS’s reset button for two to three seconds. If the problem persists, reconnect the Etherent cable after restarting power to the router.
  • If the reset button on your Synology DS212j isn’t working. Unplug it and leave all wires connected. After a moment, reconnect the wires and press the reset button again. It should now operate.
  • As a result, If the Synology NAS DS212j is not responding or the Synology Assistant is unable to locate the NAS, please upgrade the firmware.

Synology DiskStation DS212j Reset Procedure

The instructions for resetting the Synology DS212j factory settings are as follows.

  • Firstly, locate the reset button on your Synology Ds212j NAS.
  • After that, hard reset the Synology DS212j DiskStation NAS factory default settings with a paper clip or pin.
  • You simply have to hold it for four to five seconds before releasing it when the beep sounds.

Synology DiskStation DS212J Review

The DS212j designed to provide a critical solution for the largest file storage and transfer while maintaining data security in your home. This wireless NAS has a low power consumption, reserved function, and reliability. It is also developing the DiskStation Manager (DSM) operating system. This system is especially useful for delivering benefit reduction and a mix of elements. Furthermore, this NAS’s maximum internal capacity is 8TB (2X 4TB HDD).

After logging into Synology, you can easily set up this wireless NAS with all of its settings. After entering the ds212j setup wizard page, you can also change the default password or admin name of this device. The software for the Synology Diskstation makes it simple to administer and operate this storage device. So, if you want to buy this gadget, then read the DS212j review on its selling platform and then go ahead and buy it.


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