Security and building system integration simply means combining different technologies to work together to achieve greater efficiency and mitigate risk.

System integration facilitates communication between often disparate systems that do not normally communicate. This process can increase the speed of information and reduce operational costs, resulting in improved productivity and quality of operations, all while improving safety for personnel and visitors.

Without integration technology software security systems must have different subsystems such as CCTV, BMS (Building Management System), fire, intrusion detection, access control, license plate recognition etc. all of which work independently of each other.

Investing in an integrated solution, such as Datalog, means you bring all the various systems together into one centralised platform. This not only makes them easier to manage, but it also means different areas can work together to provide a higher level of protection for the business whilst also streamlining processes, workflows, and reporting.

Integrated systems allow CCTV cameras and fire alarms, for example, to communicate with each other and operate in tandem. This makes remote monitoring easy, as something that affects one element can then trigger an appropriate response in the others, resulting in a reduction in false alarms and very importantly, quicker incident response times.

One of the main benefits of system integration is greater situation awareness; critical information is more quickly available throughout the organisation, allowing for faster more accurate decisions to be made. Proactive, real-time monitoring helps to mitigate risks while minimising disruption to the business’s core objectives.

Another benefit of consolidating operations is that it not only provides a more comprehensive approach to security that is less vulnerable to incidents and better able to respond if one occurs, but management teams can obtain centralised full reports, saving them valuable time.

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