TMJ or the Temporomandibular joint is the joint that does the work of connecting your lower jaw bone to the skull. This joint is present in the front of your ear on both sides of your head. The main function provided by this joint is the allowance to the jaws to open and shut hence enabling you to eat and talk properly.

When any kind of problem occurs in the functioning of the jaw joint then this leads to TMJ disorders. These disorders can cause it difficult to move the joint, produce pain in the face, and even make the joint tender. Usually, females are at high risk of developing this disorder than males. It is a curable kind of disorder but due to variations in its possible causes and not having knowledge about its exact cause, the difficulty is faced in detecting it and hence treating it.

Symptoms of TMJ: –

The symptoms of this disorder are usually not common in all cases. It varies depending on its severity and the cause. But the most commonly encountered symptom includes pain in the jaw and the surrounding muscles. Yet the symptoms may be sensed on one side or both sides of the face.

Following are the signs which may annoy you at times and try to alert you that you are maybe suffering from TMJ.

  • Restricted jaw movements
  • Popping sound from the TMJ site
  • Jaw muscle stiffness
  • Pain in face and neck
  • Change in the alignment of upper and lower teeth
  • Shifting of jaw position

Risks factors and causes of TMJ: –

The exact cause of TMJ is yet not known for most cases but problems in the jaw and the joint are considered to play a major role. Apart from these the various health issues that may also lead to the development of this disorder is

  • Joint erosion
  • Arthritis
  • Deformed jaw structure since birth

Apart from these, the following are also considered to be an effective risk factor for the development of TMJ

  • Poor sleep
  • Inadequate diet
  • High stress
  • Posture deformities that strain the neck and face muscles.

How can we prevent TMJ?

The possible and most effective way by exercising which you can prevent the TMJD is yet not known but here are few ways by which it can be tried to be prevented.

  • Try to reduce the symptoms by reducing stress level
  • Try to stop grinding your teeth
  • Reduce teeth grinding by lowering anxiety
  • Perform regular and required exercise
  • Take proper diet

This possible and most effective way by exercising Helps you to prevent the TMJD

Treatments for TMJ: –

The most ways employed to treat the symptoms of TMJ are by using home remedies. Some of which includes:

  • Taking ice massage which helps you to relieve pain and at least for a shorter duration you will get relief from pain
  • Reducing stress level:- Try to reduce your stress and divert your mind to another work or some other activities so It will also help you to minimize your pain and gives you the strength to fight pain.
  • Performing jaw stretching exercises. Everyone knows that exercise good for our body and face exercise is good for our jaw also. If we want to reduce jaw fat or having some kind of a pain in our jaw then we can minimize that through different exercises.
  • Avoiding chewing much.  Excess chewing helps you to reduce your jaw fat but at the time of Temporomandibular joint avoid chewing because it increases your pain again and again more.
  • Reducing jaw movements. Try to reduce jaw movements so you will get relief for some moments. Excess movements of the jaw will increase your pain and problem and more.
  • Eating light and soft food:- You can easily swallow light and soft food without or less need of chewing. Hard food needs more movement of the mouth to chew them properly and then more movements mean more pain.

But even after undergoing, these home remedies if your condition doesn’t improve then be sure to visit your doctor. Depending upon your symptoms, severity, and causes your doctor may recommend you any of the following treatments.

  • Medication: – Most commonly medicines are given to the patients to reduce the pain such as Ibuprofen and for relaxing the jaw muscles like Some, Flexeril, and Valium. Alongside if required Botox is provided to reduce the tension in the jaw nerves and muscles.
  • Stabilizers: – Bite guards and stabilization splints are provided to the patients to prevent the grinding of teeth which in turn cures the TMJD.
  • Therapy: – Cognitive-behavioral therapies are advised for the patient to reduce the stress level.
  • Surgery: – In severe cases, only the doctor recommends undergoing surgery. By surgery, replacement is done of the joints. Also where required dental correction treatments are employed to improve the alignment of the teeth or arthrocentesis is performed to remove the fluid and debris from the joint.

All the above-mentioned and other required medicines for the treatment of TMJ are readily available in online pharmacies.

Conclusion: –

Even though the severity and way of treatment of TMJ depend upon the cause of the disorder, yet changing your lifestyle and diet habits can help to a great extent to avoid and cure this disorder. Even after taking proper precautions if you experience any of the mentioned symptoms then be sure to consult your doctor and get your treatment started soon with proper medication so as to cure you at the earliest.


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