One of the reasons why Chinese chefs can make the same dish taste entirely different is how they are using seasonings. Let us find out what are these amazing seasoning that makes the same Chinese dish taste deliciously different.

Let us begin! 

Rock Sugar

Chinese rock sugar is a crystallized sugar and has a long tradition in Chinese cuisine. It was first used in traditional Chinese medicine but is mostly used to braise meats and sweeten stir-fried vegetables. It is known to lend meats a bright, shiny glaze. While less sweet than granular sugar, it is commonly used in cooking because it does not break down as easily as possible. 

Chinese Cinnamon

Chinese cinnamon is a lot different from standard cinnamon. Chinese cinnamon is darker, grayer, and looks like a tree bark, not as fragrant as normal cinnamon sticks. Customarily, it is used in Chinese food in Gainesville, FL, in braised dishes, stews, and marinades. When used, it can be pounded into a powder, or the whole bark can be put into soups and stews.


Coriander, also recognized as Cilantro or Chinese parsley, is one of those flavors that people either love or dislike. Genetics can actually play a role in whether or not you like Cilantro or think it tastes like soap. Coriander leaves are the most used in Chinese cooking for garnishing, though coriander seeds and powder are seldom used in Chinese cuisine. Seeds can be used for making curry dishes, and powder is used in fried meats and vegetables.  

White Pepper

White pepper is one of the frequently used spices in Chinese cuisine, as black pepper is used in western cooking. White pepper and black pepper have quite different flavors, even if they come from the same vine. In fact, white pepper is hotter than black pepper, and the flavor goes to the back of your mouth, so it is mostly used in soups. Outside of Sichuan cuisine, white pepper is also used to add spiciness to the dishes for the people who love eating white pepper.  


Cumin is used as a spice all over the world and is popular in some Chinese food in Gainesville, FL. The entire seed, as well as the powder, can be used in savory cuisines in Chinese food. It was expected to be taken to China through the Silk Road from the Middle East. Cumin has a spicy, bitter, and earthy aroma and is known for giving dishes an orange texture. 

Sichuan Peppercorn

Sichuan’s trademark flavor comes from Sichuan peppercorns, which are simply berries from a pinched ash tree. However, it is usually not easy to eat peppercorn directly as it is too spicy. But the flavoring and numbness that it provides when added to a dish is delightful. It may be added in the powdered, whole or ground form. 

Dry Red Chili Pepper

When it refers to dried chili peppers, the drier they are, the spicier they are. In Sichuan, the peppers come in a rich, dark red hue, but they can also be used in Hunan cuisine. They are the main ingredient in chili sauces but cannot be consumed as a whole unless you want your tongue on fire. They are often used for aromas and spices when cooking in limited amounts. 

Star Anise

Star Anise is a seasoning that is best found in slow-cooked Chinese food in Gainesville, FL. It has a rich fragrance of licorice and is shaped like an eight-pointed star. It is used to help carry out the tastes of meat when braising. It is native to China and has links to Chinese Medicine, where it has been used to treat the flu. It is harvested when it is green and dry; when it turns brown, it is used for cooking meals.  

Five Spice Powders

Five Spice Powder is the Chinese most popular seasoning because it includes several different spices that go with everything. It is made of Sichuan peppercorn, fennel, garlic, anise star, and Chinese cinnamon. It blends the five flavors of Chinese cuisine: sweet, spicy, pungent, bitter, and salty. It can be used as a beef marinade or rub, but it can also be placed on the table as a salt condiment. 


It is an essential seasoning for Chinese cuisine. Sodium is used to improve the taste of food, and it helps to cook the meal better. It is also found in stir-fried vegetable dishes and soups. It is designed to complement the current flavor of a meal. Soya sauce has a little sodium in it; this is when soy sauce is used in a meal, sodium is mostly avoided.

These top seasonings used in Chinese cuisine help bring out every meal’s unique flavor in authentic Chinese cuisines.


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