Funny Cat Videos

Like most people, you love spending time on the Internet. Whether browsing funny cat videos, looking up information on a topic you’re interested in, or simply taking a break from work, the Internet is a great place to be. And what better way to spend your time than by laughing your butt off? Below are 20 of the funniest cat videos on the Internet, so be sure to check them out if you’re in the mood for a good laugh.

Funniest Cat Videos

The Internet contains funny cat videos; we’ve compiled the best for you! Whether it’s a kitty playing fetch or a hilarious mishap, these cats have got everyone laughing out loud. So sit back and enjoy some laughs with your feline friends!

1. This kitty doesn’t understand why her mom is pushing her off the roof

2. This cat keeps trying to sneak into the food dish

3. This naughty kitty is always getting into trouble

4. This playful kitty loves to play catch

5. This curious cat is always exploring its surroundings

20 Craziest Cat Videos

There are many funny cat videos on the Internet, but these five take the cake.

1. This kitty has mastered balancing on a tight wire.

2. This adorable feline is always up for a game of fetch.

3. This kitty seems to be having a blast playing with a ball of yarn.

4. This tabby loves to swim and play in water droplets.

5. This kitty just can’t get enough of playing with her toy bird

20 Cutest Cat Videos

The Internet is home to some of the cutest cats you will ever see! Whether playing, sleeping, or being adorable, these cats have us laughing out loud. We’ve put together the best funny cat videos on the net for your enjoyment!

20 Scariest Cat Videos

There are a lot of funny cat videos on the Internet, but some are scary. Here are five of the scariest cat videos out there.

1. This black cat has had enough of being orphaned and is taking matters into its own furry hands. It starts attacking everything in sight, including a small dog!

2. This kitty is clearly unhappy about being declawed and decides to take revenge by scratching the owner’s face open!

3. Watch as this two-year-old tabby loses it after being left alone in a dark room for an extended period. She begins clawing at anything she can find, including the walls and furniture!

4. This adorable kitten is playing with a toy when something starts moving in the corner of its eye. Turns out it’s a rat! The poor little thing runs around screaming until its mom comes home to get it safely.

5. A bored house cat takes things into its own paws when it raids a bird’s nest and steals all its eggs! Not one to be denied, the bird returns later that day to try to get its eggs back—but no luck!


If you’re looking for a good laugh, check out our selection of the best funny cat videos on the Internet. From ridiculous stunts to hilarious interactions with humans and other animals, these cats have got us rolling on the floor in laughter time after time. Whether you’re at your desk trying to take a break or just need a good chuckle, we’ve got you covered!



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