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While it is difficult jeff seid arm workout to suggest the best exercise routine for everyone, as it largely depends on the individual and his or her physical strength and circumstances, we can formulate a workout that will help you achieve all of your health-related goals. One of the most important maxims for programming a perfect workout routine is the Pareto principle which suggests that while you train 20%, you should reap 80% of the benefits. This 80/20 principle is the basic concept for programming the best workout routine, especially when you lead a busy professional life. Even if you only have a few minutes to devote to a routine exercise program, you can create a good training plan by incorporating push-ups, pull-ups, and squats into your daily routine. It is one of the best workout routines for those who don’t have enough time to visit a gym and exercise for long periods of time.

Best Upper Body Workout Routine: Pushups

Pushups are an essential part of any good workout plan. Regular push-ups help you efficiently train your chest, triceps, and shoulders. Plus, pushups will also help you tone your abs. Pushups are certainly one of the very first exercises we learn during childhood, yet we often forget or ignore that jeff seid arm workout effective pushups can be. There are many variations of pushups that can be used to improve your workout regularly. Some popular and effective variations of pushups include elevated pushups, wide grip pushups, and diamond pushups. Pushups are one of the best exercises for the chest, shoulders, and abs and they are one of the easiest and best exercises.

Best workout routine for your forearms and biceps: pull-ups

Pull-ups are also a common exercise we learned during our school days. Yet we often neglect the very effective results of pullups. Pull-ups are one of the best exercises for your upper back and if you’re looking to improve your biceps and forearms, Pull-ups will prove to be the most effective. Some of the most effective and easiest variations of pull-ups to use in your routine workout are chin-up pull-ups, close-grip pull-ups, and wide-grip pull-ups. Wide-grip pull-ups are a very effective exercise for strengthening your upper back muscle.

Best workout routine for your lower body and legs: squat

Often people enjoy doing push-ups and pull-ups; however, most people find squats a bit difficult. But to achieve the best workout routine, you need to take care of your lower body. While pull-ups and push-ups are the best exercise routine for your upper body, squats will help you achieve the best possible exercise for your lower body. Squats are one of the best exercises for working your lower back and for strengthening and sculpting your glutes. Squats also improve your leg muscles, including quadriceps, calves, and hamstrings. To add variations to your daily exercise routine, try front squat and sumo squat. To increase the intensity of squats, you can try a single leg squat or overhead squat.

The best exercise routine is one that can help you improve your entire body. It’s important to do exercises for your upper body and chest, and you can’t ignore exercises needed to strengthen your lower body and legs. The right combination of push-ups, pull-ups, and squats will make one of the best workout routines possible, even if you only have a few minutes a day to invest in your health.

What is the best exercise routine?

For the best results from the workout routine, it will take up to 4 days unless you want to target certain muscles that are missing. Then you can throw in an extra day.

You can put your training days in any order you want. I just have mine in this order because I like to do my heavier workouts at the beginning of the week so that when you start to wear out a little towards the end of the week, you only have your easier workouts left.

One thing anyone with fitness experience will tell you is that you won’t always have energy. There will be plenty of days when you want to talk yourself out of exercising. My best advice is to go to your nearest Vitamin Shoppe or Smoothie Factory and get your pre-workout drink. You’ll learn to keep this around through your weekly workout routines.

Level – Beginner to Advanced

Approx. exercise time – 30 minutes to 1 1/2 hours.

Days a week – 4 to 5

Always start with your warm-ups and stretches… There’s nothing worse than sitting at home with a pulled or strained muscle because you didn’t warm up properly. Not only that, but it’s mentally exhausting sitting at home watching weeks of your exercise program go to waste. Grab about 1/4 to 1/3 of the weight you start your workout with. Perform a few sets of hammer curls or cable curls, 15 to 20 reps to get the blood flowing and the muscles warm. If you need a little boost, I think an mp3 player or i pod will suffice. With the right workout music, you can bring a little extra push and effort to your routine.

Type of workout

Shred fat and get stronger
20, 18, 15 reps
20 seconds to no rest at all between sets
1 1/2 to 2 minutes rest between exercises

muscle gain
12, 10, 8 reps
45 seconds to 90 seconds Rest between sets
2 to 3 minutes of rest between exercises Exercise

Strength increase
6, 4, 2 reps
1 to 2 min rest between sets
2 to 4 minutes of rest between exercises Exercise

*3 sets of each exercise below except cardio and abs


Legs, Calves, Cardio:

-Lunges 3X sets

-Leg Press or Squats

-Leg extensions

-Leg curls

-15-30 minutes from cardio treadmills, elliptical, bicycle

-4 to 6 sets of calves on the calf machine 10 to 15 reps


Chest, Triceps, Abs:

-Flat bench press

-Dumbbell Incline Bench Press

-Dumbbell Reject Bench Press

-Dumbbell Flyes or Peck Deck

-Cable Triceps Pushdowns

-Triceps Dips

-Skull Crushers Abs 6X Sets of 20 or more reps

-Refuse Bench Crunches 2X sets

-Medicine Ball Sit Ups 2X sets

-Hanging knee raises 2x sets


Back and Biceps:

Lat pull-downs

Seated row

Bent-Over Reverse Dumbbell Flyes

Preacher Curls

Hammer Curls

Inverted curl


Shoulders, traps, abs:

Shoulder press

Front raises

Side elevations


Just stick to your training plan and make it fun. There are no secret workouts you can do. It all depends on the details of how you do it. These are the most effective workout routines for men or women. Click on the link below for a more detailed ab workout routine. If you can ever see your first set of results, it will become so addictive that you will adapt your schedule to your workout routine instead of trying to find time in your schedule to work out.

Remember that training is only half the work it takes to build the body you want. A very important factor for the best exercise routine is your daily intake and meal after training. It’s like driving your race car week after week and never changing the oil. You can do without it, but it will eventually catch up with you with slow results or cause your improvement to stall. Your post-workout meal is what nourishes your muscles, which speeds up the fat-burning process. It gives you a lot more energy to push your drive to be back in the gym the next day and 100% ready.

Keep this up for several weeks and it will quickly become your best workout routine, but don’t forget to change your routine every 4 to 6 weeks to keep your muscles confused.

What’s the latest workout routine?

What’s the latest workout routine? As a personal trainer, I always try to keep up with the latest workout routines available. I’ve been playing sports since, well, I don’t want to betray my age, but let’s just say I’m very familiar with retro scooter class! I’ll be discussing some of my favorite new workout routines!

Sometimes workouts can just be the latest workout craze. It may take a while, or it may just catch on! Since I loved martial arts, I had trained with a very popular cardio kickboxer in California. That craze caught on, and it’s kinda stuck! Step class was very popular in the ’80s and now they have transformed that step class to make it new and exciting. However, you will see the term ‘retro step’ at some gyms. This refers to the step aerobics classes they taught in the 1980s.

Two years ago I went to one of the big fitness conventions. You can walk around and see the latest workout routines as well as new fitness products. I saw these big bodybuilding-type guys all doing a workout routine in sync on tiny miniature trampolines. It looked nice, but that workout craze never really caught on

Some of the popular workout fads that have started to catch on this year include hula hoop, hip hop, power yoga, boxing, and even hula dancing. But others that have become super popular are in the video game arena. Many people have reported that the Wii workout doesn’t just work, it’s really fun! I haven’t tried all the different workouts the Wii offers, but since I like boxing, I tried that, and it was actually a lot of fun.

TRX training is the latest workout routine that people really like, which is suspension training. It is used as a system on its own and is sometimes incorporated into some boot camp-style workout routines.

Crossfit has also become very popular, but I feel like it’s not for everyone. Crossfit includes many different exercises, which can be a lot of fun. It even includes some gymnastics-type moves like handstands and L-sits. It’s one hell of a workout! It’s used by many police and firefighters, and it can be really intense!


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