Desktop support technician - remote
Desktop support technician - remote

What is the Best Remote Desktop Support Software for large businesses?

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The best remote desktop support software in 2021

RemotePC is the best solution for large businesses

RemotePC is the most popular remote desktop software for large businesses due to its scalable pricing and whiteboard sharing feature for easy collaboration between customers and IT technicians.


  • Learning and using it is easy
  • Compared to other remote tools, this tool is more affordable
  • Live chat is available 24/7


  • It takes a long time to add new users
  • The web app has limited features

In 1995, IDrive Inc., which offers cloud storage, online backup, and remote access solutions, launched RemotePC as one of three products. However, IDrive enjoys an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, despite not being accredited.

With RemotePC users can access any computer remotely using any PC, Mac, or Linux computer, as well as iOS and Android devices, using AES-256 encryption without installing any software. The computer can be accessed remotely at any time using always-on access or one-time access with a unique sharing key.

Moreover, RemotePC does not require any installation and lets users drag files from one computer to another. Listen to the audio on remote computers, print documents, chat between computers, and even collaborate on a shared whiteboard.

You can choose from a variety of scalable pricing options with RemotePC. A license for two computers with remote access costs only $29.62 per year. Teams can select from three plans that grant unlimited users access to a limited number of computers:

  • SOHO: $59.62 per year for 10 computers
  • Team: $224.62 per year for 50 computers
  • Enterprise: $449.62 per year for 100 computers

Video conferencing is provided with all plans, as well as email and chat support 24/7. Customers can also sign on as a single user with the Team and Enterprise plans, as well as receive on-demand remote help.

RemotePC is our top pick for large companies due to its ease of use and affordable pricing, which makes it easy for small to large teams to provide remote computer support to an increasing number of customers.

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Other popular remote desktop software In 2021

These desktop support tools will benefit businesses in the best way.

  • Best Overall: ISL Online
  • Best for One User or Small Teams: LogMeIn
  • Best Free Software: Chrome Remote Desktop
  • Best Value: Zoho Assist
  • Best for Mobile Access: Parallels Access
  • Best for Team Collaboration: TeamViewer

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