Expensive lego Sets

What are The Most Expensive Lego Sets?

Hello dear, today I am talking about what are the most expensive lego sets? How did these original kits become some of the most expensive LEGO sets in the world, released casually and only on niche markets, worth a thousand dollars now? Well, there are more than just ways to build LEGOs yourself. Because they had the most pieces of their day, because they were difficult to assemble and are impressive, it takes a little more to figure out the value of other sets.

Chris Malloy, editor of The Brothers Stone

Co-author of Ultimate LEGOStar Wars, says, “Demand is the prime factor. ” Lego has always been used as a children’s product in the company’s history. In the early 1990s, as LEGO started to explore the adult market seriously, a variety of large collections of high-priced tags began to appear.”

  • The EU-based auction site Gerben van IJken, a full-time Lego Night Mode investor and appraiser, cites scarcity, detail, and Demand as the reason why certain LEGOs have increased value.
  • “Recent, though not recent, sets are the most costly. Properties like Star Wars, for example, have benefited from the re-start of this film series, and now they’re owned by people who enjoyed Star Wars as adolescents – but don’t have the money to purchase hundreds of millions.”

1. LEGO Millennium Falcon Series Ultimate Collector’s Edition #10179

This Star Wars collection is a little misleading in terms of market rates outside the country since a few exceptional causes once influenced it. Gerben van Ijken says: “The first vendor consisted of a first-ever airtight box. “The Markup was also selling in Las Vegas.”

2. LEGO Taj Mahal, 1st edition #10189, 1st edition

Typically, this kit hits the top with the Millennium Falcon,” says Malloy. Which reduces prices for this package from $3,000 North to just 450, “but it’s a great example of why speculating Lego Night Mode sets and prices are a hazardous enterprise.” But this collection is still an architectural wonder, even though it does.

3. LEGO Castle LEGO 6080

You will be able to get serious take if you have a mint condition at King’s Castle in 1984. Part of the reason is that a sealed Lego Night Mode box usually is up to 10 times the size of an open one. An additional factor is that it was a huge package in the 1980s. “Usually the largest collection on a given theme in the 1980s and 1990s.”

4. Imperial Star Destroyer Set #10030 LEGO Supreme Collector

  • According to Malloy and Van IJken, the high Star Wars prices are less related and more related to the wide Demand for all things on the dark or light side. “

5. LEGO Shuttle Airport No. 6399

Children from all over the 1990s searched for this airport set as part of the “Classic Town” line. What’s the explanation for that?


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