Destination wedding planner in India

Destination wedding planner in India

So you have decided to get married to your significant other at one of your favorite locations in the country. Well, that’s amazing! However, you may also realize that destination weddings can be a lot of work. You have to plan everything in advance to ensure that all goes well before and during your big day.

A simple and easy way to go about planning your destination wedding is to hire a Destination Wedding Planner in Mumbai because after all, you can find amply skilled planners in Mumbai like SuperDuper Weddings who will make sure all your wedding events are carried out smoothly. And if Goa is your destination for the wedding, then you can look for a Destination wedding Planner in Goa who will do the job for you. Nonetheless, here’s a timeline that will help you plan out everything efficiently for your big day.

6 months before the Big Day
When there are six months left for the wedding, you should start deciding on the budget. You can simply do that by first picking the wedding destination and venue, followed by the number of guests who will attend the wedding. Also, add the cost of hiring a wedding planner to it and then set your total budget accordingly.

5 months before the big day
Make sure you start your hunt for that perfect wedding dress 5 months before the wedding. You should also hire vendors and select a suitable wedding theme with the help of your wedding planner.

3 months before the Big Day
Choose your wedding invitation card about 3 months before your wedding day and also send out those invitations. Your guests would require quite some time to set their schedule to attend your destination wedding. Also, set up a meeting with a well-known caterer and finalize the menu for your wedding.

2 months before the Big Day
When there’s just a few months left, make sure you have everything done already. This is the time to check how your wedding dress fits, and also the time to try on some makeup and hairstyles that you will boast on your wedding day.

1 month before the Big Day
When there’s just a month to go for your big day, all you have to do is ensure that everything is planned out perfectly and recheck the bookings with everyone. Visit your wedding venue to ascertain that everything is just as you wanted it to be.
Keep this simple timeline with you before your destination wedding and we’re sure you will create the perfect wedding of your dreams.


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